There is an open mathematics problem as far as I know. People/mathematicians have worked on it for decades without finding a solution. More recently, they have been turning completely outside of anything that one might think of as the direction of a solution. This video presents a different perspective for an idea of getting a solution.

We look at an open letter from 317 retired admirals and generals of the US military. We look at this excellent letter, positive and maybe small questionables.
You can find a link to the pdf of the letter by going to , then go to “opening statement,” and at the bottom of that, you can download a pdf copy of the letter.
There are online articles in many places about this letter. The place I first read about it was
"120 Retired Generals, Military Officers Sign Letter Warning of Conflict Between Marxism and ‘Constitutional Freedom’"(
The French military had two open letters to the French government a little before this letter by the US military. 'Civil war is brewing in France, and you know it': French military launches another salvo at Macron with new open letter — RT World News 2nd letter. .

Does the internet say some vile things about nullification? In our last video, we said how you can base things directly on article 6 and amendment 10 of the Constitution, and avoid the word nullification altogether. But what is going on on the internet in places that you assume are politically neutral? Does political correctness trick us on authority, judges, etc.

“nullify” and “nullification” are words not found in the US Constitution. Instead, they are modern terms used to indicate that something is null and void by virtue of article 6 and amendment 10 of the Constitution. Let’s look in very concrete terms as what this is, so concrete that it overrides even the Supreme Court. After all, the Supreme Court comes from the Constitution, not vice versa.

Two different books. Shouldn't books be treated equally. A tool to looking into society's mindset - feelings, logic, emotions.

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott wants supposedly anti-Semitic free-speech platform GAB to get out of Texas. Jewish candidate Laura Loomer defends GAB. Blame. Trickery using the Constitution.

Intellectuals have failed, regarding the Jewish group.

A gut-level reality grasp of size of space by looking at space ship from Earth to Moon versus Earth to Exoplanet. Some limitations of humans' senses and brain.

Here is a link to the "BIDEN GONE MAD" video

- (it is Jan 22, 7:20pm EST 021 and I am adding this link about breaking news about allegations mcconell threatened to continue impeachment if Trump pardoned Julian Assange - )

Shocking and dangerous corruption of the Biden family
Burisma is the oil company.
Laundered money.
For those who want to look at specific places in this BIDEN video: here is a list
1:45 CFR Council for Foreign Relations (1st appearance in video)
2:05 Chris Farrel (sp?) of Judicial Watch
2:30 Joe defending Hunter
3:10 uproar over "there is no conflict of interest"
3:27 back to Chris Farrel.
4:50 "real criminal exposure"
5:45 How to lie / cover up.
6:30 - 6:40 clip of Hunter speaks
6:50 Chris points out Hunter sort of catches himself

8:37 Hunter made 411 trips with secret service protection, 5 to China.
9:08 What did Hunter actually do. He had no qualifications except son of VP.
(me: ancient Rome - eg of official real badly treating one of the ? incoming groups of Goths (and I mean really bad. Possibly this seeded the final attack later on Rome, and the successful attack on Rome) ). We do want to bring to trial Hunter and his son. But the issue is much larger. And it not in just passing more laws with increasing intricacy and masses of legal verbiage and intricacy of interpretation. We have a problem here. )
~ 10:00 they got the Ukraine investigator dropped, by means of Joe Biden's nasty arm twisting of Ukraine officials.
10:20 clip of Joe Biden bragging about getting Ukraine prosecutor fired (You can see the CFR 0 Council of Foreign Relations insignia in the background).
11:05 with humor, Joe Biden says, "well, son of a bitch, he got fired"
12:37 clip of White House spokesperson
Wife of Moscow mayor gives several million dollars to Biden
14:10 the question of, what's going on here.
"this has already been asked and answered"
16:00 1.5 Billion (B as in billion) given by Bank of China to Biden (In Communist China, Banks are either an arm of the government or of the military).
17:08 frustrating also from the national security standpoint
17:20 How come no indictment (against the Bidens) yet?
18:05 Due to lack of political will.
Just reformat the Senate report, and you get an indictment, and one that should win.
19:18 government insiders versus the "Trump derangement syndrome"
19:49 Why this (unfairness toward the Trump side) vs (letting anti Trump stuff just languish and disappear. ) Answer: it's the voting demographics of the rank and file in the government.
20:39 Attorney Barr. Official Washington can't stand Trump.
21:00 a possible answer.
22:20 the closing part of the video is on Election Fraud.

What is the size of space just to the nearest star? On a "feeling" or "emotional" level. That is important. If we don't know this, we simply don't know reality.

Recently, I was motivated to think about this by watching a long 3 1/2 hour youtube on getting a spaceship to a planet on one of the nearest stars to earth.

"(479) Interstellar voyage to find the Second Earth | Space Documentary 2020"

Just for reference: Locations in this 3 1/2 hour video
14 min 28 sec Minerva mission log date Aug 14, 2157.
32 min 0 sec Kepler "telescope" looks for good candidate stars. NASA joins forces with MIT Lincoln Labs. Good survey of nearby Earth-like worlds
48 min ?57 the coronagraph mask (for looking at light from sun or star)
50 min 55 Steve Squyres Planetary scientist Cornell University
52 min 11 sec Minerva mission log Oct 4, 2157
52 min 23 sec & 53 min 10 sec - "I [Minerva] launch"
53 min 10 sec "My name is ? Atoman"
54 min 0 sec total distance to the planet 4.7 light-years, max speed 51,000 kilometers/sec, 49.8 years to reach destination (includes time for acceleration and later deacceleration).
54 min 51 sec Mission is simple: "Find Life"
55 min 0 sec Ever since a kid, Squyres maps of strange places. He realizes what he wants to do with the rest of his life.
57 min 50 sec Why not look beyond our solar system for life.
58 min 30 sec proxima centari is closest star (sun) (4.3 light years) that hosts an inhabitable planet
58 min 45 sec 170,000 times farther than Mars.
59 min 10 sec People who figure out how to do this, will be dead by the time the space ship gets there - cf the Great Cathedrals of Europe.
1 hr 0 min 48 sec I, Minerva, passes by little Voyager satellite that was launched ? 170 years earlier.
1 hr 1 min 41 sec. I, Minerva, will be having no more communication with Earth, and I retract my transmitter (the umbrella-like thing on the space ship)
1 hr 24 min 0 sec - look at methods of propulsion needed for interstellar space.

Problems with Joe Biden
Links "(458) Joe Biden: Top Of The BIDEN CRIME FAMILY Totem Pole | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 94 - YouTube


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