"2019 S.P.I.K.Y" is a 20 year anniversary re-recording of the track "2015 S.P.I.K.Y" that originally appeared on Beltane's 'MCMXCIX' EP.

On this version the main rhythm guitars & bass were tracked on the (southern hemisphere) Vernal Equinox of 2019 at the Ash Hurst Domain, in the Manawatu district of New Zealand by Xanataph & Baphgirl.

The vocals were recorded on the Eve of the Samhain 2020 in the Foxton Pine Barrens by Vikaroth and Xanataph. The drum track features the original drum parts played by Dyrkyn in 1999.

This track was released on Beltane's Reverbnation page on the Day of Imbolc 2020. The tile was updated to reflect the track being a new version, however no alterations have been made to the lyric which seems to eerily fit with what is happening currently in the world.


In this video I open the package of the PWM85 charge controller that Adam Welch kindly sent me from the U.K. It's a small charge controller closely modelled on the PWM5 developed by Julian Illett. I also connect it up to a "fake solar panel" and put some charge into my drill battery.

DJs Xelector Xan and Beastie Brad present a metal show that's a little more exciting than most of them are. The Radio Show that Broadcasts on M.P.R every third Friday. This is the full version that was originally broadcast on Radio Foxton 105.4 FM in New Zealand on Friday, October 11th 2019. The station can also be streamed live at radiofoxton.radiostream321.com

Epic fail.

A more industrial based track from Beltane. Not exactly christian friendly. lol

Let's put this one up while we're at it. Another anti-nwo song from Beltane, and not the last. There's video content here but it's just really an overlay of some Bohemian Grove footage. Nevertheless, you get the idea.

Music video from Beltane. Video itself put together by Dave Neilson for the Paul Revere contest held on infowars.com website. We didn't get anywhere with it, probably because we're too Satanic! lol Still, it's a cool vid. Thanx Dave!

This is the first video I have uploaded to BitChute. I feel there is not a lot of information on this service about underground / guerrilla solar power, so I thought I might add some of mine. For this initial post I have simply made an arbitrary choice of video to upload. But will probably focus on the more extreme DIY aspects of solar power, as there are plenty of "milktoast" solar videos elsewhere with people showing off their "nice gear". lol


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The main reason why I am uploading to BitChute is because I think there is a dearth of content on this platform so far about solar power. And I would like to share some of my more underground / guerrilla ideas related to this. Ideas that may in the end get my YT channel banned once the censorship hammer has finished smashing down all the direct so-called "right wing" content.

I'll also publish some videos and audio tracks from my underground Black Metal project BELTANE.

Also, maybe some videos about Lighthouses, Radio and Railway related stuff that I am interested in.

And who knows? Maybe I might even at some stage decide it's time to "throw my hat into the ring" with some social/political commentary.