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Nosey's law is another step towards the animal rights fanatics goal of outlawing any animal/human interaction. Please help save these animals from extinction.

6 weeks old

3 weeks old

Two sheltie pups playing

1 week old

3 weeks old. eyes and ears open

Sept 28, 2017. First time for this litter to get outside and explore new places

Just added the extra pen area for play. At this age they are moving around quite well

Sheltie puppies

Sheltie puppies playing

Sheltie puppies

Two young pups have a great time wrestling with each other

Step by step demonstration on how to groom and trim sheltie feet and hocks

Grooming tips for shelties.

Sheltie puppies

Weaning sheltie puppies

young sheltie pups nursing

Sheltie pups at 4 weeks old

Sheltie puppies 4 weeks old

Newborn sheltie pups

Continuation of line brushing, the pants need thorough grooming to avoid mats.

An adult Yankee sheltie having a little fun outrunning young pups

Time for fun in the sun with 6 week old sheltie puppies.


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