Yellow Vests Mindset

Sure, there are Paedo-Criminals in France. How long will it take? how long will it take until we People of France, via a People's Court may get them located, arrested, convicted, put on trial for their ignominy, and finally hanged or beheaded!?
'Who it is to whom comes a chastisement of ignominy, and on whom descends a chastisement that abides.'
We must find the way, we must commit to helping individuals 'Break the Law of Silence' that covers ignominy up and reproduces it.
'coz those evil minds are everywhere, this is so true that many witnesses, people in general are about to get nuts! so highly those 'things' are protected by the judicial system, by freemasonry criminal network!
Despite many Brave and aware whistleblowers still hunting them, despite 80,000 pictures showing up horrible and real scenes...
but many criminal cases left as 'cold cases'!!
While many french, European children have disappeared in recent years without a trace, but everything was done, so that some of them have not even appeared in hidden paedophile networks, while many Testimonies of children whom are still alive do prove this 'demonic practice' ... and a certain number of their Mothers involuntary committed to psychiatric hospitals, in order to muzzle them!
Constant ongoing Impunity to paedophile networks! and pedophile lobby highly expanded considerably!
Question: today in France remains the question: 'where is Steve?' all the way ...
but to add: "WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN, missing for years, for decades now"?? Politics, the judiciary, show business personalities, senior police officers, police officers are involved in Pedophilia, and too many magistrates and prosecutors dismissing the charge...
oh yeaah, a very big business! generating Billions euros!!
'But we will not allow pedo and criminals to feel true peace! we will not allow y'all to feel true peace. Watch your step 'smf'! '
More to Hear & read from:

BUT! it was without counting on May 1981, when the 'worse one' came in power... For sure, he was quick to ban "Capital punishment in France"... I will let you guess the reason why? ;-) Moreover, it is banned by Article 66-1 of the Constitution of the French Republic, voted as a constitutional amendment by the Congress of the French Parliament on 19 February 2007 (as if by chance, just before 'sarkoon' presidential mandate!:-)) and simply stating "No one can be sentenced to the death penalty". Indeed, back in 1981, when the 'thing' signed a law prohibiting the judicial system from using it and commuting the sentences of people on death to life imprisonment. The last execution took place by guillotine, being the main legal method since the French Revolution...
I must admit that I was also opposed to the death penalty... but now, having regard to the results of the French 'elected presidents' in the last four decades. humm.
Yet, it is high time, anew... for us to watch (or not)... but to get that 'some heads are gonna roll'! :)
(Not my video, grabbed this on YT... for what it is worth ;-P)
BTW ;-P Long Live Rob and the Band! ;-)

NOTE: we grabbed this video from the FB social media. Sounds like the 'scene of the crime' took place in USA. to us, this is a scene of crime!! what about France? they won't show you such scenes ! involving cops, police forces... Yet, we have to deplore many disappearances for some times now. "OÙ EST STEVE?" where is STEVE? in the recent years, and constantly evolving ; many cases of children disappearing, many cases of teenagers disappearing, many cases of young adults disappearing...WHERE ARE THEY? not all related to scene of crime like in this video though!
BUT who knows what's gonna happen in France in the next weeks, months, years, so much french Justice and Govt are rotten to the core!! In our opinion, on the loop! "so much Justice and Govt are rotten to the core!!". Poor France, Poor World!

" Our Enemy.
On the question of who is our enemy? we claim our main enemy gathers together all about the speculative finance in many areas, with obvious offshoots in many medias, NGO, Think Tanks, pressure groups and other lobbies wield influence.
It has to be said that they spread totalitarian dominance made up of four pillars.
1st pillar: the monopoly of money creation in the hands of private banks
2nd pillar: illegitimate debt, ultimately unpayable debt, irredeemable and constantly increasing debt.
3rd pillar: shaping public opinion from oligarchic control on Mass Medias, MSM, advertising and entertainment industries, on pollsters, some NGO, in order to promote globalist and neo-liberal ideology.
these entities works at destroying moral and ethical principles within society and borders, in the name of an alleged march towards "progress" and "modernity".
4th pillar: The constitution (the law above the law) written by those who should fear it: our politicians
On the question of the material purposes from our enemy, we claim that is about a maximization of profit rates and infinite expansion in the field of commodification.
This financial and globalized totalitarianism is the enemy of yellow vests, the French, the enemy of all sovereign peoples. It won't end of itself, but it is gonna plunge country into social and ecological chaos, running its mad race for profit only, because guided by excessive materialism, consumerism, individualism and by dictatorship of the politically correct.
By Ignoring and refusing to report this inhuman and unrelenting enemy, simply means we are his objective ally and accomplice to its crimes.
Beyond his servile servants and useful idiots, our enemy enjoys and bet on the cowardice and resignation of each and every one of us!
Also to uphold and further the common good, the respect for all our elders, for the care, future of our children and for the safeguard of our planet, let us unite all together, gathering gathering together all the forces and all the skills, Bravery, the will in order to break the worst enemy that mankind has ever seen.
in this titanic battle, moderation and neutrality cannot exist, our only option is to overcome! we must vanquish the foe or to fall a slave at their feet
When future generations write the history of this century, they will look back at our generation and judge us on this issue.
Strength and Honour, and 'not letting up. All hands on deck! "

