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>> 'Castagnier' on Sunday told France 3 tv channel, that too many demonstrators had been "seriously injured." oh!! REALLY!!!
quote: "This is the reason I think we have to remove the GLI-F4,’ said Mr Castagnier, who said this would happen "immediately".
REALITY is that there are just NO MORE IN STOCK!! no more stocks!!
note: more than 10,000 grenades used on fellow citizens in 1 year and 3 months!
this grenade GLI-F4 (nearing depletion) wasn't produced anymore since 2014!! and now replaced with GM2L grenades, without mention that GM2L are also considered as WAR WEAPONS!! moreover, these ones might shatter your eardrums! also composed of 48g of hexocire, powerful explosive!
RDX, is an explosive 1.6 times more powerful than the TNT contained in the GLI-F4.
In January 2018, the manufacturer ALSETEX announced the replacement of GLI-F4 grenades (defective) by GM2L grenades (already in the FDO in France) "with identical performances".
GM2L has a double effect: tear-gas (10 g of powdered CS) and deafening (with 165 decibels "breaking and brittle" which, at 5 meters distance, would surpass the noise of a plane taking off and would exceed the threshold of sound pain)...

"Do you hear the people 'Sing' "? lol ... sure?? would rather say; sounds like 'arpeggios From Hell' eh?... ;-P
#france #repression #PoliceBrutality
(edited vid sequences dating of late 2018 and early 2019!!! uhh, but today? today is JANUARY 22, 2020! Allô people! ALLÔ!! someone??) and regarding FRENCH POLICE BRUTALITY, let's face it! the toll stands now at some THOUSANDS injuries throughout 2019 and till January 2020.
(yeaah frogs! absolutely :P ... Mmmm, let us sing along: 'ahou, ahou, ahou' ... Rofl ... just no more!! >>> :middle finger:

Edited video (late 80's, early 90's related period) tells a lot about atrocities perpetrated against Children; against poor victims in Cambodia. #france #paedophilia #epstein #crimeAgainstHumanity #children
we're talking here about serious french paedocriminality!, committed with total impunity, since the 'things' from Babylonia got power. Many children are MISSING in France and abroad, and guess the reason why the self-proclaimed 'king' did away with the death penalty!
yeah, you got it!!
>and to note that nowadays, a very alarming increase of children are missing,not only in France but worldwide!
Once more, the mega french sheeple did and do not see, feel, >the dark years yet to come...
even nowadays, far many do consider those 'things' in power, were 'nice' , while comparing them to macaroon, whilst it was and is mit'rand's goal and achievement, in definitive!!
and yep!! there are so many frenchies still looking for more 'bread and circuses'!! so, GFY sheeple!!!
Please have a look at those videos:
But many in France, Europe, worldwide will not allow paedo-criminals to feel true peace! we will not allow y'all to feel true peace. Watch your step 'smf'! many are comin' your way... in due time!!

Extract from video: "I resign because I have to do unethical things. I am resigning because in the past our task was to care for the sick, today we are asked to produce hospitalizations, an increasing number of hospitalizations in order to make money for the hospital. My diabetes patients have serious complications, some risk amputation but their stays are too long, they do not generate profit and therefore become a burden. I can not stand it anymore ". Professor Agnès Hartemann, head of diabetes at the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital in Paris

#france #injured #justice #yellowvests
Overview of interview, focusing on Injured people who gathered on late dec 2019, to speak about their experience, for sharing their insights and suggestions, for sharing a particular and harsh story. since the day, when they unfortunately went through the mega police brutality, they saw their lives wrecked !! while they are not dangerous, not rebel, not rioters, not looters, not bastards coming from Paris no-go zones suburbs... they are simple citizens who went through >> police forces brutality.
message is simple!
Today, another March of the mutilated took place in Montpellier,
UP-TO-DATE infos. Jan 17, 2020. Now, there is a serious question! French lawyer, namely Sophia Albert-Salmeron with a french citizen made a complaint against president of the republic, and his interior minister, they recorded a formal complaint to the ICC on June 11, 2019 in The Hague - Netherlands.
French lawyer also direct referred to the State Council for a ruling on the Ban of the use of LBD launchers, The GL-4 Grenade and tear gas Launchers, as a legitimate request to implement the precautionary principle state.
>she just got reply as follows: 'The applicant must provide proof of 'sufficient' Victim numbers, related to peaceful protesters, as a result of an inappropriate use of launchers she referred to.' boom!!
so, in the next 2 or 3 months, the "request"-principle might be rejected, in the absence of reasonable evidence;
> accurate informations (valid attestations, production of a medical certificate, pictures) which are related to all the injured, mutilated people, unjustified police brutality supported by individual testimonies and photo /video evidences.
ALLÔ!!! this is her latest reminder!! she needs accurate informations from ALL injured, serious injured, maimed, disabled for life people and VICTIMS of police state!!

