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Today In The Video I will be showing you my Earl's BBQ Mild Wings and potatoe salad food video!

My Daughter Jasmine Eating Cotton Candy Video Was Demonetized?

Young Byron with YouTube channel Upinthehouserecords TV Talks About his upcoming livestreams for Friday night and Saturday central standard
I want ask you all to check out my YouTube buddies channels
Tonya Gentle

The lady Borgia Channel.

Stacey Sparkling Star

Red Wine Blue Mom

Even though I can monetize my videos for the second time I still get some videos demontized but I request a review then they get re-monetized again.

For the 9 years of being on YouTube making content for viewers and real friends this will my super chat donation I ever received from anybody I'm so excited to motivate myself to keep doing what I love.
YouTube Channel Jacob Dimon Thanks brother so much I appreciate it.

Byron wants to chat with you guys and talking about life and random discussions

I kicked my ex roommates because they were using me for a place stay few days ago and they started coming over and stalking me alot but I'm fine now.

Byron & Jessie Ray Took Photos At Car Show Late This Morning In Moore, Oklahoma. Nice cars happy 4th Of July 4th Have a safe day everyone on YouTube
#iamacreator Holiday.

Happy 4th Of July everyone in the #iamacreator Byron and Jessie chilling watching music videos on firestick device. #iamacreator

Pool shooting with Jessie Ray

Young Byron Vlogging In The Rain ‚ėĒ on a Saturday night I hope everyone is having a great weekend #iamacreator
I'm just chilling with my friends Justin, Jessica Kay, Her Son and her Best friends Ray

Before YouTube Partner Program Mass Changes I was monetized on YouTube back then but my main channel is under review for monetization on my videos I have been waiting for four months I will be back on soon no worries because I am already been monetized on #Topbuzz

Young Byron and Jacob Google Hangout After Dark Edition random discussions.

Upinthehouserecords TV, Young Byron Channel and Young Byron Vidz very special thanks to YouTuber Lady Borgia with the Lady Borgia Channel On #YouTube for special Shout out Video to Me Young Byron #iamacreator support.

Every I have been on the video platform Topbuzz I reached 100 Supporters. #iamacreator
#Upinthehouserecords TV

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I will give you tips and content avoid uploading in order to be monetized again.

Disclaimer: even though the YouTube Rules are not cutting and clear but common sense will help you alot.

Im eating the All-American cheeseburger at Jimmy's Egg with french fry

Saturday Evening Livestream With Young Byron Let's Chit chat on YouTube Live.

Looking at Lights Change Colors on Oklahoma City Oklahoma Downtown Bridge is beautiful with Byron and his best friend Jessie Ray.

I'm a huge Supporter Of The Lady Borgia Channel I love her and her content on #YouTube #iamacreator
Upinthehouserecords TV

Young Byron own songs are receiving automatically copyright claims on YouTube and he explains why?

I published my own beats and songs on

Byron Is going to be talking about. Topbuzz App and The New Monezation Rules when uploading content.

I'm just wanted to let my viewers know to have a great week and I am watching a movie on PlayStation Vue

#upinthehouserecords TV

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I'm hanging out with the former cast Jackie from married with children show.

Chilling at the bar JJ Alleys Pubs by myself drinking Miller Lite.


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