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All songs written, performed and recorded by Xylen Roberts (Chris Robertson). All rights reserved.


Intro: 'Post Apocalyptic Pumpkin Patch' (already released on Eidolon Echoes)
'Jungle Jazz' * (starts 26 in; followed by talking break)
'Temple Twerk In Mayan House' (starts 50 minutes in after 10 to 15 min. break)
'Temple Twerk Pt. 2'
'Rainforest Feedbacker'
'Wormhole To Indonesia (instrumental version)'
'Springy Mutes'
'Leonard Mothman's Theme (Dark Bluegrass 1)'
'Temple of The Celestial Pumamen'
(talking break)
'Inceptors' *
'Spiders and Portal Sliders'
'Gamelan Trap'

*denotes Xylen Roberts songs, the rest are instrumentals to be released as Mythshifter unless I add lyrics to them.

To see the other sessions in this series, go here:


I will eventually upload these (the first one again) to Bitchute, but I am getting red of any video that has borrowed visual elements from copyrighted sources, or anything with covers etc. from my main Bitchute channel. Though some of that stuff will be available on my seperate Bitchute channel, XR2: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/h4QKJRZJRyhH/ So the versions I will upload here soon will have those things removed.

New thing I'm streaming where I work on a song in real time. Here I just did a rough sketch with keyboard + drum machine + voice with significant keyboard improvisation in between the parts without words. I didn't finish the song, this was more of a rough sketch, but in future episodes I want to show a song from its birth to its completion. Stay tuned :) This one may end up on the Frequent Dreamer Miles EP which more and more may end up being a 7 song album as opposed to EP. Probably just try to release it in early July to increase the good luck of 7. Stay tuned :P

Song lyrics to 'Waiting On Seven' (so far):

this song was written at 7pm
on the seventh day of June
I survived the Triple 6, I survived its poison lips
I'm waitin' on seven
waitin' out the solar eclipse

doo doo etc.

(improvised lyrics)
Nikolai Tesla in Room 327
more and more I'm feelin' like him
his last friend in the end was a pigeon
until its lights went out

doo doo etc.

obsessed with numbers, obsessed with numbers
they are a plight in my mind
obsessed with numbers, Tesla was obsessed with numbers
they would trigger his mind
targeted individual, I'm a targeted individual
targeted individual, I'm a targeted individual

chorus: the greatest trick that the devil ever played
was convincing the world that he didn't exist
numbers movin' in ominous directions
its lookin' more every day like Triple 6 (repeat)