Edited video including four vid showing bestiality, huge POLICE BRUTALITY in France!! including also pictures with mentions, showing up just a few so-called YV 'spokespeople'. There are so many, since last nov 2018. Their goal?? >AUDIENCE on all their social medias accounts, worried about their MEDIA IMAGE, making money, 'talking' about all events that unfortunately make headlines! for one year ago now. Have they achieved anything so far?? nah!
Video that makes sense starting at 4:49 - where a resistant fighter, a valiant man is looking for french, (European??) valiant men; from 200 to 300 solid guys, even more up to 500/800.
his name is Marc, he is the ONLY ONE I heard of! who has the balls to engage in fighting back!! Already, back in late 2018, he already did a lot for the YV Movement. he was beaten up and he did fight back.
To us, here is the kind of valiant men we need in France!! NOW!!!
His idea is to impose large security cordon between riot police and peaceful demonstrators, in big cities! since police brutality is seriously increasing in the recent days! they are beating up anyone in the crowd, including violent beatings with sticks directly to the head, and pushing with violence old people, youngsters, women on their way.
early week, one policeman continued to throw punches, up to 13!! 13 consecutive punches to a peaceful male nurse, lying on the ground...
the idea here is to instantly Fight back against line of police forces, in case of an eventual but recurrent violent backlash from them!
Humm, would the 'celebrities' (on pictures) join Marc in the security cordon?? we doubt it!!!
here in France, it is getting worse day after day.
and the SHEEPLE is still sleepin' !!???

VIDEO Source: Australia - The Perfect Firestorm - Created By Design
here in France, we cannot find the words to express anything appropriate to how we feel.
but sure > we must K I L L all those *SMF* !!!!
More updated infos, Smoke from Australia's wildfires is now over South America.

and All french so-called Political Opponents are standing behind him !!!!! #france #decline #actions
All ze Politicians made in france will NEVER give up on their privileges, allowances, payoffs, benefits of any kind.
PEOPLE OF FRANCE... uhh, I meant; a portion of French people (hard working middle class) is LEFT ALONE!
Top head trade unions representatives will BETRAY asap, and as always in France, the base unionized people...
we are simply left with no other choice than fighting back!! ALL TOGETHER!
we are now in a crucial year! Réveillez-vous!!
shut down of ALL oil refineries...shut down of ALL oil refineries ... shut down of ALL oil refineries makes great a first step. That way, ze SHEEPLE of France would probably wake up.

