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Literally mind-blowing --
In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and co-host attorney Dagmar Schoen have a detailed conversation with Jason Christoff, health coach, self-sabotage expert and propaganda researcher, about the medical and historical backgrounds and the workings of the psychological manipulation and traumatization techniques used in mind control. With "MK-Ultra- Methods" (which include the "Monarch"-Program), a torturous human programming technique, puppets’ as well as our thinking and perception of life are manipulated. By way of guiding us through a number of experiments, Jason Christoff explains the ways in which these techniques, which have been known for a very long time, are applied and how they are constantly used by unscrupulous psychopaths and power-hungry, self-proclaimed "elites" as a means to hypnotize and manipulate the masses and to turn them into compliant and docile henchmen and obedient subjects. Thus, people are programmed to commit the worst crimes against their fellow human beings and act in ways that are completely unthinkable for any “normal” human being.

Christoff explains how we are constantly – through every day television and radio propaganda – under the influence of mind control programs. This was very obvious during the Corona plandemic with its insane and unscientific torture measures that were coated by the psychopaths as being “science”. He shows ways and means how to immunize ourselves against these programs. And he also points out that there are some people who cannot even be touched by such programs.

This interview is an unabridged copy of the original posted on Sep 3rd, 2023 on Reiner Füllmich's ICIC site:

Jason Christoff's official page:

Matthew Ehret gives an alternative overview over the last 250 years of history. -- Part 2
[mit deutschen Untertiteln]
This second part includes some interesting philosophical insights and is worth seeing more than once.

This unabridged presentation has been broadcast in June 2023 on the ICIC channel

Matthew Ehret official:

Matthew Ehret gives an alternative overview over the last 250 years of history. -- Part 1
[mit deutschen Untertiteln]

This unabridged presentation has been broadcast in June 2023 on the ICIC channel

Matthew Ehret official:

In dieser philosophischen Gesprächsreihe, deren zweite Episode gerade erschienen ist, geht es um die Wiederherstellung des Selbst-bestimmt denkenden, fühlenden und vor allem handelnden Menschen.
Xelzbrod auf Deutsch!

Abonniert Bannbrecher & Dammbrecher
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Two sound points that show why the belief in government and authority is illogical and wrong.
Grabbed from Larken Rose's channel at
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Original video:

Mark Passio, teacher of Natural Law and Occult Knowledge, elaborates on a quote by Thomas Aquinas:
"He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust."
See the full 3-hrs show here on BC or on Passio's official Odysee channel:
What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #242, Feb 15, 2022 (Shadow Work: Exposing the Psychological Fear Factors That Stop Us From Beginning, Part 2)

Mark is very passionate about his topics, and rightfully so. Once you get past your idea of a "nice" presentation you'll discover a wellspring of deep insights like no other.
Visit his official page at

oder: Lauter Perverse. Alltag während der letzten Jahre des sogenannten freien Westens

15 Stunden "Tacheles mit Röper und Stein" des ersten Quartals 2023 heruntergebrochen auf etwas weniger als zwei Stunden -- ausgewählte Szenen, die das ganze Elend der "westlichen Wertegemeinschaft" aufzeigen.

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In his recent interview with JC Kay, British DJ, book author and researcher Mark Devlin warns shills of the consequences to misleading well-meaning people.
Regarding those he calls the 'normies', he also emphasizes the inevitability of suffering while waking up to the true nature of how the planet is run.
Watch the full interview of March 19th, 2023 at

Note from the editor:
New videos continue to come in at larger intervals for the time being. I am still in the process of writing my crime novel . German speakers may start to read the serialized story at
The Beatles, PID & the Mal Evans archive play a central role in there. It also discusses topics of truth, reality and manipulative media.

Was man im Englischen "rewilding" nennt, bezeichnet Bastian Barucker als "Wildnispädagogik." Das mag zunächst einmal trocken und langweilig klingen, beinhaltet jedoch nichts weniger als das praktische Lernen vom Leben abseits zivilisierter Strukturen.
Im Gespräch erläutert BB den Unterschied zwischen wildem und zivilisiertem Verständnis von Leben, Freude, Arbeit, Spiritualität usw. und welche praktischen Auswirkungen das auf unser Dasein hat.