I'm waitin' on seven
waitin' out the solar eclipse
I'll survive that triple 6
I'll survive those poison lips (repeat in variants)

~~~ written by Xylen Roberts (Chris Robertson), all rights reserved
copyright 6/7/2022

Don't buy Alexa Blink. I was immediately skeptical when my parents offered to give me one of their additional Blink cameras to set up. Been nothing but problems since Day One, I will be immediately looking for a more reliable camera system. In many ways, I feel less secure with this thing as I am pretty sure corrupt fedbois hacked into it and turned it off: I stopped recieviing motion detection capture vids and it said it kicked me out of the attached Google account (go figure Google and Amazon are corrupt as shit; currently looking for Alt Tech alternatives).

And this was after I was capturing some Live Feed of sketch ass planes/coptors and a seemingly omnipresent Motorfed guy day and night (I plan on making a compilation later).

The timing of this glaring flaw to what is supposed to give you MORE security not LESS on 6/6/2022 (Triple 6s when you add up) is unsettling. I sincerely hope I can make through the day in one peice :/

If you are new to my TI experiences, and new to the channel, DO NOT ask me 'Well how do you know you are targeted and why would they target you?' I am so sick of having to explain this shit to you people OVER AND OVER AGAIN to newbies. My Targeted Individual series explains all of this in GREAT DETAIL, but also recomended are the related Proof of Censorship and Controlled Op Copycat Series, they can all be found by scrolling through the PROGRAMS section of my JoshWho site:


Rough Cuts session 1. Originally streamed 5/29/22. Some of the unreleased tracks here include 'Dance OF The Golden Chariots', 'This Land Is Cursed', 'Yodeling Elvis', 'An Ancient Sky', 'Phase Fader' and more. I will notate what they are specifically later. 'This Land Is Cursed' and 'Yodeling Elvis' are Xylen tracks, the rest are Mythshifter. All songs written, performed and recorded by me (Chris Robertson/Xylen Roberts) except for 'Yodeling Elvis' which contains sampled music from 2814 but lyrics/additional production from Xylen Roberts, all rights reserved. No one has the right to use any of my copyrighted material without my permission or without referencing me.

Astronaut visual is not my own, all rights reserved to the original artist

commentary on an old 2018 video of mine called 'False Flags Are Designed To Demonize The Hermit' and how it relates to later TI videos I ended up making, but especially ones I made last month.

If video doesn't play, find here: https://www.joshwhotv.com/v/.QCYsmw

In case anyone here doesn't know, not very many people stream to JoshWhoTV...indie creators that is, not the companies Josh lets stream to his channel (InfoWars etc.) There's basically Dreagus Productions, myself, Healing Light, Baal Busters and Josh himself (Seeking The Truth) at this point. In the last few days, in the middle of what I can say is some of the most increased targeting I have ever experienced, this unsettling bizzare stream has come out of nowhere on JoshWhoTV that is essentially just a video of a 'sitting duck'. I believe this is the Illuminati taunting me and in this video I explain why...

If you don't know the whole story of my Targeting, go here and watch my TI videos and 'Controlled Op Copycats', thank you:

This creep's 'sitting duck' stream: https://www.joshwhotv.com/live/1/Mttv/1

anybody tell me what this is? The more I listened to it enhanced the more unsettling I found it given everything that is going on and the black helicoptors conspiracy theory.

This has hands down been the craziest, scariest month for Targeting I have EVER experienced for real. I explain in this video that I feel they are trying to patsy me and I explain why and it involves synchronicities to the fake BodyCam False Flags in Buffalo/Grand Rapids and my history of being targeted, which is MUCH better explained in the videos down below. For reference:

Targeted Individual: Cringiest/Scariest TI Experience Ever (Cop At Creepy Fedboi BFS; Cringy Gas Station Bitch Caught On Camera)

Recent BodyCam/Go Pro False Flags Are Engineered To Demonize Targeted Individuals Who Film IRL Videos

Targeted Individual: They Live Wristwatch Lady Caught On Camera/Synchronicity To They Live Gif I Used Recently In A Song (Screenshot Evidence)

Targeted Indivdual Series

