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The Norths' new butler, Oliver, comes with a lot of baggage. He's carrying on an affair with the married maid who works next door, and his ex-flame refuses to accept that they're over. The maid's husband, also a butler, is found dead in the building's basement and Oliver is the obvious suspect.

Col. Breen believes the projectile is a bomb - it's cold to the touch, slightly radioactive and made of an unknown substance, Roney's assistant Barbara Judd finds the area has a history of supernatural events, and a terrified Pte West claims to have seen an imp-like ghost: 'It went through the wall!'. IMDb

S01E08: Chateau Ricordeau, France: August, 2089 AD; Will decides to leave the Chateau Ricordeau behind, so he can rejoin his friends in the search for the free men in The White Mountains. S01E09: France: September, 2089 AD; After having a narrow escape from a Tripod; Will, Henry and Beanpole stay at a vineyard to rest. S01E10: France: September, 2089 AD; The boys stay on to help at a vineyard until after the grape harvest. When time comes to continue their journey, they find it hard to leave their new found friends. S01E11: France: October, 2089 AD; Will, Henry and Beanpole, driven by hunger, steal food from a village festival and find themselves in trouble. S01E12: France: October, 2089 AD; Escaping many dangers since the vineyard, the boys finally come within sight of The White Mountains. S01E13; The White Mountains: November, 2089 AD; Will, Henry and Beanpole reach The White Mountains, only to be captured by the Black Guard once again. IMDb

A brain scanner reveals alien pictures in Barbara Judd's mind of 'the Wild Hunt' -the frenetic purging of the Martian hives. In the pit, a technician is killed as the capsule starts to glow. IMDb

Roney and Quatermass develop their theory about the Martians' visit to Earth, instilling their essence into man's ancestors, Sladden, alone in the pit, flees in terror as strange forces are conjured up. IMDb

Journalist James Fullalove helps Quatermass research the history of Hobbs Lane, finding its name derives from Hob - the devil. A technician, Sladden, succeeds in opening a sealed compartment in the capsule, revealing three petrified alien insects. IMDb

Chaos reigns in the pit and the long-dormant Martian inheritance begins to assert itself in many people in the area - including Quatermass himself - driving them to a new racial purge, The capsule breaks open and an energy form rises up over London. Roney finds he is immune and strives to defeat it. IMDb

Sir Lancelot volunteers to defend an abbey and its occupants from invading Danes.

A band of renegade knights is preying on the shepherds in the area. Sir Lancelot decides to champion the shepherds' cause, and masquerades as a shepherd to teach them how to fight the knights off. Guest star: Jennifer Jayne

While Sir Lancelot is on a mission for King Arthur, he is robbed and his horse is killed by a group of wild warriors.

Hidden inside the library book that Pam checks out is a breakthrough formula placed there for safekeeping by a researcher. It must be a valuable property because someone's willing to kill to get the document. The murdered scientist worked at the Potter Industrial Research Lab where everyone clearly is hiding something.

On St. Stephen's Day, King Arthur and his knights traditionally change places for one day with the court squires. During the day, one of the "squires-for-a-day" steals the Sword of Excalibur.

A young knight's prospective father-in-law has been kidnapped and is being held prisoner. Sir Lancelot agrees to help the knight rescue the man.

Sir Lancelot is banished from Camelot because King Arthur thinks he made a false claim against King Marhaus. Outside of Camelot, Lancelot encounters Marhaus and discovers an evil plot.

Sir Lancelot and his squire Brian go to the aid of King Boltan, who swears that ghosts have abducted his daughter.

A cowardly knight wants to rescue a lady who is imprisoned by her brother. He comes to King Arthur, for advice on how to become courageous. Merlin instills confidence in the young knight by lending him Sir Lancelot's weapon and telling him it is a magic sword. Guest star: Dan Cunningham as Sir Bernard.

Sir Bliant's three sons decide to break the truce King Arthur arranged between their father and Sir Rolf. They carry Sir Rolf's three daughters away as hostages and the distraught father comes to King Arthur for aid.

When Jerry receives a letter written entirely in Chinese, he and Pam go to Chinatown to find someone who will translate the letter. Instead they find the proverbial hornets' nest.

Lt. Weigand and the Norths become trapped in the rural home of Dr. Arno, a physician treating a homicidal maniac who's hiding somewhere in the house. The group stages a fake murder scene, hoping the mysterious "Patient X" will be drawn into the open. Instead, when the lights are lowered Dr. Arno's secretary is actually stabbed to death. Once Weigand learns the actual name of the patient, he makes some phone calls and learns they're deal with a real-life Jekyll and Hyde.

An accountant with only a few months left to live devices a scheme to fund some luxury for his final days. But his scheme and new lifestyle sets into motion a chain of events that draws a number of other people into this murky affair.

Pam takes a doll to a shop for repair and, while her husband and Lt. Weigand attend a prize fight, she manages to solve a murder on her own.

Someone's been secretly photographing Madame Suzi's latest dress designs and leaking them to competing, cheaper dress stores. Pam drags Jerry to Suzi's to see a preview of the latest fashions when a model involved in the stealing scheme takes the stage and promptly falls over dead.

When Kovack, an uncouth pulp writer Jerry is publishing, invites them to his country retreat, Jerry and Pam reluctantly undertake the arduous journey, only to find upon arrival that Kovack never invited them.

Curious about a beauty contestant who could easily be mistaken for her twin, Pam finds herself backstage at the Miss Venus contest where she fills in for the missing Kitty Pomeroy. Kitty has made numerous enemies of her betrayed lovers and their scorned wives, so its not surprising when she's found dead in the prop room.

During a driving rainstorm, the Norths' car gets a flat tire, leaving them stranded in the woods. They spot a seemingly deserted house nearby, when suddenly they hear a woman scream. Running to the house, they find a message scrawled on an upstairs window, leading to a horrible discovery in the basement.


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