Today was another work in progress, mostly I just changed up the tasks that got done.

Today still didn't end up being perfect, but we're circling the target and drawing a bead on it.

Today wasn't perfect, but there have been seriously worse starts to an undertaking.

Today I have been continuing my good progress from yesterday and made some stew.

Today was busy and, again, varied, with many little bits of progress.

Today was a varied day, between house and monetary work and lessons.

Today was spent mostly on my pets and with a bit of experimentation.

Today was spent mostly vegetating and, then, motivating myself to move forward.

Today I spent the day catching up with a friend and avoiding the Black Friday rush.

Today was Thanksgiving, so it was a day off with the exception of feedings.

Today I did some housework and shopping, plus an added bit of taxi work.

Today I show off my friend, Lemmy. I hope you like him.

Today I mostly worked with my pets before my job.

Today there were a few things that needed done, one of which was quite unpleasant.

Today I spent time calling family members and caring for pets.

Today I realised my days are starting to really blur.

Today I decided how to proceed for the rest of the year.

Today I tried to get my sleeping schedule back in order.

Today I tried to get back into routine with mixed results.

Today I observed the results of yesterdays experiment. Mixed results.

Today was mostly unremarkable and little has changed, including my positive attitude.

Today was another difficult day. I still remain positive.

Today was a day when a lot of things didn't work out. I remain positive.

Today was supposed to be my day off, though I only didn't exercise. I have plans.

Today was somewhat more restful than yesterday.


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