French public debt market, fascism in the banking system. Wilson Speech, Overview :-)
" so, Right now, I would owe the amount of €38,032 to private bankers! whaaat?? but the debt... french public debt is illegitimate and money creation within private banks. Since 1973 (me:?, actually, more likely from 1983), our country was 'forced' (?) to borrow money, with the need to tap the international financial markets! what? therefore, no more sovereignty, no more national central bank! and banksters rule the game! for years now, people, people did hand over to the 'invaders' ; namely oligarch & hEllites the keys to the country...
Since, NONE politicians in power, NONE trade unions leaders, NONE political opponents did denounce this business... Yet the world has stood idly by and allowed it to happen! and today, we are many asking : what the hell is going on?? Right now, Trillion euros is the debt! and please pay attention that they take billion Interests on debt !! Forty-two billion on 2018 picked up from taxpayers and directly given to banksters, also to worldwide pension funds!! we people are expected to refund! while we have never been consulted by anyone, even worse, for many, we were not born in 1973! then, we are not involved in Article 123 reproduces Article 104 of the Maastricht Treaty, (which is also identical to Article 181 of the European Constitutional Treaty. For reminder, The French referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe was held on 29 May 2005 to decide whether France should ratify the proposed Constitution of the European Union. The result was a victory for the "No" campaign, with 55% of voters rejecting the treaty on a turnout of 69%. oh yes! I see, it was without counting ze Traitor Sarkoonzy; elected President of the French Republic in May 2007. Amongst his pledges; was a re-negotiation and ratification of a mini-treaty without a referendum, (Uhh!!) Eventually, the new version of the text, the Lisbon Treaty, was voted by the Parliament. 'Huh'?)
Right now, anyone would owe the amount of €38,032 including the new-born, to private bankers! whaaat?? (me: ALLÔ Earthlings! ALLÔ!) hell No!! No way!!! coz totally unfair, simply another scam, we have to SAY NO ! and to get rid of this inept, irrelevant, and absolute FAKE debt.
(me: ALLÔ!, and Why the ECB does not lend directly to states but requires interlocutory of private banks?? ALLÔ!)
hey! BTW did you know that since 2014, another state information circular outlines that we people can't get to know who are ze bankers list, nor their names! we have no right to identify the banksters!
(me: We therefore stress the need for a sea change away from these neoliberal policies. we quite legitimately want to counteract the European Commission's chronic liberal excesses. Those who plan to continue to push forward these neo-liberal policies and expect the public to turn the other cheek, oh well, they've got another thing... coming their way.) Only the yellow vests dare tell about REALITY !! because NONE politicians in power, NONE trade unions leaders, NONE political opponents DO denounce all about dirty deeds !!! "
Let us unite frenchies, Europeans!! we should unite and not divide NOW!! including y'all unionized people! get rid of related trade union 'top heads'! kick them out!!!
Now, bear in mind, people is awakening Mahn!! From now, Everyone is a potential soldier to fight you! If one falls, The earth will produce new ones, ready to fight against you! no matter where he, she comes from... yeaahh; "the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". Even though the 'fallen comrade', another takes its place. Here we go! ALLÔ!

" ...Tremble, tyrants and you traitors. The shame of all parties,Tremble! Your parricidal schemes Will finally receive their reward! Everyone is a soldier to fight you If they fall, our young heroes, The earth will produce new ones, Ready to fight against you! ... "

is it wrong to claim that human beings descend from monkeys? Eh?
some others would tell human beings are likely more ...' Sheepgeon'! ;-P
Video by the Excellent Rémy Gaillard (Farcebook page @gaillardremi) , tune written and performed by Damien Saez ; a Famous singer-songwriter-composer.

