Xtreme Wash Systems

Motor City Wash Works, Algona Iowa

Sonny's conveyor, entrance section replacement. The conveyor has 1.2 million washes.

New Tommy Wash Minneapolis

Holiday Station Coon Rapids

Coon Rapids Express

Midway Express St Paul, MN.

Clips of Pro Car Wash's large vehicle washes.

Lessor's Truck Wash from Pro Car Wash.

Lessor's Trucking Semi Truck Wash by Pro Car Wash.

Dryer Motor Replacement. It was a busy day at the wash. We only had them close for about ten minutes total.

My first day with the camera.

Big Lake Car Wash Dryer Arch Replacement

Car Wash Fix - Welding rails on a Navigator

New Hubs and Neo-Glide from Gallop.

New Motor City Wash Works equipment installed at Soapy Joe's Car Wash.

Soapy Joe's Test Wash. Fine tuning the remodeled car wash.

Soapy Joe's Car Wash in St Paul, MN. Tearing out some old stuff and making room for new Motor City Wash Works equipment.

Mark VII car wash tear out. A car dealership had the wash damaged (again) and can make better use of the space. Everything goes.

Brand new Xtreme Automatic car wash by Pro Wash.

Vector Rapid Wash 2007 HVO (High Volume Output) by Belanger
This car wash has 240,000+ washes.

Sonny's Dryer Motor Replacement. Car wash equipment repair.

Sonny's Conveyor Installation at Miller Mall Car Wash

Mr. Car Wash, Minneapolis, MN

Kwik Trip - Mark VII - car wash Herman Town MN

Midway Express Car Wash - Sonny's Tunnel


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We are a car wash company in Minnesota. We do sales and service.