A discussion on the Jewish concept of the Golem clay monster and how it relates to modern day Zionist stormtrooper police.

Song is an unreleased track by my project Mythshifter.

To hear more work, this one is a good primer: https://www.bitchute.com/video/G8HeQGE76GND/

support me here: https://xylenroberts.gumroad.com/

Everyone in the conspiracy realm has seen these videos like Targeted Indviduals Australia. Well they are trying to frame us or at least demonize with these 'BodyCam/GoPro' style False Flags like seen in Buffalo and Grand Rapids. The video explains. Please watch my other TI videos too & Deep Fake False Flags as well the ones that go into background as to why I am so targeted (Controlled Op Copycats, Proof Of Censorship, etc.) You can find them catalogged on JoshWhoTV under Programs: https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/XylenRoberts

Probably had the scariest and cringiest TI experience I have ever had last night when going to get beer. At the very same nearby BFS where feds tried and failed to entrap me (they always use BFSes; its happened to me at three different BFS locations), there was a cop stationed. Cops are NEVER there. It was such an uncomfrotable situation that it forced me to go to a gas station I never go to where I had HANDS DOWN one of the cringiest interactions with a clerk I have ever had, and the fucking weirdness was caught on video. You can see it for yourself. I am not making this up, this shit is real and its awful. Who knows what would've happened if I would have gone in the Fedboi BFS? The cop might've 'blanked me' then lied about it, just like Bill Cooper. Another false flag for them to deep fake. Yeah I am never going out at night again, nothing but creepozoids out. Not that matters. I feel like I'm screwed no matter what I do. All you can do is pray.

I am also putting this here in case they try to deep fake. I will be uploading these gangstalking videos from the minute I step out the house to the minute I get back. Soon I will be getting some camera sunglasses. The full TI footage starts 37 minutes in. The cringy gas station interaction starts 47 in. The first half hour is me discussing the experience and some back story as to my experiences.

If video doesn't play, watch here instead: https://www.joshwhotv.com/v/.QCcnmA?channelName=XylenRoberts

TI video I made last night. Experienced a strange synchronicity with encountering an old lady (most likely a fed considering the area) who had her wrist up to her mouth for an abnormal amount of time, suggesting that she was talking into a wristwatch with walkie talkie abilities. It wasnt until later I noticed the similiarity to the famous scene in They Live where the Reptillian lady is saying 'I have one who can see!' The even stranger thing about this is that I randomly used that same gif for the picture for my new song 'Frequent Dreamer Miles' before replacing it with the album cover, but WAS able to capture a screenshot of one of my fans commenting on the They Live pic before I replaced it. Anyway, the video explains more. I hope to do more of these TI Caught On Video things in the future. Stay tuned.

Song at the end: 'Frequent Dreamer Miles' from my upcoming EP of the same name. Dropping May or June. Listen to it here: https://soundcloud.com/xylen-roberts/xylen-roberts-frequent-dreamer-miles-rough-cut

Support me here: https://xylenroberts.gumroad.com/

if video doesn't play, watch here: https://www.joshwhotv.com/v/.QCd-3Q

In case the government is using surveillance and other methods to steal my ideas, I'll be uploading more of these raw versions of new songs. In this case, its a cover of a Stan Jones song made famous by Johnny Cash, all rights reserved. I morph it into a sort of dark country western meets art rap rock fusion sort of thing. The studio version will drop in a day or two so stay tuned. I want to upload more of my covers and eventually release a free covers album.

For a good sampling of my original material: https://www.bitchute.com/video/G8HeQGE76GND/

If it doesn't play, find here (Odysee link at bottom as well):