Today, I had the opportunity to discover another Gilet Jaune & angry citizen... and so much pleased to get to know of him, for some reasons ! :-P and he makes my day! " il m'épate, il m'épate!, je l'adore! he is Excellent!! straight talking! to me, anything he said makes sense... and that's it!
here is Marc R. speech:
" I'm just getting back from work, it is 9.45 PM, and I'm gonna tell you something, to me, the Gilet Jaune movement is put on 'stand by'... for now! yep, I'm gonna stop this, coz useless, so far, I did my best, much more than expected, without counting ze latest bullshit comments I read comin' from those ones hidden behind a screen, as usual, and talking of nothing meaningful... except where it is about to disparage everyone all the way,
No thanks! and no matter whether they would come and face me front door, I am ready to get them.. Period!
ya people make me smile, 'coz as a matter of fact, you're standing strong at roundabouts, while me and many others are going out in the streets for demonstrating in Paris, in big cities, with the risk to get shot with LBDs, with all other form of violence, over there! so far, I managed to Block various roundabouts, from early period in Brittany (Dept 22), since I began on last October 2018 to be precise, ok! now, I am aware my contribution is welcome and supported, however, I can't stand anymore the frustrated ones!! Now, Fuck the YV movement! 'am not interested in it anymore, enough is enough!
to me, Revolution only makes sense and is of interest from now, got it?
so let me tell ya that the day frenchies will go out in the streets with more balls, in order to block and to control somehow the country, I will be back! For now, sounds completely useless to waste my time with all kind of inept videos footage, and the same with some kinda medical 'expertise' related to my health condition, since I got shot direct right in the stomach with LBD flashball gun, but let me tell ya all that I don't give a damn to all this! Now think twice! each passing weekend, you go out in the street, you look at people there, make videos of your fellow-citizens while they are beaten up and getting shot with police forces! what's this?? not to mention that the more, time passes by, the more it is getting dangerous to deal with police forces; they are clearly in the pay of Govt! the only way to achieve our goals is to BLOCK the country in any means! and I can hear you: 'hell no!'
while you're thinking of me, while you dare expect from me to face and to bear alone in the first place, all the organisation!
oh!! (ALLÔ !!:))
To me, Revolution only is of interest from now! c'mon! take a look at the list of all injured, serious injured people in the recent months of protests! Oh! open your eyes!
Even though police forces want to pick the fight? that's okay, let's fight back all together!! and that's it!! got it??
'coz I and we ain't gonna take it anymore! and we have the legitimate right to go on protest!!!
and I have had more than enough to tell, to post videos, where I am always arguing the same point of view! hey look! summer time is here, welcome summer holidays, high time to Focus on blocking anything that can have a serious impact on economy!
like major roadways including two- and four-lane highways, tollbooth motorways...
We have this country to be brought to a STOP! have you the balls or not, is the question!! so, here we go??
and I can hear you; 'uhh i am afraid of being thrown in jail! ' oh yeaah, I see... do you really think they are able to throw 30000 persons in jail, all at once? Y’all stupid idiot! but ain't no jail cells enough to throw us all in, think twice!
Now listen to me, the day ya will have more balls, I will be there!! the meantime, I can't hear you anymore, got it??
without any significant blocking of major harbors, highways, logistics centers, that means nothing was done!!
we must cause them to lose a lot of money! if not, it is worth nothing, period!
I have been the initiator of yellow vest movement in Brittany, (certainly not ze 'fly R...' ) I was proud to contribute all my best, it has been hard times but necessary! now I am feeling sick and tired, seriously disgusted! 'coz sounds like all efforts are worth nothing! (on the loop): have you the balls or not? is the right question of the day!!
are you ready? so come on! and show you have the balls! ! got it?
bye bye! enjoy your evening! "

He has the Balls!!!!

"Drawn from years of self denying, Lost in chaos before the storm, Our strength goes on prepared for mortal battle, We can settle our old scores"
- sure? in France? despite million sheeple people lying on their sofa and sipping some kinda soda or booze? despite cowards, traitors of any kind from the bottom up and the top down? Look at cover picture! just another scene we have to endure for months now, and that makes us feel like vomiting.
"Look to the skies and challenge all of heaven, Resist the devil, dare to dream, By grace of god within our hearts eternal, For our salvation is for everyone"
- Salvation? are they just aware it is high time for Salvation? I doubt it !
"We're standing as one, We're carrying on, Rising from ruins, We're bringing the light, Out from the night, Rising from ruins, We'll face our foes so they can hear our voices, The land rejoices in empathy, This trial by fire will build from their attrition, It's ammunition for our enemies, We're standing as one, We're carrying on, Rising from ruins, We're bringing the light, Out from the night, Rising from ruins, Send in the valiant, fight for what you believe, Then we shall overcome, lay victory at our feet, We're standing as one, We're carrying on, Rising from ruins, We bring the light, Out from the night, Rising from ruins
- May the day come soon, May you be Right!...
Long Live Rob and the Band :P

GLOBALISTS GREED!! "...But time ain't on your side, You're going to the wall" (NOT my video/cover but grabbed it on the web).
Tune says it all. RIP Lem!