Dies ist das vollständige Interview, das Barucker mit Gunnar Kaiser geführt hat.
Weitere philosophische Gespräche und Gedanken von Kaiser siehe:

Bastian Baruckers website:

This channel's frequency of publication has become much slower over the last year, as you have certainly noticed. The topics have changed as well, turning away from the plandemic, presenting other areas where the larger picture becomes visible.

I also try and focus more on practical stuff such as, how to wrap your mind around all the new information you receive, and how to implement into your everyday life the shift in consciousness that you are likely going through.

The material I come across when I am watching stuff is often too specialised in scope, and/or not in the range of quality of this channel. Plus, I am recently quite busy with other projects, so there remains little time for watching videos; but we'll come to that in a minute.

As I don't want to spam you with half-baked flicks some longer time might elapse between one upload and the next. Don't worry though, publication does continue.

Once in a while a German-language film might come up. While it is understood that this is an English-language channel first and foremost, I sometimes just didn't find an English equivalent for a very good German source, and so I will at least humour my German-speaking audience. Please bear with me.

Now, for projects which keep me from spending more time with finding relevant presentations: There's a real life which has absolute precedence over all digital activities, such as farm animals to care for, a shelter to look after, food to be cultivated and so forth.

I currently write a novel, though, which you might want to read
- if you like mystery tales
- OR if you love the Beatles
- and if you understand German.
It's title is "Käferplage", it appears in weekly chapters of 1500 - 2000 words each and has just started to come out on January 1st. Go to
to join the audience. Reading is free of cost and will remain so. Your privacy will be respected fully.

I hope your efforts with changing your life are making great progress, so you may afford to share the products of your creativity and productivity with others in a similar fashion.

The Epstein case, the plandemic, the energy crisis, the climate hoax, transhumanism & other attacks from the evil cabal, and what we can make of it.
An essentials edit from an exchange which Glenn Beck described as perhaps his most important.

See the full 1:23 interview at Glenn Beck's chan
or here on BC

An article in the Atlantic magazine demands, „Let‘s declare a pandemic amnesty. We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about Covid“.
Larken Rose gave his reply in March already, and I wholeheartedly agree with his view.
Check his BitChute channel for further speeches on Natural Law and Voluntaryism:

If you like, read my response to Ms Oster and share the blog with others:

"Music is a social-engineering tool." Mike Williams

This edit consists of two parts.
In part 1, Mike Williams aka Sage of Quay shows how the Tavistock Institute used the music industry, especially The Beatles, as a psychological operation to dismantle Western societies. (My channel touched on this topic already with Sraddhalu Ranade's talk,
Watch Mike's full 4.5 hrs presentation titled "Did the Beatles write all their own music?" (2020) at

In part 2, independent researcher, book author and DJ Mark Devlin has an interview with Mike discussing how the musicians' strings stay attached for a whole lifetime, and what the research results on the Beatles mean in our individual lives - because the band as such is not the actual issue, of course.
Watch the full 1hr 21min interview "The Beatles Psy-Op" (2022) at
Find Mark Devlin's webpages at
and his bitchute channel at

If you are interested in Mike William's / Sage of Quay's extensive research and a huge body of evidence on the Beatles psy-op and the Paul-is-dead theory visit his website
and/or his bitchute channel

The book "The Memoirs of Billy Shears" has its own websites too:

Enlightenment teacher Adyashanti speaks to the nature of what is true and real.
I know I'm overtaxing some of my viewers but at the same time I am sure that there are quite a few who are ready to hear this.

Check out other teachings of Adyashanti at

Read Xelzbrod's blog

On the root of Evil, how to live sanely in an insane world & how to find one's true Self.

"The world is shaped by consciousness"
"The state of the world mirrors the state of the psyche"
By the end of this lecture on the psychology underlying the world we live in, you will understand the deeper meaning of those quotes. Take your time with digesting the information, perhaps listen to it in several sessions and repetitions.
Keep in mind that different psychologists define the mental conditions described here in different terms. What matters are the processes and symptoms which affect our social lives.

Michael Tsarion's web:

How do the elites, which Tsarion names the 'Architects of Control' manage to keep humanity enslaved?
See the full 49:36 BBC5 Interview, 22 of February 2010 at

This posting is meant as an introduction to a long-form presentation by Tsarion, on how "the state of the world mirrors the state of the psyche," to be released on my channel within a week from now.

Michael Tsarion's official page

Many will argue that anarchism has severe downsides. Larken Rose addresses some of them, eg.,
What about public safety? Don't we need police to prevent crime?
What about hospitals, schools, roads and other public infrastructure? Who is going to pay and build them when the state is no more?