This video rewards the patient. Because the saga of what is going on here: How I've been ripped off, targeted (irl/online/even in dreams), censored, etc. cant possibly be minimized to even one video. Some backdrop to what the hell I am talking about is nescesary to explain any further developments like this one. So I recommended anyone with the attention span beyond memes and TikTok who isn't an illiterate mushmind to check out the first episode in this series (Controlled Op Copycats E1), the Targeted Individual Series, Proof of Censorship Series, and even my vast catalog of music, skits and stories. They are all in great abundance...at least until the Illuminati wipes me off from existence.

In this particular video, I explain how Illuminati ZioNazi puppet Zelenskyy and the cult surrounding him are imitating certain aspects of my work and existence, and how a paid troll posing as Antony Blinken of all fucking people and a most likely cointelpro fake Truther channel named IC3NI Rising are participating in this façade. But like I said, this story is a long and complex one, and rewards the patient. I brush over some of my TI experiences and previous people who have stolen from me (Eric Andre the worst of them), you need to go and check out these various videos if you give a shit. If you don't, go back to sleep with your 5 second memes and your 'I only listen to big wigs like InfoWars' mindset, I don't need you here.

And before you fuckin' say it...because its bound to come up eventually...the image on the Soothsayer 2 album is A TRAINTRACK, NOT A PYRAMID. Trains factor prominently in the album. Track 3 references trains. But the accidental image has annoyed me so much that I will eventually remake it but by that time a mix of paid trolls and well meaning but myopic autistics will already be throwing shade at me I'm sure. I don't blame the latter, but thoroughly research ALL my work if you are going to make assumptions. I don't care. Jesus wouldn't I be doing better than 12 indifferent followers here, 12 there, maybe 5 who actually give a shit if I was 'in the club'? It doesn't fucking matter. God knows the truth, his opinion is all I care about anymore. To hell with everyone. Bye.

Links for the literate among you:

Controlled Op Copycat Episode 2: Eric Andre and more

Plaid Tepesh 'Born To be Vlad' song


Look under 'Program' at the above channel, scroll down and you'll find the Targeted Individual Series, Proof Of Censorship Series, links to music, skits and more.

This video on Odysee:

If it doesn't play, find it here:

From an album I released about a month ago, 'Soothsayer 2: Snow Angels & Zawgg Demons Of The Frozen Purgatory', an instrumental concept album about Plaid The Pimp Tailor and his friends (The Frosted Elfin Bikers Of Christ and the Snow Angel Crusaders) as they travel to The Frozen Purgatory to battle Illuminati controlled Zawgg-Clops Demons and similar oppressive monsters to save humanity. Will be followed up later in the year with an experimental redpill rap opera/dungeon synth/cosmic black metal/radio theatre called 'Plaid The Pimp Tailor: Defender OF Christ' by a separate project called Plaid Tepesh.

You can buy Soothsayer 2 here:


You can also watch it on JoshWhoTV: https://www.joshwhotv.com/v/.QDgrwg?channelName=XylenRoberts

This fucker was parked outside after I went in to grab a 6 pack of beer and get gas. These assholes follow me around everywhere when they know for a fact I have committed no crimes. In fact, I barely go outside of my house because of the level of harassment I have endured from these clowns. Well, now I'm capturing all of it in real time like those non discussion TI in real time videos. Pretty sure this was the same clown who was creeping around the Shinnston BFS about a year ago with a doppelganger, two undercover plain clothes car, attempting some clownish attempt at entrapment. Pathetic. I am gonna purchase a body cam soon and start making videos of me going from place to place to more accurately document the targeting. Stay tuned

My only 'crime'? Using my vast talents to expose these fuckers, their NWO agenda, 5g, the killer vax, all of that through my art. That's why I am targeted.

A better look at the meme in the thumbnail, which I made afterwards: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1365828179096244238

It says:


ME (in rear view): You're all pathetic numbered automaton zombie NPC agents. No one respects you, not even your Machiavellian employers, who see you as useful pawns. See that big trashcan over there? Go and crawl back under the dustbin of ill relevancy where you belong, cockroaches.

If this video won't play for some crummy reason, find it at JoshWhoTV or Odysee. Thanks :)