Hurray!! Here they are... not only MSM + FR TV Group spread constant Fake News... but to note that those in power, and various so-called political opponents with their own medias managed to 'infiltrate' the Yellow Vest Movement for too long now. Like many other citizens, I got cheated by some YV 'spokespeople' for a few weeks... Sure, many frenchies are aware that ze main so-called 'leaders' are about crap. unsubstantial, useless... they enjoy 'chat' on their social medias ... but seven months later, nothing was accomplished from those cunts in the pay of "??" working behind the scene, nothing serious was accomplished, except more social dramas, more Injustice, dead and injured, serious injured, disabled for life people... And it goes on and on ... now, they are about to drive more and more medias online; in the name of profit, of their own-self interests, as always in France.
- they won't inform french people about 'deep state' & related rules, demonstrated in the video attached, they won't take any actions that make sense! they can't get anything going 'coz they are 'puppets'.
- but they encourage to disparage and pick apart ideas and values professed by the Real Gilets Jaunes in action; those who are going out in the streets, and from sites that have been declared 'inimical'...
while Gilets Jaunes and all angry citizens should stand united and work with the aim of making a significant contribution to the country, that can maintain a balance.
Otherwise, there are many Yellow Vests getting things done! yep! they set the throttle at full thrust! they are known as the 'Gilets Jaunes Constituants' and work with other YV groups I don't know about.
However, sounds like we are heading for a fall, with full knowledge of the facts.
Because traitors, cowards, cunts, infiltrated ones are STILL many in the country.
since, they worship 'dive and rule' creed, in any matters. But hey! Pssst! : 'but, shh, we must not tell! shh!!' got it? ;-)
"Allez! Bienvenue en France... " now a shithole of Europe.

hallo, how to tell? ... I didn't know of this French Army veteran, politician and author, namely, Roger H o l e i n d r e. He served in the First Indochina War and the Algerian War. He was a member of the National Assembly from 1986 to 1988. Overview:) of his short Speech including 'come and stop me if I am wrong' mentioned several times.
" the way ethics is, the sick and rotten emerging of their so-called 'morality' while they perfectly knew doing wrong and unfair, as sets adrift, here is the period where one pushes to prostitution, little children, little girls aged of 3, 4, 5 or 6 years old only! did you know that a little girl was dead of overdose, in a bistro located in Belgium, whose mother ; a 'tute tutes', having placed her daughter under the responsibility of bar owner, but the bar owner forced the little girl to join clients up to a bedroom! since the young girl was screaming out loud, so, he forced her to be on drugs daily..., let me tell ya, that in case we would have been in power, we would get to this place straight away, and would have hung bar owner and his clients high! at the front door, that is the only way to stop them, if we all want to save our Homeland and western civilization from those (sexual predators), from the wave of pile of shit and horror which is comin' our way ... knowing that anywhere such evil things may happen; be sure, our 'world' is bound to fail, sooner or later! what to say, but that all this makes me feel sick, just imagine when you are aware that, namely 'jacques langus'; the one who was claiming to stand as a candidate for presidential elections, while seriously compromised in murky affairs related to special housings named 'coral' where paedophilia was stated, involving little children forced to prostitution with various guys like this jacques langus, knowing that a young boy was found dead, sodomized, murdered, his head into a bucket full of shit. so, let me be clear; I agree to join an army devoted to protect Europe, I agree for everything one might say, I also support the idea I'd be the first one even while aged of 70', to stand right in front, showing example until I fell down, but let me be clear! I don't give a damn to 'your' Europe, don't count me in! as long as my country is rotten to the core! I only wish to save my country first, this is my Motherland! I demand and want to see all the jacques langus and similar from here and from anywhere else, hung, drawn and quartered! They were also accountable to people! Let us not forget, we (Elected of any political wings) are responsible for ethics and right conduct in any matters, then, we have to engage prosecutions against those persons, because they must pay for their crimes!! "
He is totally RIGHT !!
So, we need HELP, HELP!! coz those evil minds are still FREE to move and to criminal offence! and again, for reminder, those who know MUST tell! (bordel !!). All this makes me, makes us feel like vomiting... the 'things' in FR, even worldwide remain FREE of criminal indictment! how was it possible?
Last, In the recent years, an higher number of MISSING CHILDREN and PRETEENS was reported in France.
Question: where are they?? No one tells. No medias reports!

