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Brownie Turtle explains how fire is your friend, while his friends stare into the candle flickering before them.
Fire can do many things, and has been the basis of our technology. Cooking, keeping warm, medical uses, and the internal combustion engine rely on fire.
Brownie Turtle and his friends like fire, as long as they are not on fire.

While Brownie Turtle continues to clean up after the Air Force birthday party, the cephalopods are still drunk,
and playing with Ghostbuster Lego's.

Brownie Turtle is trying to clean up after the 18 September 2017 Air Force birthday party.
However, Red Squid and some of his cephalopod friends are still partying!

Brownie Turtle and Red Squid had some friends over yesterday, September 18th to celebrate the Air Force's birthday.
Brownie invited a couple of tortoise friends, while Red Squid invited some cephalopod friends. Killer the Orca and a dolphin came too.
They all had too much to drink and now it is time to clean up the mess.
They celebrated the Air Force's birthday, since it was that day of the year, and they are not impressed with the Navy so much.
The Navy crashes ships, and it is not very impressive to float or swim in the ocean to them.
They prefer to fly airplanes and shoot missiles, rockets and things that go into the sky and space with guns.

Brownie Turtle explains how you need to be safe with guns.
In a previous video, he brought a cap gun to the Global Jihad"
between him and Red Squid. Red Squid got scissors, and knives, while
Brownie Turtle got a Dollar Tree cap gun.

Brownie Turtle and Red Squid were in trouble for playing too rough with Nerf Guns the other day.
Now we see why. It was not just Nerf guns.
They are still friends.

Brownie Turtle and Red Squid demonstrate, or at least try to demonstrate CPR.
Squid have several hearts so Brownie Turtle is the one that needs CPR.
But since these young stuffed animals are still learning, it does not go perfectly.
See the American Red Cross or other emergency services entity to learn CPR, you may save a life.

Brownie Turtle and Red Squid were getting too rough with Nerf guns, so hey instead decide to ply with some retro Robo Force robot toys.
Brownie Turtle has Vulgar, with a drill nose and mace on one arm, while Red Squid has Wrecker, a robot made to demolish things.

Brownie Turtle is still learning how to use a camera, and is showing some dive lights.

Brownie Turtle need a Nerf gun that can compete with the battery operated dart launcher that Red Squid has.
He finds a larger Nerf NStrike dart gun. So now he can launch darts too.
This is part of the stuffed animal Nerf "Jihad" they are playing.

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Channel for a stuffed animal sea turtle named Brownie. He likes: guns, fire, explosions, and America.
Misc. videos of him and his friends.