Featuring AZ members Hector and Fredrick and guest Chris McCabe. Topics include Chris's time in the NZ National Front, His time in Britain and a discussion of NZ history taught in schools

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:40 Chris McCabe and the NZ National Front
00:16:35 BLM Discussion and the media
00:42:30 Chris's time in the UK
00:51:22 Teaching the treaty in school, NZ history and Maori Nationalism

Chris's website

Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick, Mike and Gilbert
This episodes discussion of the National Party leadership change, China's Influence in New Zealand, new abortion laws and the tragic murder of young Swedish man, Tommie Lindh

Intro: 00:11
New National Party Leader: 00:38
China Discussion and General Societal Rot: 06:00
Music Break: 35:40
Abortion Law Discussion: 41:20
Tommie Lindh: 56:20

Featured Music
Amid The Ruins 1453 - What We Are

Action Zealandia believes New Zealand should be free itself from our unhealthy relationship with China.
Action Zealandia members hit targets that promote putting Chinese money before the health of our country and people.
Targets include offices of traitorous politicians, media outlets that bend the knee to the CCP and the offices of the Chinese state in New Zealand

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Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick and John.
Today's topics include, Coronavirus level 2, Murder Wasps, Jacinda and Winston Peters, Alexander Dugin and Corneliu Codreanu again

00:00 Intro
00:33 Recap of last episode
05:14 Coronavirus and Murder Wasps
12:50 Economy post Coronavirius
18:53 Labour Party Polling at 55% and the state on Domestic politics '
33:37 Music Break
35:38 Book Review and Disscussion
43:40 Alexander Dugin and The Forth Poltical Theory
57:34 Corneliu Codreanu Revisted

Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick and James

Points of discussion
00:12 Corona virus and New Zealand three weeks into lockdown
35:25 Music Break
40:50 How joining Action Zealandia has effected our individual members

Featured music:
Amalec - Palästinalied v.2

Episode 1 of Voice of Zealandia.
Featuring Action Zealand members Hector, Cicer and Mike.
This weeks points of discussion include the Corona Virus and the ensuing nationwide lock down along with the bill passed in parliament decriminalising abortion.

Featured Music
Synthicide - Tomorrow Belongs to Us - Featuring No White Guilt

Video report for the Action Zealanida Nelson branch's postering for March 2020

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