oh well, no doubt! we're living in a Police State, Just take a look at hundreds, thousands Video footages recorded by people, as simple witnesses out in the streets, or from balconies, Gilets Jaunes demonstrators, French and International Reporters, ... but, once more! it was without counting, we are now living in a POLICE STATE, where some observers, journalists, political opponents do not seem allowed and would NOT have the right to INFORM french people! ...
Note: beyond the 'rap' soundtrack I'm not fan with! (not really my cup of tea! :P) however, everything I heard from the video sounds pretty accurate, except that it was not necessary to mention "insha'Allah' ! coz we have had more than enough to hear of 'religious obedience' ! Anyone should live their Religion in the PRIVATE sphere or/and in the temple devoted to! (merde!!)
(oh Darn! Yeaah! 'course! I just got it! :P, we can see also images related to those who rule our world! oops! , to I R A N country! oops! to other 'disturbing scenes? ' OOPS!!! oh yes, I see... they hate to hear the truth but the truth does hurt indeed!)
But we; a growing number of angry citizens and REAL yellow vests protesters will fight back ... for all that is REAL!
'coz we just can't take it anymore! ALLÔ! ALLÔ! Let us watch & listen to Video clip... that says it all!
High time to Keep our Head up gals and fellas from everywhere! and, and Please Share widely! ;-)

"Over the Eye these words 'Annuit Cœptis' " ... How long? The French movie “Occult Forces”, or “Forces occultes” in original is one of the most controversial movies of all times. Few movies, and few directors are bold enough to tell a truth about a secret society that many believe rules the world. Nowadays, the words Illuminati, Freemasonry, New World Order are associated with the most powerful people in the world, and many famous people and celebrities are part of it.
Now what?? but anyone talking about this, was and still remains considered as conspiracy theorist! while those ones ; Freemasons form the foundation of a real conspiracy... against Humanity survival! widely demonstrated, documented for centuries now.
they self-proclaimed the World belongs to them, they do what they want, they are given total freedom to make the Rules and act themselves completely free and unrestricted...for too long.
Extract of the film (1943) is about ; Grand Master of the Lodge of France revealing to MP named Mr Avel , newly initiated into Freemasonry, Masonic secrets... (FR + English subtitled)

ACT 32 - ACTXXXII - at Senlis Toll Gates.
Yellow Vests said: "Beat it! get out of here! " so, ze sub-prefect, surrounded by policemen, was forced by the Yellow Vests to leave the Senlis (Paris region) Toll Gate.
Mmmm, very much appreciated, we are so pleased to watch this. Bravo Yellow Vests & ALL angry Citizens of France.
COURAGE FORCE et HONNEUR - ON NE LÂCHE RIEN ! coz we do not have any other choice.

French Farmer is living not so far from Besançon (Department of Doubs, France) overview:
" tonight, I am feeling angry! ... These pigs are raised to roam freely, and GMO-free cereals, BUT I often heard people from my area telling, they can find and purchase pork of the same 'quality' in the supermarkets around! but sorry to tell you back that all hypermarkets around, near Besançon do not purchase high quality pork! One proof of this is that they did not purchase from us farmers, So where do they buy porks? eh? from industrial pig farms (SICA)! where (poor) pigs were fed with antibiotics, GMO, and you are eating this! and sounds like you happy with!? while we opened a store and are selling products (pork, sheep cheese & milk) direct from farm...
we did our best, but ya consumers do not come and buy from us, Sounds like you enjoy eating shit indus products, so we have to end our animal breeding activity, not to mention that I'm feeling very disgusted, because I often read on the web that traditional farmers selling organic products direct from the farm are obviously better, and might improve consumer confidence, as ze New 'Consumers Actors' Deal ! but NOPE! zero! nada!! you run your hypermarkets for buying industrial food! it is not because it was stamped 'made in region' that pork are of good quality there! (me: Allô!!) Think twice! Last, talking only about the development and protection of traditional foodstuffs produced by small undertakings, which are high-quality products is not enough!
ya better Come and visit us in our Farm, become an active consumer (me: bordel !! :P), do not spend your money on bad foodstuffs... "
HELP our traditional Farmers development... enough is enough! bordel!! :P - you can't imagine how terrible, how INSANE are industrial pig farms across France, in Brittany as well !!

