you'd be surprised how taxing this is

building up endurance

what's good?

make multiple cuts in quick succession

iai practice

bet you'll be surprised!

a video to show some improvement

slash and draw and more slash

another lower cut on the same jug

a prim and proper cut

another one for you

a cut made from centrifugal force

dual wielding two new swords.

a track from gundam wing

testing a new blade

a thrust with the spear done with the top hand reversed for more power

a track from gundam wing

a track from gundam wing

Felt like cutting a brick

shoot a bullseye with a bow and arrow

My front hand in reverse grip for a more inside but more powerful slash

Pardon my face thumbnail but in this video I cut open the bottle and sheath the blade once more in the scabbard using proper tehnique.

I cut with a underarm cut

I took a cut from hema style

A horizontal cut done on a Gatorade bottle


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just a channel about swords some sign spinning and music sorry but no politics here.