A look back on skateboarding in the 90s sepia tinted nostalgia years. Narated by a load of people who wernt there and know nothing about anything they have been told to talk about. Just like the ones on tv ;). No one ever sent that sliced loaf..week (was an extra on straight to dvd)

This N that skate video 2006 ish
Uk skate video featuring Kris Vile Ross Mcgouren James Gardner Pete King Darran Nolan Ben Reamers Claus Grabke Mike Wright and many more.
Features 16th century skateboarding a killer freestyle board and extreme skate law enforcement by The "Don"
Inspired by rivitas and UHF.

There is a Oscar winning performance from Bram weeks and Julian Gilbert in a crude linking device for this scene video. Its said it inspired Leonardo De caprio to be as shit as he was in The Reverent..He tried bless him but he didnt even come close...what a chump

1994 Worthing "scene" Video
filmed at time were Launderettes were the most popular terrain to skate. It was a few years later that Launderettes were skate stoppered and they changed the brand of soap which rendered the floors to slippery to skate. After this skaters moved on to skating public toilets..It wasn't as pleasant so they eventually submitted to the tyranny of the skate parks.

Totally ripped of quantum Leap and were not sorry ...Its a skate video Staring Darren Nolan, Bob Sanderson, Double J, Chris Fissel, Marc Churchill, Pete King, Dave Chesson. And the Skating feet of Alex Halford, Liam Teauge, Kris Vile, Mike Wright, Stevie Thompson, Jussi Korhonen and a supporting cast bigger than Ben-Hur. Chris Fissels Thistle whistle is available form on-line stores while stocks last..Its new..and its a thing

"Are we there yet" Vans UK tour 2007
The vans uk team circumnavigated the uk in a old school bus that struggled to make it over 40mph. It was emotional but brilliant...Marc Churchill wore a bandanna at one point..a good moment

A rags to riches tail of a young skateboarder from Bexley Heath.
I think this was made this for the extreme channel in 2009ish.
Watch out for Dave Chesson clearing a loogey from his throat.
Id sample that for a sound effects library its pinnacle.

1998 Skate video from Dope clothing..They took a mini bus round Europe were Ali threw Colin,s wrist guard out of the window and some skateboarding was done..flips spins the lot...In Germany we found we hadn't packed the poles for the tent but we improvised. It was a fun time.

Over the Summer of 97 Dope clothing made their Video "Solar powered" Circumnavigating the country in a hippy bus with some scoot boarders on a adventure.

That time Barry Norman showed his content for skaters "gleaming the cube"

The Fan Band profile from Coca cola Commercial "Otto Williams"

Danny Way paded up and skated the vert for a few runs then sulked and skated the mini

Andy Williams was an absolute ripper. Rip Andy a sad loss to the skate world x

The Leg end that is Bobert Sanderson the third doing the do on that wiz plank :)

Its a skate video from the mid 90s.

The Fan Band profile from Coca cola Commercial "Greg"

Churchill, Nowik and Angry Ben on a Stateside jaunt...To late shuv out

This was a day and a half!

New silly skate video type thing "Just in Time"
Featuring Skate geometry ,Pads, a Early 90s legend, the loch ness monster, and worlds most beautiful trousers.
Staring Bob Sanderson, Darran Nolan, Double J, Pete King, Dave Chesson, Marc Churchill
Featuring the skateboarding legs of Alex Hallford Matt Ransom, Mike Wright, Stevie Thompson, Liam Teague, Kris Vile, Jussi Korhonen and lots lots more.
Coming soon to a Dimension near you soon
Available on VHS DVD BETA MAX LASER DISC and flip book

Swansea vert comp BBC Wales
It was quite high for its time that ramp...were was Arwyn davis?


Bob Sanderson and James Woodley wizz planking for the opening of a new sewer in Birmingham and not a battered chip in sight!

In the Deep north some Concreate shralping


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Chester the cat has become the face of my uploads...Here he is with his head in a mug because if its awquard and difficult to drink out of it must taste better and be more fun. He may have a point.

Im uploading some videos here now as You Tube has been taken over by the non ironic Orwel society
There will be some people on planks of wood called skateboards and wearing loaves of bread...maybe some other outfits...also a bit of time travel on the side
It was A lot of fun making these.
I hope you enjoy stopping by.
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