A somewhat edited version of Saturday the 19th's livestream which featured the debut of part two of the 'Holiday Hellscape' saga from my radio theater series Samsara Junkyard: Perdition Theater, an interview with Aleksandar Milicevic, and a few selections from my upcoming Mythshifter album 'Christmas On Charon'. The last twenty minutes or so were cut off from the interview to save time (I was drunk when I edited this haha), the original rough cut of the radio serial was replaced by the finished version and some of the visual elements of the original stream were replaced because the original video in OBS (which also acts as an editor for me now because I no longer have Adobe Premier) looked distorted.

Alek's social media: https://www.minds.com/aleksandarmilicevic/

Mythshifter song selections (ones in background of radio theater not mentioned, just the songs played by themselves):

'Frosted Elfin Bikers (Dungeon Synth)'
'Snow Angels Battling Ice Demons'
'Crystal Prep School For Shamans'

Episode 3 of SJPT and the 'Christmas On Charon' album dropping in early March.

If this video won't play for some crummy reason, find it at the following sites. Thanks :)

Full title of episode: 'The Baphomet Billionaires Holiday Hellscape Part 2: My Muddy Watery Valentine Is My Favorite Bluesgaze Band'. This is the second episode of the first season of my radio theater series Samsara Junkyard: Perdition Theater and the second part to the 'Holiday Hellscape' saga. In this episode, The Grim Reaper runs down everyone's pasts and then explores the horrid presents of two of the Baphomet Billionaires: Third Wave Francine and Professor Pussycat Bitch. Features music from my instrumental project Mythshifter, predominately from the upcoming 'Soothsayer 2: Chistmas On Charon' album. All aspects of this radio theater, from writing to voice acting to music to sound effects to the main artwork, was done by Xylen Roberts (Chris Robertson), all rights reserved. The video, however, does contain some gifs made by other people, all rights reserved to whoever they are.

The episode originally dropped on Saturday's Various Vortices Valentines special, albeit in a slightly rougher cut. The edited version of that entire show (which also includes a long interview with Matori https://www.minds.com/aleksandarmilicevic/ ) coming in a day or two.

Part 3 of the Holiday Hellscape will be dropping in early March. To see the first part of the saga: https://www.bitchute.com/video/W0vllCT4pcfh/

Its also on Soundcloud and HearThis:



If this video doesn't play for some crummy reason (Bitchute kinda sucks), find it on JoshWhoTV, thanks:

This is a follow up to my other video about Pholosopher where I expose her as a controlled op pop hack posing as an 'independent' redpill rapper who shows no interest in other struggling redpill artists on the platform and has a condescending attitude towards her own fans: https://www.bitchute.com/video/dz5HCEnrmp0T/ . After briefly debating, I challenged her to a band/rap battle and a debate to see if she could really defend her crappy music and beliefs. How does she respond to my challenge? BY BLOCKING ME HAHAHA! I am now on the warpath to expose each and every one of these phoney balogni controlled op pop fags on Minds or elsewhere.

THe video also talks about how controlled op Minds shows favoritism towards Pholosopher and other 'safe content' by allowing her boosts to reach maximum viewership while independent/less 'safe' artists like myself are lucky to get even one Boost get through the current 'Backlog' excuse, and when we do, are often met with fudged viewing results. There is a whole small movement going on Minds right now talking about the problem with the Boost system, largely championed by MindsGaming. I plan on making a video about all of this within one month (busy busy month for me).

If this video won't play (Bitchute sucks these days), find it on OoshWhoTV, thanks:

I always thought Pholosopher was a hackey shitty musician, completely full of herself (never supporting any other struggling redpill artists), and possibly cointelpro considering how well she does on Minds while others are getting their Boosts rejected for 'backlogs' and numbers decreased when boosts go through. And now I have the proof! After a debate, she responded with a condescending answer and I decided to take her to the task by challenging her to a band battle/battle rap and debate. Let's she if she agrees or just folds like all the other phoney balogni cointelpro hacks.