Larken Rose on BitChute
Larken Rose's website

Investigative journalist and book author Michael Hoffman speaks to the occult ruling class which he calls the "Cryptocracy." What are their goals? Why do they announce their crimes and false flag attacks? Why do they leave breadcrumbs which give the falsehood of the official narrative away? Why does someone like David Martin get away with exposing the cabal? And why did none of these crimes ever lead to criminal investigations?

Interview recorded Jan. 23rd, 2019 & copied unabridged from Guns'n''Butter.

Just in case you were not aware of it - the Covid whack scenes are NOT safe, to say the least. Here's another testimony which would have been a bombshell last year. I cannot help but wonder how much more of this stuff is needed until people refuse to cooperate with democidal governments and their lying institutions altogether.
This one is from Sonia Elijah, an investigative journalist who analysed leaked emails from the European Medicals Agency and found that EMA had been pressured to -- and did! -- approve the poison death shots on a temporary basis despite their known-to-be-harmful effects.
I did not edit the testimony.

The interview was part of the 113th session of the German Corona Investigative Committee. Watch the full stream at

Follow the Committee at

In this short edit from a current interview (July 10th, 2022) Natural Law activist Mark Passio sums up why government is always immoral and therefore cannot be used to serve Good.
We also get an impressive display of the mindset of a bodhisattva.

Watch the full interview at The Hitchhiker's Guide to Truth
Mark Passio's website
Read my ongoing blog series on Natural Law

"True cooperation and peaceful coexistence require the absence of political power."
Amanda Rose speaks excerpts from Larken Rose's book "The Most Dangerous Superstition".

Follow Larken Rose at
The Rose channel

"Anyone who tells you that you must yield to authority is evil."
A reading from Jeremy Locke's book "The End of All Evil".

Doriane Greens is a natural healer, designer, dancer and artist from southern France. Her clips are usually available in French as well.
Follow The Mind of Dorianne Greens on her channel

Sraddhalu Ranade is a scientist, educator and scholar residing at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India. On January 3rd, 2019, in this conversation with Narad (Richard Eggenberger), American poet, writer and singer, he talked about the hidden agenda behind some weird phenomona in arts, music, cinema, gaming, politics, education, gender politics, and other areas of 21st-century civilization. "Society is in a rapid decline and has reached a stage of neurosis", he concludes.

To those who are already familiar with the presence of 'dark forces' in the upper echelons of society - Ranade calls them 'Asuric', from the Sanskrit term Asura - the contents of this video may not be fundamentally new. The form of presentation may help you, though, with softly, better digestibly introducing the concept to people who are completely ignorant to Satanism as the ruling principle behind current events and who would not listen to what they call 'conspiracy theorists'.


When protesting against government oppression most people demand democracy. But democracy is not the ultimate in free societies, quite the contrary. Here is why democracy so easily became the totalitarian trap we have witnessed in the last couple of years.

Henna Maria's chan @ One Great Work Network:

Perhaps the major difficulty with the current situation is the many people who are following orders - orders given by narcissists and psychopaths. One way to remedy that is to teach people true freedom. (See "Natural Law" video
Another way, as shown in the following clip, consists in stopping people with personality disorders from running the show.

This video is not meant to send people into culturally appropriating items or rituals from other peoples, to mend our own broken culture. Watching the eyewitness testimonies and research teachings in this film should happen with the questions in mind, What are the underlying principles here? Why does this technique work for the people involved? How can this get translated into behaviors that work for our own peoples, to pull the rug out from under our sick culture?
Because make no mistake, Western civilization cannot be reformed, it must get overcome. And that doesn't mean we are to live in cages or tree houses. It is rather that we rediscover the real human nature, how it works, and how we can foster it through right actions.

1) AUSTRALIA, Bruce Pascoe - Aboriginal agriculture: maintaining a culture over millenia (2016)

2) NORTH AMERICA, Mark Passio - De-Mystifying the Occult (1st of 3 parts)

3) AFRICA, Jerome Lewis - Woman’s Biggest Husband is the Moon. How Hunter-gatherers Maintain Social Equality (content taken from the 2014 version)

4) SOUTH AMERICA, Daniel Everett - The Pirahã: People Who Define Happiness Without God (2009)

5) EUROPE, David Graeber (and David Wengrow) - Palaeolithic Politics and Why It Still Matters (2015)


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