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Redbeard says he can bring Long John and Miss Purity back together by making Long John a "Dragon Slayer" like the knights of old. In truth, Redbeard is playing Long John against Miss Purity, and plans on being the winner himself.

After losing the Faithful gambling, a former pirate convinces Long John the real money is in honest trade, such as he conducts. But is this "former" pirate really reformed?

Miss Purity and Long John decide Jim should be sent to a private school after he causes trouble at a local birthday party. But things become worse then Jim's roommate is the same boy who actually caused the trouble at the party.

Depressed that everyone except the reverend has forgotten her birthday, Miss Purity closes the inn so she can join the reverend doing his rounds. But she has no idea the reverend is in on one of Long John's ploys.

Sailing under the Union Jack, Long John's unwittingly surrenders his ship to the French, with whom England has declared war while he was at sea. But as cook Long John hatches a plan to get his ship back.

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From his new sloop, Jim spies a ship, the Rachel, with dead men strewn over the deck, but when he reports it, none believe him, not even the Governor -- nor Long John.

Long John has become surly with the crew because of a toothache. Yet he is terrified seeing the dentist, a Scotsman who is as stubborn as he is tight with a dollar.

Hired to find the island where an Englishman has disappeared among friendly pearl-diving natives, Long John senses something is wrong when the native's don't answer his questions truthfully.

Arrogant Lord Ellington is put in his place by members of Long John's crew, and gets the Cask and Anchor shut down in retaliation. But Long John smells a rat, and sets out to bring down Ellington and reopen Miss Purity's Inn.

Delirious with fever, Long John dreams he is sent to England to face trial for piracy.

It's Christmas time, but Jim Hawkins, an orphan himself, is too depressed to participate in the holiday festivities. He's just met the children living in Miss Willoughby's orphanage, where they not only don't celebrate Christmas, but aren't permitted to speak to other children. Long John Silver takes matters into his own hands, and arranges for his crew to spirit the children away to Polly Purity's Christmas party, while holding Miss Willoughby at gunpoint. Long John learns that Miss Willoughby had a very stern upbringing herself and convinces her that fun and games must be part of a child's upbringing. He convinces her to join the merrymakers.

Desperate to get the money to save his ship, Long John agrees to a plan another pirate recommends to steal Spanish gold. But the pirate turns out to be just as much of a liar as was the last time Long John met him.

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Terry and Hotshot investigate when a cargo of rice bound for a United Nations relief effort is hijacked and the American representative who is to certify the cargo is abducted. They suspect that one of Chopstick Joe's shadier pilots has a hand in both the theft and the kidnapping and behind both crimes is the nefarious Dragon Lady.

Burma, attempting to earn a job as a reporter, stumbles onto one of the Dragon Lady's schemes and stows away on Terry's plane while fleeing her henchmen. Terry and Hotshot try to help their blonde friend by notifying the authorities of the plot to assassinate a visiting maharajah, but are captured before they can report the plot. Now they must escape the Dragon Lady's gilded prison before the potentate comes to harm.

Terry and Hotshot are reluctant to take on Chopstick Joe's next assignment, a cargo of poisonous snakes. With an accompanying Serpent Lady they leave for Singapore and are surprised when they arrive with a deceased person.

Chopstick Joe agrees to ship a the earthly remains of one of Hong Kong's richest and most mysterious men. The coffin is hijacked from Terry's plane by Dragon Lady's goons and held for ransom, however, when it is revealed that the casket is empty, Air Cathay in general and Chopstick Joe in particular are held responsible.

A crooked businessman hires Terry and Hotshot to fly him to a secret gold mine deep in the jungle. The gold mine is only a ruse; the businessman has buried a cache of gems stolen from a dozen nearby temples and plans to smuggle them out of China - after killing his pilot and co-pilot.

Chopstick Joe agrees to fly a disreputable passenger and a small bundle immediately to a distant air field - for a wad of cash. He doesn't count on Terry and Hotshot refusing to fly any more that night, even if he pays their back wages. The desperate passenger's pistol is much more persuasive and soon the pilots, the passenger and the precious bundle are flying deep into the jungle where they are forced down by the Dragon Lady's fighter planes. They discover that their cargo is a young boy - the titular ruler of an embattled Chinese province with three groups of men eager to pay to possess the child - dead or alive.

A beautiful crook helps murder a French diplomat and steals his passport. Pursued by the police she hides the document in Hotshot's trenchcoat and then tries to retrieve before the co-pilot discovers he's the unwitting bearer.

Terry and Hotshot unknowingly deliver cases of stolen plastic explosives disguised as sausage to a bandit gang hiding in the jungle and are promptly imprisoned. Terry decides to use Hotshot as human shield since his co-pilot believes he dined on the Compound C-3, making him a walking bomb that's ready to explode.

Terry and Hotshot get mixed up in a museum robbery when they allow a honey-voiced Southern belle to hitch a ride in their plane to Tanzan. Upon arriving, they learn that the first mate of a tramp steamer was murdered in the Air Cathay office and Chopstick Joe has been accused of the crime. The only clue is an almost worthless statue of Buddha typically sold to American tourists found in the possession of the dead seaman.

Terry and Hotshot fly a Chinese-American soldier to Tanzan so that he can claim a valuable inheritance. They soon learn that the young man has been abducted by a gang who plan to substitute an impostor with Burma's innocent help and set about rescuing the soldier before he can come to harm.

Terry and Hotshot come the aid of a young Chinese woman who wishes to book passage on an Air Cathay flight on credit. She has come to Tanzan to persuade her fiancée to return to her province, but the young man, an up-and-coming boxer is reluctant to do so because the crooked promoter is holding his winnings due to the contract that he unwittingly signed. When Terry tries to help, the promoter's goons flex their muscles against Terry's face.


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