Would this type of car be appealing to you?

The Pope of Woke helps me clean up my act.

In this episode:
-My favorite cars from the DeutscheMarques Cruise In
-Germany invades Sweden

In this episode:
-I respond to a comment about German cars designed for Chinese markets.

In this episode:
-My favorite German car designs from 2020

In This Episode:
-The Mercedes GLA Coupe
-The Audi A3 Sportback
-The VW Passat
-The Audi RSQ8
-The Bentley Bentayga with Onyix Kit
-BMW Bever Teeth

Today we are joined by special guest Governor Whitmer, of Michigan.

*Obviously this is not really the Governor. This is purely done in jest, please don't sue me.

In this video:
-My question to the BitChute community
-Kevin's alt-right Audi A4 review

About this car:
Year: 2017 (B9 Platform)
Color: Manhattan Grey Metallic
Trim: Premium Plus (Quattro)

Additional Extras:
-Premium Sound System
-Cold Weather Package
-S-Line Package

In this episode:
What is your favorite German car brand?

Klaus, our German engineering friend makes comments about various things in the United States.

The German Car Show was a smash hit on YouTube. To help grow the BitChute platform, we are making the show a BitChute exclusive.

In this episode:
2014 Audi A4 review from Brandy
2019 Frankenmuth Car Show Thoughts


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