The Vaccine Is More Effective Than The Abortion Pill (RU486)
Dr. James Thorp: There wasn’t a 13% miscarriage, there was an 82% miscarriage
If the vaccine causes an 82% chance of miscarriage if given in the first trimester, one would think they’d be a black box warning (like for RU486)

Are you awake yet? Share this one folks. It's what they are really wanting to do to you with the vaccines.

Agenda 2030 Climate Change Propoganda Activated!! TAKE A STAND NOW!!! Educate yourself!!

Australian Government using energy weapons against their own people!!! WAKE UP!!

Which particular tribe is behind this covid scamdemic?!?! WE SEE YOU!!

Two jabs and a booster later!! Doctors are glorified pharmaceutical reps!!! Know your farmer, NOT your doctor!!!

Folks now I've seen it all!! Air bags for the vaxxed!!!! Leave it to China!

Nefarious Evil Georgia Guidestones appear to be attacked by Direct Energy Weapon from space. Your thoughts?!?! THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!

How Rockefeller founded modern medicine and killed natural herb based cures. Petroleum based meds vs herbal meds. They cause cancer!!! WAKE UP!!

Dr Blaylock shares NIH article about COVID "Truth"! MUST WATCH!! This should be the biggest truth out there!!! SHARE

The US Air Force says it wants to completely control our weather by 2025….

New data from Israel shows a very disturbing trend. #DailyDose brings you the latest and asks a critical question: how many deaths are enough to stop the madness?

Pedophile Tranny kicked out!!! Parents standing up! PROTECT THE CHILDREN. They are NOT doing it for FUN!!

Proof that GITMO trials are Happening!!!

PRIDE They don't reproduce, they recruit! Groom our children, get the rope!! Upside down world y'all!!

David Icke explains what's happening today. How the Elites cause war, famine, pandemics, etc. Time to WAKE UP!!

1700% increase in deaths among young athletes around the world compared with a peer reviewed study conducted over a 39 year span.

MONKYPOX? NO. Its called SHINGLES and its a known "adverse reaction" to the covid jab. LOOK. They even tried to use a picture of SHINGLES and call it MONKEYPOX

Spanish Flu came from America!! It's all about the Agenda!! Rockefeller, Gates, etc.

t's been claimed that Trump asked his security aides if China had a "Hurricane Gun". The MSM is using the public's ignorance about weather manipulation to attack him. Trump always knows more than everyone else.
What is a Hurricane Gun?
Explained by Neioh in 2017 -
A chemical dispersal system used by black hat military, launched from mobile or fixed positions, used to strengthen hurricanes, and change their direction in order to cause maximum damage in specific locations.


It was all planned!

If you think that 85 tornadoes plowing through our growing lands is normal.........../00\

Before getting an injection watch this!!
Share this video and save lives.
Justice will be served.

Dr. Tenpenny: The vaxxed will experience an explosion in cancer & German data shows the vaxxed over 30 will have full blown vaxxine-induced AIDS by the end of this year

U.S. Senate Expert Witness Testimony States That There Are 410,000 Unexplained Deaths In Americans.
Insurance company data shows a 40% increase in deaths of people under 64.
This is the worst coverup in human history.


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