overview - the old foolish females: "there must not be discrimination of any kind, and that's it!" ... but at the same time, saying that "native-born French people are disgusting! "
interviewer: 'does it sound logical for french people to rule their own country, region, locality?'
"Africa for Africans!" 00:38 - 1:03 "about to stop interference, colonization, about the way for them to get back their own sovereignty, I do not know."
"France for French!" 1:12 - 1:22 old foolish females: "ohlala, makes me think of 'national rally'! I break out in hives. just unbearable!" 1:23 ~ "makes me think of national front, then..." 1:40 ~
'retarded' guy: "I don't like hearing of 'France for french', of 'Africa for africans', sounds dirty, coz, not the same historical background, it is colonialist mindset. 2:08 - mindless idiot, brainwashed, females saying: "sounds fascist when hearing of France for french...mostly said by native-born French people, reported by MSM, sounds they want to stop immigration, that is racist" 2:35 "well, france for french, uhh, why not, but knowing that we must let africans get back sovereignty of their homeland, france for french?? no thanks!.
2:51- about France for french, Europe for europeans: "well, to me, it is about nationalism, back to early 1930s, where period was more than nauseating, france or europe is just about a territory, where many changes over times, including immigration stopping by, coming by..." 3:38 - (the brainwashed ones about the native-born French people) "well, it does not mean anything, all depends on the long time period of ancient generations and ancestors related."
3:54 - "to me, that does not mean anything, main criteria is related to the "right of birthplace" (jus soli), we can not consider some people born in france as french when it suits us, and not french when it suits us, another day. We bring them here, for 'building' work in a certain period, someone born in france, even born in the recent days is french, just like me! " 4:41 - interviewer: "okay, imagine native-born French people sent to Congo, can we say they are Congolese?? " the guy; "uhh, no... but if my parents were settling in Congo, and if i were born there, i would be a Congolese in my view."
4:53 - interviewer: "now imagine you have a friend who owns a castle, she invites you and others to come in, do you consider guests are legitimate to 'own' castle they are in?". girls: "well, they are guests, sure, they can not pretend redecorating the way they want... uhh, sorry, France is not like a private castle! yes, france has its own, if they are working for you all day and night along, for a while now, they are legitimate to redecorate something" 6:08 - the guy: "to me, the "right of birthplace" is universal...we are in france, all born here, have the same rights..."
6:45 - the old foolish females: "well, I am spanish origin, (the other one) well, I do not care; by the way, Arabians came in my region, a long time ago, i am probably mixed origin, look at my nose, I have been living in jew neighborhood, many inhabitants there usually told me ( 7:26) 'you are one of us!' and again about the native-born French people, that does not mean anything."
interviewer - 7:55 " are there native-born african people, congolese people, etc,? " the old foolish: "we do not know... but anyway, there are ethnic groups over there..." 8:22- interviewer: "what if I claim I am a senegalese, as well? " guy: "well, why not?" interviewer: "now imagine, I come into your house and do everything I want, even beating up your family? what's next?"- guy: "uhh, well, (9:13) uh, if you come for messing around, that means you do not show me respect... if you wanna stay in my home, you have to respect the rules, my rules...if you do not, i will take you out of my home, no private territories, world belongs to everyone, but true, if you wanna settle in a country, you would be respectful of customs and rules."
interviewer: "are there native-born French people?" guy: "yes, where about a continuing succession of individuals from generation to generation, so those who are established and accomplished a lot for french country, over times.... they are legitimate to rule their own country, somehow. I am part of the first generation who was born in France, I get that I can play a role in France, while paying attention to french customs and rules though... now, those who came but who do not engage, do not achieve anything are not really" 15:32 "yeaah, sounds logical country is native-born French people, in some ways"
16:15 female:" I am algerian, viva algeria, if france did not loot all our resources! we won't be settling here in france! and yes, Algeria for Algerians, France for french people, but they did colonize our country for 132 years along, now I am doing the same". How might french people affect, impact algeria, africa? how many french people are living and settling over there??

firstly, that may sound like a contradiction , but I dislike Lem! 'coz of his multiple 'overconsumption' over decades ...
where many, various bastards did take full advantage of his 'addictionS'...
and I love Ian Fraser 'Lemmy' Kilmister! his Voice, Talented Bassist and primary Songwriter, his Unique Strong Presence, his Pure Heart and Soul, that the bastards never got to steal him away.
Lemmy is Motörhead, and Motörhead is Lemmy...Forever.
"The one thing you will never lose, Is the singing in your head, That will still be with you until the end"
yeaah! Till the End!
RIP Brother.
soundtrack: Lemmy's Song (A Tribute To the One and Only) - Music by: Magnus Engdahl

Yvan Le Bolloc'h was interviewed on evil French MSM. Please take a close look at the way, various attendees look at him, or look at their other 'allies' in TV studio.
you will notice the main interviewer, namely 'The Devil Wears Red' and the politician 'things', the way they dare respond to Yvan Le Bolloc'h; 'he is acting!' >1:44
later, 'are we about to play caricature...' >2:48
yes, this is France! this FRENCH COUNTRY!! even one long year after the 1st YV demonstration...
there is No way! there is no way to STOP ze 'things' placed in power... so far.

