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How Do You Get Away With It...The Censored Team ?? Unbelievable

Why is This Platform so BACKWARDS ?????? Test Video

The Future Is In Your Hands !!!

They won’t shut us up......Bang Bang Your Dead !

Will You Be Allowed Watch This Video ????? Probably Not !!!! Processing Processing Processing

The End of The World Coming Sooner Then You Think 🤔

Get Ready !!!

The Sick People Don’t want you to see these videos...Sick Sick People

The Killer Gates - A Movie About The Biggest Evilest Scumbag On Planet Earth....Remember The Smokescreen Called CV19...The Main Event Will Come Soon 2021..La Bamba !!!

BITChUTE I am getting bored with your uploading system....Mickey Mouse...Like your CEO.....Shame on Evil
Second time to upload...Mickey Mouse !

Second Time To Upload......Sure they don’t want you to know this information...Shame on the platform....

Wake Up Now And Watch The Greatest Show On Earth...Just About To Start ..Don’t mind the Queens Speech !

The Spectacular Christmas of 2020 .... Second Time To Upload ...

Third time today to upload this video ??? I wonder why I wonder why ??? 🤬🤬🤬

You will enjoy this one. Much appreciate all the views and thanks BITChUTE for allowing most of the videos. All flights cancelled ...Happy Madness !!

Illuminati = Depopulation ....Enjoy The World News Saturday...Censor this muppets !!! Watch the numbers and nothing else....This is like playing Chess with Artificial intelligence vs Humanity ...24 hours to upload again WTF

More issues uploading.... Am I surprised ???? NO ! So here is Monday’s video again...Stop Bullying ...BITChUTE

Yesterday I set this Platform up unknown to them...well done BITChUTE..Hook Line and Sinker .... 25 views yesterday for speaking the truth...So it is a killer vaccine...Thanks BITChUTE for answering the question.i hope the viewers copped it also.

Today we put the Bit in its place.....enough is enough.....Now it’s time to expose the truth...

4 week to go and the main event coming soon...Where will you be ? Are You Awake Yet ?

Today we watch the National Broadcaster in Ireland Apologize and say SORRY.....Live on TV ...it’s the Saturday Show
Thanks For Watching

Another Eye Opener

It goes on and on and on and on and on and on !!!

With your host Paulie.....As I reveal the truth and How to spell Halloween 🎃 .....Dublin Ireland


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