The video rambles a bit but the evidence is there for all who seek it. It rewards the patient. Imbeciles with goldfish attention spans can go to hell. Background music are tracks off my next Mythshifter album (dropping end of February). Also dropping a stream on February 19th 8pm EST featuring Aleksandar Milicivec, a new installment of my radio theater series and more! Stay tuned! Haters will be spit out of my mouth because they are neither hot nor cold! Do the research, have patience to absorb and check out the rest of my stuff on my channel (particularly the Jump Into The Trutherwave video) if you dare. If not , get the fuck out of here, clowns! You will never destroy me. Never.

If this video won't play (Bichute kinda sucks), find it on Odysee and JoshWhoTV instead. Thanks:

Shoutout to all my fans from over the years, from Kalaherty to MAtori to James Doodles to Andrew Kirshner to Origins of Orion and beyond! Idk why the resolution is so piss poor on some of these, it may have something to do with OBS because the screenshots I have are crisp and clear. I also have a ll of these and more on the Minds blog to compare. Links to the blog: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1280237225665105923

My links (Music, Comedy, ETc.):

Links: https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/XylenRoberts (My main video site. Includes most everything I have done in the last decade plus I livestream there occassionally)

https://www.soundcloud.com/xylen-roberts (experimental singer/songwriter/rapper project that predominately explores art rock, experimental hiphop, and electronica)

https://dlive.tv/Xylen_Roberts (I do a livestream every Sunday on D Live at 8pm EDT called The Various Vortices of Xylen Roberts)

https://gumroad.com/xylenroberts (Main place to purchase my music and other stuff)

https://www.bitchute.com/channel/xylen_roberts/ (my main video site. I am no longer posting to YouTube out of protest for them censoring and shadowbanning my videos. Soon I will be posting to LBRY and livestreaming to D Live. Stay tuned!

https://hearthis.at/avadhuta-records/ (New Avadhuta Records site. Includes Xylen Roberts, Mythshifter, Phantom Fingers and other projects in full)

https://soundcloud.com/phantomfingersthe3rd (My lofi psych folk/indie rock focused project)

https://www.soundcloud.com/mythshifter (experimental instrumentals)

https://soundcloud.com/samsarajunkyard (my second podcast where I do music reviews in the form of short stories. Currently this one had no schedule, as my time is short these days, but new episodes will come once or twice a month)



https://steemit.com/@xylenroberts (writing and social networking site)


If this video won't play (Bichute gets crummier btm), play it on Odysee or JoshWhoTV instead. Thanks :):

The first 20 tracks on the best of Avadhuta Records Soundcloud/HearThis playlist which includes 16 Xylen songs, 2 instrumental Mythshifter tracks, a Plaid Tepesh song, a Phantom Fingers song, and one comedy skit. As you can see, I have explored A LOT of genres over the years: Everything from indie to electronica to punk to industrial to post metal and beyond. Most of the lyrics in the last decade or so are a blend of conscious redpill subject matter with on/off surrealist elements mixed in, in a fashion that could be described as 'post ironic'. I have given my music its own genre: TRUTHERWAVE. Essentially a mix of redpill themes with a variety of eclectic music genres. The video is enhanced visually with a number of gifs that aren't mine (just a disclaimer) and Truthstream Media's brilliant documentary The Minds of Men, all rights reserved to any parties involved. The only material I own is the music and that's all mine, baby! All rights reserved! Parts 2 and 3 dropping later in the week. Enjoy!

1.) Xylen Roberts-Two Trains, Two Wolves +
2.) Xylen Roberts-5G (Album Version) ++
3.) Xylen Roberts-Fag Checka +++
4.) Xylen Roberts-Chinatown ++
5.) Mythshifter-Dork Fortress ++++
6.) Plaid Tepesh-Born To Be Vlad (Rough cut; Originally leaked Dec. 2020 on JWTV & D Live) *
7.) Nigga Ned and Sanjay The Guru in "The Misgendered Asteroid Belt Befuddlement" *
8.) Xylen Roberts-My God Machine +++
9.) Xylen Roberts-Lovely Fucking Day +++++
10.) Xylen Roberts-The Coast Is Never Clear +++++++
11.) Xylen Roberts-Mindmeld Carousel +++++