DANGER! our Children are in Danger! #epstein #paedophilia #Pedophiles (sorry for audio offset! ... end text >"and 80% placed are raped in france"! )
Especially children placed against parent's will! > abduction of children by civil servants, who deliver children to paedo criminals, children are raped either in group home, or in foster care. That is happening for REAL in France, for decades now... they abducted and raped little children, preteens, teenagers with a Total impunity.
in conclusion, 500.000 children abducted, children placed in group home, in foster care, which 80 percent were born in christian families, and 80 % children placed are raped in france.
There is a serious question! what do you think? take a close look at people on Video, and how Indifference is a great shame in this country! in ze so-called Country of Human Rights!
Find out more (FR language) from rendeznousnosenfants(dot)org
> where Demand sounds Clear and Sound: GIVE US BACK OUR CHILDREN!!
ASE : fr(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Aide_sociale_%C3%A0_l%27enfance#Placement
ASE was formely named DDASS ... so many evil minds there!! as >pediatricians, general practitioners and/or school doctor, juvenile court judges, and > accomplice families, either family mother or father.educationalists, social workers, etc, all working closely with and for > corrupt, paedo criminals including magistrates!!
Learn more about > Pedophiles celebrate International 'boy love day' and Alice; 'girl love day', on December 22, for years now! Please watch over your Children!! By lighting blue (even white candles!!) in their home or in public; with a note explaining the significance!! from
Please pass it on! and Show your Support to Organization.

Pedophiles celebrate International 'boy love day' and Alice; 'girl love day', on December 22, for years now! #epstein #France #Pedophiles . Please watch over your Children!!
By lighting blue (even white candles!!) in their home or in public; with a note explaining the significance!!
Paedo-satanism is also real in FRance, ze hEllites are involved! but they remain Free! FREE for decades now!
the Famous FRENCH Friends of Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein are listed, but just a few of them in our edited video.
There are so many, and many ... so, as an evidence, several french people are pointed out and linked in the following organizational chart. Please take a close look at:
This is about an updated dynamic organizational chart, that identifies the "key individuals" in the organization, the reporting lines, together with a description (Notes) related to involved individuals in main western countries.
Doc was brought by RevoRebellion, now named > RevoFsociety. Revo and her team achieve a Great job for months now, by gathering various kind of data related to Epstein's black book worldwide.
ze 'things' are EVERYWHERE in France!! meaning; > in all the fields! in all layers of the society, political forces, public associations and intellectuals!! and they do consider they have the Right!
MORE from
More from
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Thank you for looking and for Sharing widely.

on Dec 16, 2019, at a debate on pension reform in Roanne (Loire), Yellow Vest said:
" you are representing a quarter of the French people who voted, it has no legitimacy, it is is not a quarter of French citizens, who are the silent majority! you're talking about, you do not have more 'representativeness' than the legitimate 'representativeness' of the convergence of angry citizens!... "
when she; namely MP, suddenly took by force microphone.
> "it is a shame!! attendees claimed!
(she and her fellows found themselves hooted, as a result ;-))
Keep on keepin' on fellows!! this is a Must to do across France!
BRAVO! keep up the Good Job!!

Not all Women are Bad, not all Women are Good! the same with Men! :)
At this difficult time it is, above all, important for the French people, to Unite and Stand together, and help strengthen People's Voice.
Democracy is the people's voice, a voice of dialogue and debate in times of crisis, a common commitment to seek solutions to our nation's problems.

Note: we like you Pat B. Soundtrack is a beautiful tribute paid to women, women's rights. An anthem and rallying cry for women’s rights worldwide. #women #human #rights
(Unfortunately, very disappointed to notice that >'demon-Rats' and other terrible so-called international female VIP grabbed it!!
those ones; with whom, all principle values are totally inverted! just had a look on ze 'related website').

Featuring Yvan Le Bolloc'h and Bruno Gaccio. our edited video :-) we translated their chat. #france #comedians #frenchhumor
They are French, one is French television and radio host and actor, comedian, musical artist, the other is a French comedian - humorist, screenwriter, author and television producer.
Note: here, we don't give a damn to their ideological political orientation! ;-P
the idea is that they are the only ones showing some kinda interest to Yellow vesters & angry citizens, therefore, those ones can take advantage of greater media coverage in France.