French MSM Medias are 'something' particular ... Take a look at those "Editocrats" in the pay of all consecutive Governments. Let us not forget there are many Editocrats worried about their financial future, if there was a serious change in ze 'French Establishment'. Those Buffoons are so, so self-confident...Such a sad chapter in the "journalistic" information narrative, when we look at the incredible and self-righteous hypocrisy of those Fake reporters constantly disparaging a wide representation of individuals, of french citizens going out in the streets for their Rights.
VIDEO clip: listen closely to his Speech. Overview : "don't you think like me that Yellow Vest Movement is just a Scam? aren't they violent? what is this about? what do they want? aren't they related to radical parties? they have social medias groups, where they dare show and tell what I do qualify as 'fake news' , hey! they dare argue that we journalists do despise them, uhh, eh? can you hear that? uhh, but personally, as for myself, regarding me (:P), uhh, I do not feel concerned about that! hey... oh! uhhh! what? eh?" ...
oh BTW ! this so-called 'journalist' mentioned in another TV broadcast, that he: "regretted there were no stadiums like under the Pinochet regime, where to coop up 'arrested' yellow vests"... oh BTW ;-) this one is the most highly paid 'journalist' of his time!
read and watch more also from

Excerpts from Installer commenting about 5G, that does echo: "15 thousand times stronger than what we are pushing right now." and "America doesn't care, they want faster phones...humm, ...can eventually be too late" and "so the question of the day is; what do you think about 5G ? ... I am frightened and saddened, because I'm going do install this, I am gonna install it everywhere, and ya are all gonna feel the effects of what I've done to ya... " Thank you Monsieur for your video clip.
Ehmm, no one worldwide is gonna fight back 5G? "stalemate, too late, too late"?

New video and message from French lawyer; Sophia Albert Salmeron. related to formal complaint to the ICC on June 11, 2019. in La Hague Netherlands. Speech Overview :)
" hello, in order to carry more weight in the eyes of ICC prosecutor, and a strong asset, in order to make sure, we make our voice heard, we thought it would be a wise move to involve us all, following the formal complaint to the ICC on June 11, 2019. in La Hague Netherlands, where we made a complaint against president of the republic, and his interior minister (EM+CC).
The idea is to gather all Reports, individual complaints, also legally designated 'communication' recorded in the file to the ICC prosecutor service, I wrote a valid document; a form you have to download, complete, fill with accurate informations (valid attestations, production of a medical certificate,, pictures) which are related to all the injured, mutilated people, arbitrarily detention, illegitimate persecution, unjustified police brutality supported by individual testimonies and photographic /video evidences , then to post via email, Please do send directly completed form to email mentioned on video. (otp. You must first Login into your FB account, and then get to
Let it be said, One has to be courageous to face adversity, and to note, it is very important to go hectic flood to prosecutor services with files, in order to make sure, they won't ignore the real severity of injuries and of citizens safety damage. That way, they won't be able to improperly 'close' current complaint we previously made, because will be corroborated by your hundreds, even thousands similar complaints attached to the file. Let's we raise our voices and condemn president and his govt. Thank you "
NOTE: if you are FOREIGN VISITORS and also directly or indirectly victims of Police Violence during a trip to France in the last seven months, please do Contact via justice2.0 FB page mentioned above. SHARE widely please.

From June 22, 2019, GET UP AND MOVE FRENCH PEOPLE! Democracy and the Future of France are at stake!! Got it??
Video clip by 'Maurice P' artist. He wrote, composed and performed his song:
Lyrics tell: "A few flowers for Remembrance, Some light in the form of hope All in White, all in white to remind... area of Freedom, lethal solution, Nothing of transcending (3), Individuals and Peoples, (but) injure them, then, danger.
Do not to be distracted by, No, better not to be overly distracted by ... learn that nothing is black and white , Oppression raises the insurgency, All tears remain in history, Tears never weigh in the balance of money, Beyond a threshold, incompetence is vanishing, Our memories turn into oblivion,
rifles pointed at, modified targets, A few flowers for Remembrance,
rifles pointed at, modified targets, some light in the form of hope
A few flowers for Remembrance, some light in the form of hope (on the loop)
(video clip Author's message: condemn without reservation violence from whatever quarter)

