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Moses is instructed to lead the Israelites out of Egypt by God.

Joshua is selected by God to lead the people of Israel into the Promised Land. They are commanded to cross the river Jordan and conquer the non-believers in Jericho.

Noah is instructed to build an Ark by God to repopulate the world after a great flood.

The Biblical story of Samson and Delilah. Samson has his incredible strength taken from him when his hair is cut while he sleeps.

The Biblical story of David and Goliath. David was selected by God to fight the giant named Goliath with his sling and then lead King Saul's Army into battle.

The climactic film in this distinguished series depicts the cross at Calvary and Jesus' crucifixion; Judas throws the silver coins at the feet of Caiaphas, hangs himself with his sash. Jesus' tomb is sealed, then discovered empty. This mighty episode closes with Christ's awe-inspiring reappearance to His disciples in the upper room, the convincing of the doubting Thomas brings Jesus' words "Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believe," to one and all.Crucifixion & Resurrection:

Return to Nazareth: Events brought into focus in this episode include scriptural accounts of Jesus healing a centurion's servant, Jesus attending the wedding at Cana, changing water into wine, His rejection at Nazareth; the midnight visit of Nicodemus, Jesus explanation of spiritual birth, He forgives the sins of a woman at Samaria, her witness, and Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan.

Retreat & Decision: Jesus withdraws with the twelve to lands outside Herod's jurisdiction. The disciples know it is a critical period in the Master's life, He reveals now that they are the Church, predicts His death and resurrection. Peter, James and John witness Christ's transfiguration, Jesus heals the epileptic boy, blesses little children, and raises Lazarus from the dead, Jesus' triumphal entry to Jerusalem is halted at the Temple gates when He sees the money changers in the Temple courtyard.

Triumph & Defeat: Jesus returns to the Temple, overthrows the money changers tables, and in holy wrath denounces their perversion of religion. Jesus' reputation increases and men say He is the Messiah. In an upper room Jesus eats His last supper with the Apostles, takes His disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane where He prays, as Judas approaches with the Temple guards and betrays Jesus with a kiss. We witness Jesus trial before Pilate and Herod where He is beaten and mocked by the crowds, Pilate "washes his hands of the affair" and delivers Jesus to the will of Sanhedrin.

Fate of John the Baptist: From prison John the Baptist sends messengers to ask Jesus, "Are you he who was to come, or shall we look for another?" Jesus sends John a message of affirmation, bidding messengers to tell the Baptist all they have seen and heard. After they depart Jesus confirms that He is the Messiah and that John the Baptist was His forerunner as prophesied. Dramatically portrayed is Herod's banquet, the dance of Salome, John's the Baptist's arrest, imprisonment and execution. Jesus, told of the Baptist's death, tells His disciples.

Conflict: This episode develops the increasing political intrigue in Jerusalem which eventually results in Christ's crucifixion. The loyalty to Jesus of the man born blind is depicted, also Jesus' assurances to him. Despite gathering clouds, Jesus concern is still for others like Mary and Martha of Bethany, to whom He emphasizes importance of spiritual concerns over the material.. Returning to Galilee, Jesus sends the Apostles on their first missionary journey.

Virelli, Angelica's criminal mentor returns to claim her and fearful for Marco's safety agrees to go with him and return to her life of pickpocketing and face a trial from the guild of thieves. Stars Roger Delgado, Richard Wordsworth and John Barron.

The price of Alum under de Medici's control is rising causing the price of paint and cosmetics to soar and when Marco's attempt to liberate a shipload of Turkish Alum is foiled the women of Florence deprived of expensive cosmetics decide to take action with Marco's prompting. Stars Jean Kent.

S02E07: Hunt for Eloise; After surviving a severe beating by the Black Guard, Fritz meets another uncapped person who shows him how the city gets its power. Will continues his education by the Masters, and learns of their plans for some of the human race. S02E08: The City of Gold; Will is introduced to one of the ruling class, a Cognosc, who questions him about his thoughts. Fritz finds a hidden map of the city which reveals a useful secret. S02E09: Blessings of the Cognosc; After meeting the Cognosc, Will is under increased threat of being found out by the Masters. Will and Fritz decide to leave the city while they can. S02E10: The Cognosc Departs; Avoiding capture by the Black Guard, Will and Fritz make their way to the river under the city to escape back to The White Mountains. S02E11: Escape from the City of Gold; Will escapes from the city leaving Fritz behind to exploit his important position. After drifting in the river; Will is found by, none other than, Beanpole. The two decide to hurry back to The White Mountains to share their new discoveries. S02E12: The Forest of Death; Almost captured by the Black Guard, Will and Beanpole are hidden by a traveling circus. After finding out the leader is going to betray them to the Tripods, Will convinces the other kids working there to escape with them to The White Mountains. IMDb


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