FLIP THE FROG (General Wesley Clark) blows the whistle on LITTLE ORPHAN WILLIE (Paul Wolfowitz) and his Jewish-led COUP orchestrated by the neo-cons in the Pentagon and the White House against the US government. LITTLE WILLIE RAT reveals to FLIP THE FROG that his tribe's goal since before 1991 to "take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran."

Thanks to the 1930 (public domain) cartoon, we see that NATO Supreme Commander (1998-2000) General FLIP THE FROG hasn't a clue about 9/11: 'who did it? what to do? we didn't have a plan,'

Yeah, but the CFR had a plan, and even published it in their mag, Foreign Affairs. Their political action group the PNAC, published their version. Netanyahu had his version of the plan, "A CLEAN BREAK", crafted by Wurmser, Feith and Perle. Foreign Affairs published their version (by Philip Zelikow) called Catastrophic Terrorism, in which they mapped out the "transformative event" (requiring the services of Michael Chertoff and his Homeland Security plan).

Gen. FLIP THE FROG is peeved that neo-con Bill Kristol blabbermouths the plan to the whole world. And though he supported the purported 'revenge' attack on Afghanistan, he expresses his surprise - shock, even - that the new role of the military is to destabilize and destroy, especially those nations and peoples hostile to Israel. Eventually this could mean everybody.

In the end - don't miss it - General Flip the Frog gives Willie the Rat a politically incorrect hands-on spanking. Maybe this is why Youtube censored this video


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