French MSM Medias always received state subsidies, and more favors, they are just in the pay of governments for decades now.
Regarding what we call "Editocrats" they are selected as a result of a particular 'training process'. In the video, you will hear repeated LIES, outrageous claims. Ze oddballs in presence dare claim: 'everything is all right' , these ones do NOT even recognize POLICE BRUTALITY in France, even back in March 2019. here again, we have been wondering what the heck!! wondering if these ones are on drugs? Unfortunately, those self-proclaimed 'kings' of informations are many in France. Fortunately, a growing number of citizens do NOT watch this crap anymore, and to note that ze so-called 'journalists' worried about their financial future, if there was a serious change in ze 'French Establishment'. Those 'things' constantly disparage a wide representation of individuals, of French citizens going out in the streets for their Rights. "Editocrats" are even more harsh, disparaging and insensitive in their approach to raising the desperate situation of fellow-citizens, they do not admit, nor are respectful of the suffering people of France. Please have a look at their face, at their facial expression, and listen closely to their 'speech' which is a load of trash! so yes, that is enough to make us feel like vomiting and sick enough to vomit! June 18, 2019, seven months later to the day following the first demonstration in Paris. (Nov 17, 2018 - June 17, 2019).The situation is critical. Let's face it! if the million sheeple of france currently lying and sipping sodas on their sofas don't move a leg very soon... there is gonna be some... serious issue for us all!
REALITY - EVIDENCES - PROVEN FACTS from: and from and Now:

Hallo everyone, Froggies Frogs Worldwide! :P
May the day come when we will hum all together: 'Love Is All'
oh BTW ! is there a Love's Day celebration? how strange there is not, isn't it? someone?
it must be said that a Life without Love is bound to fail.... eh?
we probably better sing, hum a cheery melody like 'love is all' everywhere worldwide.. eh?
That way, perhaps, we could get us all to move forward a change in our life, and could maybe be given a push in the right direction, if need be.
Today, I'm gonna hum 'Love is All' on the loop ... cuz It definitely makes me feel better!
Allô Universe, hey, would you please Echo the airs? ;-P
yeaah, maybe, perhaps, perchance, as it may be, mayhap, possibly... :P
oh well! someday ... eh? ;-)

Here is another recurrent scene, where Gilets Jaunes, civilians have to endure while demonstrating, for 31th weekend in a row now, across France!
so according to police forces, and to Anti-Criminal Brigade (BAC) officers who are illegally tasked to assist Police forces and riot police.
CRS and BAC officers in particular slur people going out in the streets, no matter if your are GJ or not, listen closely to repeated insults, verbal abuse to people: ' hey ya slumdog, move, get out the way!', or 'hey you, single mother, c'mon move! beat it', while recording his video, reporter firmly asked police officer(s) badge identification, but never got any answer that makes sense, except as follows: 'you shit-eater...get out of here right away' ...
NOTE: Police forces use ILLEGAL GLIF4 grenades, LBD40 “flashball” bullet launcher! Foreign reporters, Human Rights League observers, observed the heavy-handed tactics of the police, including police officers, members of the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC), and members of “security and intervention companies" .The statement ends with this chilling indictment: The injury of so many french legitimate protesters recalls that police services, in the context of law enforcement operations, are disproportionately and indiscriminately using weapons of war in their possession. They cause serious injuries, regardless of the victim’s behaviour, including when the victim is not responsible for any incident.
UN Human Rights Commissioner, and members of the French medical fraternity have unequivocally cautioned against the use of the LBD40 in crowd-control situations. 'While it is classified as a “sub-lethal” weapon, when used in violation of police regulations, at close range and in unstable crowd environments, it is lethal and capable of terrible damage to a human body; particularly the face, which appears to be a favorite target of the national police in France'. she said
We ALL call for a ban on LBDs and GLIF4s. It also demands that the BAC police officers are no longer involved in demonstrations and asks for a moratorium on the presence of private security and intervention companies at the GJ marches. Hundreds photos have been circulating on social medias; and show what appear to be civilians carrying French national police weapons and working alongside official police factions during a GJ march.
On June 2019, Police forces still use ILLEGAL GLIF4 grenades, LBD40 “flashball” bullet launcher. and let it be said! Not all police forces are Good, and Not all Police forces are Bad! coz and anyway; 'the good, the bad, the ugly' still remaining worldwide!! isn't it?