12.) Xylen Roberts-Pick Yr Poison +++++++
13.) Phantom Fingers - Seventy Two *
14.) Mythshifter - 90s Hacker In Lennon Sunglasses *
15.) Xylen Roberts-The Sunken Land Of Atlantis +++
16.) Xylen Roberts-Banned From Bandcamp +
17.) Xylen Roberts-The Shot (Worldbeat Mix) ++
18.) Xylen Roberts-Sky Woman +++++++
19.) Xylen Roberts-Sirian Recycling System +++++++
20.) Xylen Roberts-The Seraphim Speaks To Me ++

Crosses denote where songs are from:

+ From Reveal The Pattern (2019)
++ From A Shoo In For The Shut In Awards (2021)
+++ From Essential Travel (2021)
++++ Soothsayer 1: Eidolon Echoes by Mythshifter (2021)
+++++ Designing The Enemy (2016)
+++++++ The Simplicius Complex (2018)
* As of yet unreleased on an album and/or rarities

All albums available to purchase on my Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/xylenroberts

For all the haters: 'Screenshots Of Fan Praise From Over The Years' https://www.bitchute.com/video/JU2wWJMsllQ9/

Songs are from a wide variety of releases. To check which ones, and to listen to several dozen more, go to the following sites:

Links: https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/XylenRoberts (My main video site. Includes most everything I have done in the last decade plus I livestream there occassionally)

https://www.soundcloud.com/xylen-roberts (experimental singer/songwriter/rapper project that predominately explores art rock, experimental hiphop, and electronica)

Minds: https://www.minds.com/xylenroberts/

https://dlive.tv/Xylen_Roberts (I do a livestream every Sunday on D Live at 8pm EDT called The Various Vortices of Xylen Roberts)

If this video won't play (Bitchute sucks nowadays), find it on Odysee:

Streamed and uploaded to JoshWhoTV over a year ago. I never ended up putting it here but should've. In this video, I explain WITH GOOD SCREENSHOT AND VIDEO EVIDENCE how I have been ripped off by everyone from comedian Eric Andre to controlled op one hit wonder Matty Roberts and more. This has happened to me time and time again. I want to make more episodes of this but you can find other examples on my Minds group: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/826599384380239872/feed

I thought the Eric Andre section had better screenshots but it looks unvisible. I am going to make a more Eric Andre specific follow up and put those screenshots in, but in the meantime the compare/contrast of the original upload dates was put onto this Minds blog from 2018. Use it for reference if need be: https://www.minds.com/xylenroberts/blog/eric-andre-rips-off-my-flat-earth-comedy-video-in-new-show-m-863859815973785600

Opening song: 'Breakthrough' by Xylen Roberts, from the 'Two Trains Two Wolves' single: https://soundcloud.com/xylen-roberts/sets/two-trains-two-wolves-single

Thumbnail image is not my own. It comes from this video by Enoch Metatron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbYIH49e6LU

I critique some of the main problems with the much hyped Odysee.

'Proof Of Censorship Series':

My Odysee: https://odysee.com/@XylenRoberts:1

If video won't play, play it on JoshWhoTV: https://www.joshwhotv.com/v/.QD8r2Q?channelName=XylenRoberts

Tuesday night's Christmas Special. Includes the debut of the 'Baphomet Billionaires' christmas story, the winners of the Winter Writing Contest, and a full playing of my 2020 winter themed Mythshifter instrumental album 'Seven Lucky Visions' available to listen to here, other places, or buy on Gumroad (links below). Due to a doubling glitch, the story had to be restarted at 19:39 but luckily I caught it in the first few minutes before it got too deep into it. Part 2 of the Baphomet Billiionaires story drops sometime first week of January on here, Soundcloud, JoshWhoTV and HearThis (no streamed version on D Live etc.)

Everything in this video is by Xylen Roberts (All Rights Reserved) EXCEPT the opening song is by Japportit and winter visuals halfway through during the music are by Bababouey (links below; All Rights Reserved). Enjoy!

0:15 Opening song: Jaaportit-Askeleet valottomuuteen (All rights reserved)
(False story start at 17 minutes in when story glitched up and had to be restarted)
19:39 The Baphomet Billionaires Story (Samsara Junkyard) *normal version, no glitches
More talking
44:32 'Jacked Frost' by Mythshifter (my band)
1 hour in: Winner Announcement and Talking
1 hour 3: The rest of the 'Seven Lucky Visions' album by Mythshifter
