The CPP have a motto, a simple motto, You can enjoy Cambodia as much as you want, just don't enjoy it more then us.-Lamprey Milt.

My computer crashed. Now is a good time to revisit the upload that started it all.

The compulsive use of the word "like" conveys a disbelief in the objective reality of their surroundings. It blurs every boundary, retracts every assertion, and thus serves notice that the speaker is not to be held accountable for anything she says.

The lack of forward thinking and the solipsism of woman is the absolute detriment of society. For example. If the family unit is no more and you require help with something…car broke down…back thrown out so your unable to move from bed you now need a service which requires money to help you verses having a family member help you with whatever it maybe. Women do not think like this…reason being is women during their sexual peak had everything given to them for just being and expect this post wall. If money is spent on such services the single individual will find it harder to save and this subverts charity and the good of others. Now instead of having someone give you a ride to whomever it is you might need to go you now require a taxi. This is the commodification of the ethos of a society.

Revisiting the Imperial Conversion series.

The great questions of the day will be decided not by speeches and majority votes ... but by blood and iron. – Bismark

Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles!

Lamprey Milt guests on Our Interesting Times with Tim Kelly to discuss his article on the L.A Riots.

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The average american cannot handle the breathtaking speeds of breaks from the past. They begin to roll over mentally and become sheeple. Those that refuse to be sheeple are constantly in a state of cognitive dissonance they too become passive sheeple where they retract from being extroverts and become reclusive. This is by definition the tin foil hat. Retreat to your layer.

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All the kooks of the west get drawn to South East Asia.
Somehow even the sight becomes part of the magnetism.
A Carnival atmosphere where anything goes.

Check out the book Sexual Utopia in Power by Roger Devlin

First (incelmatics) joins the chat to discuss hyper-reality and expatriatsim.

All the kooks of the west get drawn to South East Asia. Somehow even the sight becomes part of the magnetism. A Carnival atmosphere where anything goes

Why is someone from the west moving abroad called an expat. But when someone from anywhere else they're called refugees?

Andy Nowicki is back to discuss woke and the scamdemic.

Extravagant expression was a way to keep one relevant. But this extravagance rages downward which was restricted to the upper echelons. The frenzy of Santorini to the trash and parasitic. This is where we get entitlement spending and far left lip service. The habitual hypergamy of selfishness.

Halsey English comes on to discuss a brief history on modern Israel and its formation as the age of disinformation and to delegitimatize a country is at a fever pitch.

Whether you support Israel or not one must remain detached emotionally when learning history. There are a lot of points of views and we should try to respect and understand and get the facts before dick swinging.

Please check out my article and check out some of my others:

Host of our interesting times Tim Kelly joins MGTOW Chats.

Tims Website:

A reading from Vox Days SJW Attacks Survival Guide with Foreign Devil.

The broader issue with both sexes is in heighten retroactive emotional moves and both underachieve in mate selection.
The fear of rejection is so intense that its best not to try at all. Terrified to show he or she cares/ Who cares first is the loser. So they underachieve and pretend they don’t care.


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