The true reason behind all this in 12 seconds.

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In this Flashback video Gabriel describes the satanic ritual abuse he & his sister Alyssa endured at the hands or his father, to his mother & step father.

This Hampstead Kid case is many years old, the children are now teenagers. The courts ruled that the children were to reside with their father who hasn't let the mother see them after the ruling.

The father has since exploited the children in an Audi Superbowl ad called "Daughter" which their mother said was made to taunt her. As well as more recently, the children were seen with their father making a commercial for YouTube. The last I looked both videos had been pulled after exposure.

As Always Do Your Own Research.

Never mind his closing statement about space travel. He's covering up, you can hear it in his voice, he wants funding if he can get it... like NASA does. lol


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