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Pleas compare the rotation and the reversion of the rotation in the ancient "zikr" dance and a "RattleBack"... does the dance represent the prinziple of the force reversion? Is it an universal principle in nature wich even can be applied to the rotation of a galaxy or a black hole?


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Are the rare ancient bell symbols in stone a hint to an advanced knowledge or are they just nice to watch decorations?

Links :

Die Djoser-Pyramide in Sakkara

Evidence Of 12,000 Year Old Cataclysm At Karnak in Egypt?

Is the universe ringing like a crystal glass?

Scientists May Have Just Revealed Evidence of the Multiverse

Is the Eye of the Sahara a remain of a plasma discharge? To me The Eye of the Sahara does not look like an impact crater of a single meteorite. But take a look for yourself.

Eye of the Sahara google maps location :

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Peratt and Petroglyphs

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UPDATE : Also take a look at this Bitchute video on ancient symbolism and technology :
Earth Catastrophe Cycle - Plasma Formations

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In the YouTube video "2011 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: The Theory of Everything" at timeindex 1:04:05 a picture of a pattern is shown that describes string-theory-equations. In this picture it is possible to fit in 2 symbols known from the freemasons : the compasses and the pyramid.

Take a look in this video.

Maybe the freemason symbols and the pyramids describe something more than we have been told. Ancient people maybe have been more advanced than we think.

It's also possible to fit in the letter X and with a little bit of phantasy even the all seeing eye, where the pyramid is the center.

Source 1 :

Title : 2011 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: The Theory of Everything
YouTube Cannel : American Museum of Natural History


Source 2 :

Title : Symbolic value of the angle of the compasses
Picture : Detail from the seal of the Masons of Strasburg, 1524 [Gould, Vol. 2, plate facing p. 324.]


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Does a Proton-Decay-Technology already exist? If so, this could explain the dustification of WTC building 1 and 2 and some ancient megalithic stone structures. What do you think? (dr. judy wood, hutchison effect?)

Source :

Some street artists may have advanced mystical knowledge :)

Google maps link :

What I have noticed so far is the illuminati triangle with the head of the angle in the position of the all seeing eye and the fibonacci spiral. Maybe you are able to see something more?

Take a look at the layout of the "Pelican Bay State Prison". Do you notice something strange? ;)

Google Maps location :

If this is the origin of the star of david ancient people have been more advanced than we think ;)

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All shown geological structures have the same radius of 1200 km. Isn't it a sort of strange?

There is a YouTube channel called "Bedrock Geometry" with some other strange geological features if someone is interested in further investigation.


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Morpheus. The Matrix (Movie).