Sunrise on the sea... somewhere in Brittany France. ;-P

vid1: ze BAC cops well paid for beating up > anyone going out in the streets. #france #europe #frexit
Let us do NOT forget that those cops are very well paid! and they already did claim while laughing that > they are in a hurry to join protesters on Saturday's demonstration, 'coz they get substantial bonuses!!
vid2: sounds like a cop is ready to S H O O T ! to fire tear gas?
police abuses, all the way!
vid3; Odile is handicapped, in a wheelchair, cops mishandling her, they broke part of her wheelchair...
oh wait!! Up-To-Date infos;
in the recent days, Odile Maurin was sentenced to a suspended sentence of 2 months in prison and a fine of 4800 euros for violence against "police officers". yeaah! So spot the mistake!
vid4: 70-year-old grandfather is forcibly removed from his car by the gendarmerie just because he is wearing his yellow vest, the gendarmes then violently knocked him down, and was handcuffed!
vid5: dedicated to Women of France, to their COURAGE !! > make translation yourself :P french subtitles...
vid6: a particular >"repression" training course! that took place at the 2019 Telethon, in Antibes city.
here is a Stand-animation, a booth > where a police officer is teaching youngsters... how to BEAT UP using a baton.
(as a conclusion):
vid7: A stand of LaREM 'ransacked' in Grenoble during the demonstration of December 7, protesters whistling ze macaroon political members, and chanting: 'get out of here, get out of here...'
vid8: another edited video of mine...
please show your support, pass it on :)

Le Havre city of prime minister of france...please pass it on! youngsters are only 17 and 20 years old and brothers. For reminder, France is NOT the country of human rights! it is all the opposite > our human rights are being violated, over and over again.

Just Another day of protest in France, in Paris, big cities, in rural areas as well ... even if we doubt of the interest of demonstrations...from now. #france #protest #people
Today across France, many and many people are mobilized! including inept and corrupt top heads trade unions...but it seems like many unionized people are getting aware of this sham!
anyway, more and more french people are working hard ... behind the scene. They are coming from the four corners of France, we hope more people to join on a local and country level, to stand Unite.

but a huge number of french people is not in the know!! it must be said, that french colonial practices in Africa need to END! #france #looting #Africa
and to note > that does not prevent the filthy self-proclaimed kings to import african people, namely, african Slaves placed in various regions of France.
More to watch and listen from > and from

Location: FRANCE. Object: Acquisition of multi-shot launchers in 4 or 6 shots, single-shot launchers of 40mm calibre, plus, associated equipment for the benefit of the national police and the National Gendarmerie.
Day of the conclusion of the contract: November 19, 2019
> the National Assembly, the senate, french European MPs, Human Rights Committee, UN, the European Union, Parliament and the Commission, Police and gendarmerie,
> probably by a certain number of french citizens, the FR/EU associations working to defend human rights, trade unions, etc, etc.
Note: Acquisition of multi-shot launchers paid by french taxpayers, paid by?? by >> TAXPAYERS.>> so, the People who were beaten up, injured, serious injured that we can see on video.

Quote: "The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings...Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the war ever posed a greater threat to our security. If you are awaiting a finding of "clear and present danger," then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent...For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed."
- President John F. Kennedy

The Humble Genius leader and writer, the unsung lynchpin. He is a Rock'n'Roll legend. #Rock #MalcolmYoung #Music
His rhythm, his trademark sound, feel and tone the soul of the Rock’n’Roll band that understands the feel, the movement…
'coz it’s a Feeling. His rhythmic approach got a hold on my soul forever, The band is part of my life since pre-teen years, a few decades ago, and therefore till the end…all the band as a kindred soul and spirit to me, put on my path.
Rock In Peace Malcolm, You are the right kind of Man.
(BTW, edited video is not ours! so Special Big up to Author :heart: - track: 'Ride On' > instrumental version)

... "on est là, on est là, ... même si mIcron ne veut pas, nous on est là... lalala, lalala...lalala, Ô LALALA! lalala!... " > blah blah blah... without significant Action > against 'Seats of Power', in the coming months, the movement will be killed off and erased by the will of... the government and its allies. We should bear in mind, it is a Reality!


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We are french Gilets Jaunes... Movement is about a "collective awareness" and 'still growing. We are French Citizens and do claim the Right to live with dignity in a rich country, we come all together, located everywhere across France, 'coming from various social & economic backgrounds, many others will join...'coz we are simply left with no other choice.
we: three team-mates
yellowvestsmindset on BITCHUTE only, nowhere else.
To Subscribers > THANK YOU!!
Note: NONE email for yellowvestsmindset !

