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I'm still swollen and sore, but I'm still sticking to as much of my routine as possible.

I spent a good bit of time today in bed letting my body fight off the infection. I got a little of everything done, though.

My infected tooth reared its ugly head again today, but I persevered pretty darn well and got almost everything done. I'm looking forward to a couple months time when it should be sortable.

Sleeping is still difficult, so I was exhausted all day. I did everything that had to be done, though, and played yet more bass. The language lesson suffered, though.

An odd day, but again I added to what I'd done before. More music, a more stringent language lesson, slightly more exercise, a history lesson and, of course, pet care.

I added to everything I did yesterday, getting more done. It seems this was a good move.

I did a bit of everything to start my big four off. A little bass, exercise, TTRPG
planning and language lesson, plus, most importantly, pet care!

Today I changed my overall plan, moving the resolution I'd talked about forward, since it'll do me some good.

Today was mostly spent in bed. It didn't go to plan.

Today was Thanksgiving, so this is a short message to wish you the best.

Today I had to get some shopping finalised, hit the laundromat and occupy myself as my attention flickers all over the place.

A bit of bass, some pet care and a sore finger. Thankfully that last should be fine by tomorrow.

Today I spent mostly in bed, clearing out some of my lungs, then spent some time with friends.

With my lungs further clearing out, I've had more energy, though I still rested today, but played more bass.

Finally my lungs are clearing out and I got back to my bass. It was a much better day and has allowed me to make a much more positive 700th video.

Whilst my breathing is still terrible, I did a few things between bouts of trying to clear my lungs.

My lungs are not playing ball today, so I got a few things that needed to be done, done, and rested.

Still trying to keep going, despite feeling ill. I did pretty well.

I think I've spent more time ill this year than healthy.

Today still wasn't my day. I think I'm in a pretty bad place, but I remain positive that it'll pass. It turned into a bit of a heart-to-heart.

I wasn't 100% today, but I played some bass and tried some interesting exercises.

I found myself running hot and cold today, so I spent it in bed. I did also get a potential bite on a new job, too.

Today I finally crashed after a rousing and frenetic period of activity. I'll get back to work tomorrow.

Today was a little off, I spend my time restless, unable to settle at things for long before returning to my music.

A good stab at what should be a standard day, made imperfect by small flaws but I feel


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I've decided to quit video games for a year. This is my story.

The Story So Far:
I succeeded with my year of quitting video games, now I'm trying to improve upon my pet care for this year.

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