Outro (ended without talking because the mic on OBS was screwing up)

Writing Winners:
Matori https://www.minds.com/aleksandarmilicevic/
Patrick Dolan (https://glamourpuss.bandcamp.com/album/smooth-shards)
Aggravated Artist & Arthadian Anthologies(search on Minds)

My Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/xylenroberts

Links To Borrowed Works:
Jaaportit-Askeleet valottomuuteen (All rights reserved)

'All Aboard Its Sleepy Time' winter visuals by Bababouey (ARR)


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Welcome to the official Bitchute channel of Xylen Roberts. I am a vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, comedian, conspiracy theorist, writer, amateur philosopher, and little filmmaker. My music is eclectic and experimental, ranging in genre and lyrically talking about everything from truth movement esoterica to surrealism to love and so forth. I have released dozens of albums and several thousand songs over the years, many of which are available on BitChute, Soundcloud, Hear This, and to buy at Gumroad. My comedy/drama skits are surreal yet thought provoking, as are the discussions. Up until 2017, I mostly made only music, and my YouTube reflected that. In 2017, I branched out into redpilled politically incorrect comedy skit and discussion videos, eventually resulting in the demonetization of a video and my permanent shadowbanning on YouTube in 2018. Eventually I stopped posting there. So now this BitChute, which I have had since 2017, and JoshWhoTV are the main places to find my video uploads.

In 2019, I started doing a limited run podcast called The Various Vortices Of Xylen Roberts which combined comedy skits, music performances, and discussions into an audio-only format. All are available here. The podcast has continued into a semi-live action livestreamed format, which is streamed Sundays at 8pm EDT on D Live, Flote, and JoshWhoTV. I also do two other shows: Chased by Vibrations, a music dj show (4 & 8pm EDT Fridays), and Wild West Wombat Wednesdays (8pm EDT Wednesdays), an improv show. Links below. At some point in 2021, I plan on releasing two different post-ironic/surreal limited run radio serials which follow the adventures of conspiracy theorist heroes (Tell A Vision & Hyper Dolphin: Private Paranormal Detective) which will be released on here, Soundcloud and Hear This. Also, I am putting together a redpill themed music festival called Redpillapalooza, more info on that can be found on my Minds below.

As of 2020, I no longer put any of my work with copyrighted elements (regardless of their transformative nature) on this BitChute. I have a separate BitChute for that, XR2: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/h4QKJRZJRyhH/ I started separating the two on here after rumors of BitChute shutting down channels for 'copyright violations'. So covers and any work that uses others' work in a transformative manor (always credited of course) is over on the XR2 Bitchute now. There is some good stuff over there, be sure to check it out. You can also check out pretty much all the videos I've done in one place over on JoshWhoTV, where my livestreams are also located: https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/XylenRoberts

~~~~ Links and how to Support me:

+++ Minds https://www.minds.com/xylenroberts (my main social network)

+++ Music Links:

Buy my music on Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/xylenroberts

My main Soundcloud:
Xylen Roberts (solo singer/rapper/songwriter/production project) https://soundcloud.com/xylen-roberts)

https://hearthis.at/avadhuta-records/ (New Avadhuta Records site. Includes Xylen Roberts, Mythshifter, and Phantom Fingers songs to stream. Much of my catalog is now on here.)

+++ Where to check out my livestreams (in addition to JWTV):

Flote https://flote.app/Xylen_Roberts/live
D Live https://dlive.tv/Xylen_Roberts
JoshWhoTV https://www.joshwhotv.com/plugin/Live/

+++ My lesser known Soundclouds:

https://soundcloud.com/phantomfingersthe3rd (Phantom Fingers: My lofi psych folk/indie rock focused project)

https://www.soundcloud.com/mythshifter (Mythshifter: experimental instrumentals)

https://soundcloud.com/samsarajunkyard (my second podcast where I do music reviews in the form of short stories. Currently this one has no schedule, as my time is short these days, but new episodes will come at some point in the future.)