On June 22, 2019, a wide part of french population appeal to a General mobilization in France, to a General strike! (not my video! but quite representative of situation).
People of France better JOIN, SUPPORT their fellow-citizens, called Yellow Vests, Angry Citizens. We are part of your family, neighbors, colleagues, friends, we are comin' from social, economic, cultural, philosophical, from diversity backgrounds.
We are all people of France, now let's face it! our country faces Danger, whatever you think !!! just look around you! Learn, gather with people (working and middle class), read some 'newspapers' where they do respect? even a little; the International Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists (1971).
Yellow vests gathered for the 31th week in a row!, it has never been seen before in France, even back in 1968. Sure, a growing majority of french people is Aware of the need to save our country:
- from an ongoing social and economic crisis that is REAL, and
- from getting more divided because that's the way it is in France ; "Divide and Rule" is the motto for all Govts, companies! and last from a sustainable decline that is gonna be Real if there is no significant Change asap.
Govt in power does despise and reject a big portion of the population, and that is Real !, those in power ( not only macmoron but for decades now) drive us, slowly to reject or even despise our own cultural identity. It is now obvious that Govt is stealing people's money; Overtaxing them, over and over again, they are selling our public goods, they are lying and passing non-sense Acts each passing week, they do control mass medias, they are planning 'terrible' schemes and say anything possible to stay in power, and that is REALITY.
last, those who know must tell, at all costs.
We demand Justice, we require a Real Democracy ; which is meant to address : "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité".
Note: Yellow Vests located in Europe are very Welcome to join and support french people! :) Thank you for your Support!!

Overview :) this 'guy'; another 'thing' claims: "I am feeling like a horrible elitist, I think that the complex world of tomorrow can only be managed by intellectuals, that does not mean I am in favor of suppressing the right to vote, and that I am in favor of the 'poll tax', but I do not think for a second, that the world of tomorrow will be easy living and managed by populist groups that met on social medias, Now, only you, as scientists and intellectuals of tomorrow will be in charge of the task to manage in a very fragile and complicated world on a political level. Cognitive capitalism means that sly (probably meaning malicious, vile) people have more power and income than the less astute ones, but YOU (ze 'smart') attending today in the lecture hall, will be experiencing a golden age. We must work to have an inclusive society and prevent a huge gap! that (Yuval Noah) Harari called the 'Gods' and its opposite the 'useless' . The gods who control, manage the New tech, trans-humanists, but the 'worthless', so ; the yellow vests which this is the first manifestation causes an unbearable intellectual gap! we are experiencing, between WINNERS ; the gods and LOSERS; the worthless, as developed by harari. Alas the yellow vest crisis is here to stay... about 100 years old!
in short, AI tech is destroying and even more in the next future, the working and middle social classes including the Gilets Jaunes.
AI Tech will will get more and more expensive, while the 'worthless' and other 'substitutable' ones will get less and less 'valuable' on the labour market, while YOU (ze 'smart') will benefit a lot and improve more incomes because YOU (ze 'smart' :P) are complementary to AI Tech!
Lets face it; Technological impact can't be easily assimilated properly by the substitutable people, and to note that there is obviously a difference between YOU ; ze 'golden eggs' and ze others.
Referring to harari studies, today's reality is being a political nightmare to us, since the YV in action! right now, and we must prevent them to grow and to 'spread their word'!!
Now, some scientists, intellectual, 'Transhumanist enthusiasts' believe and are considering the use of related AI Tech to improve their brains, in fact, to turn them in some kinda ENS - Elites 'normaliens'. Other intellectuals think of a 'positive eugenics' policy, as soon as technology available, in a timely manner. Today, priority is not to become immortal beings but to stop the proliferation of ze Gilets jaunes! " oh well! should we say 'glory to you' ? evil mind you are!
Personal NOTE: but to achieve this, they need to end life of a significant part of the population worldwide; so lets face it: 'hello, welcome viruses of any kind, hello eb ola' ... that ze self-proclaimed kings and new 'gods' have probably and deliberately created yet, with the goal to destroy significant part of the population for their benefit and survival, while stocking suitable antidotes to preserve their own 'new race' and health safety.
BUT those 'things' named 'elites' or hEllites :P are totally out of touch with reality!!
Indeed, Gilets jaunes are awaken, aware that the spectrum of ideal-types of democracies goes from an 'elitist demoncracy', as elites are selected to represent and make decisions on behalf of the citizenry to a Direct Democracy; political power is exercised by citizens without representatives acting of their behalf! but for reminder, as far as we all know, hellites do not want 'direct democracy' to happen anywhere in Europe, even worldwide.
Last :) quotes: “In the twenty-first century fiction might thereby become the most potent force on earth, surpassing even wayward asteroids and natural selection.” AND "Ruthless billionaires and small interest groups flourish in today’s chaotic world not because they read the map better than anyone else, but because they have very narrow aims.” written by Harari, (Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow).


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We are french Gilets Jaunes... Movement is about a "collective awareness" and 'still growing. We are French Citizens and do claim the Right to live with dignity in a rich country, we come all together, located everywhere across France, 'coming from various social & economic backgrounds, many others will join...'coz we are simply left with no other choice.
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