> Press conference of 19 seriously injured people in France during Yellow Vest Demonstrations across France (video/VDFM5MOcggwC/)
> EVIL secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior (/video/abreUbREFcjs/)
French Senators and Decadence.Their Decadence is our Decline. (video/eyHOmKa8JDbP/)
formal complaint to the ICC on June 11, 2019 in La Haye Netherlands > against president of the republic and his Ministry of Internal Affairs" (video/UiHCoo2DbKxK/)
"I am feeling like a horrible elitist, [...] Today, priority is not to become immortal beings but to stop the proliferation of ze Gilets jaunes! (video/ugfg7lLewX07/)
> Police REPRESSION in France, police forces use ILLEGAL GLIF4 grenades, LBD40 “flashball” bullet launcher! (video/BP92YpMxq60A/)
>"Where Wrong is Right is the Motto" French MSM Medias always received state subsidies, and more favors, they are just in the pay of governments for decades now. (video/lCSHsPyiYYts/)
> 'communication' recorded in the file to the ICC prosecutor service,(valid attestations, production of a medical certificate, pictures) which are related to all the injured, mutilated people, arbitrarily detention, illegitimate persecution, unjustified police brutality supported by individual testimonies and photographic /video evidences. (video/gXLwpxmKGUQS)
> MSM ; so-called 'journalist' mentioned in another TV broadcast, that he: "regretted there were no stadiums like under the Pinochet regime, where to coop up 'arrested' yellow vests"... (video/O5HZXpyO12Dh/)
> on ne lâchera RIEN - video clip (video/P582YUDjPXLn/)
>He served in the First Indochina War and the Algerian War. Overview of his short Speech including 'come and stop me if I am wrong' (video/Gf7ZJz1zcOY2/)
> they won't inform french people about 'deep state' & related rules, demonstrated in the video attached, they won't take any actions that make sense! they can't get anything going 'coz they are 'puppets' (video/BBanVDWMRRb8/)
> Words of a Gilet Jaune (video/dQ7eYR42cPWe/)
>Tremble, tyrants and you traitors. The shame of all parties,Tremble! Your parricidal schemes Will finally receive their reward! ON NE LÂCHE RIEN! (video/upQODNdviPFy/)
>French public debt market, fascism in the banking system. Wilson Speech, Overview:" so, Right now, I would owe the amount of €38,032 to private bankers!" (video/oHBqpAkK8ChQ/)
> WHERE IS STEVE? HE WAS THERE! Steve was there... (video/jkHzE90XUVc5/)
> CETA will result in an increase in poor-welfare animal products entering the EU market. (video/oL9aVJrVNBo7/)
> To Honour the Courage, Bravery and Heroism of The Fire Brigade, Video footage is a short documentary about our Firefighters. (video/eZFct58xg85o/)
> was indicted the President of the Assembly, for "illegal taking of interest", corruption, etc... (video/YdC11DUryS2Q/)
> Did I speak to you of symbol U and symbol Pu whose functions extend beyond our Solar system? captions tell: All images you are gonna watch were never broadcasted on French TV programs (video/37oKzWztLugo/)
> French Police Practice Observatory in Toulouse France. Here is a must watch video footage that tells a lot about Repression in FRance! (video/L8kKstNGiqcn/)
> in the dark days of Repression, in the trying Decadence decades, (video/2lqQIM5lylUF/)
> Ahead of the First Anniversary of Yellow Vest Movement (video/L1NR9R5qb5ic/)
> WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING? (video/mHeG6KwoxF56/)
> How THEY Hijacked Our Democracy (video/F4Q2FjU9i3EL/)
> without significant Action > against 'Seats of Power', in the coming months, the movement will be killed off and erased by the will of... the government and its allies (video/NXWM16sJxV0t/)
> Agreed-upon contract Nov 19, 2019 - Multi Shot Launchers. Contract Value 727,450 €uros (video/DM4ccrR3FqfH/)
> On December 5, across France, many and many people are mobilized! including inept and corrupt top heads trade unions...but it seems like many unionized people are getting aware of this sham! (video/V8UkHGImKUmS/)
> severe repression, ongoing police brutality;High Time to Wake Up! to Fight Back! to LEAVE EUROPE!!! (video/2GgMLJndtn5A/)
> Women are unstoppable, Truth is the Answer, Love is the Reason. (video/eEyBgf6dWLlt/)
> on Dec 16, 2019, French MP preventing Citizen from Freely Expressing His Thoughts! (video/OnCoK1K6XvY7/)
ETC, etc, etc...