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#Walking short #stream with Byron and live chat #Monday.

#truthfullytrisha ex husband #seantomahawk reaction #video By Byron about Sean video about his new woman Mandy Atx. What do you you think about This?

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This #premiere video of #youtuber #truthfullytrisha from the begin to the end and her last straw with fellow Youtuber Byron with YouTube Channels Upinthehouserecords TV, Chillin with Byron and Young Byron Vidz.
Kaily R channel is awesome and she my friend now.
Please note This video is for commentary purposes only.

My girl shannon didn't give me the Proof #Stacey the Sparkling Star about what you said and did to me. It was Other people that sent me screenshots and please leave her alone.

This Message for my Bestfriend Stacey The Sparkling Star Aka Rainbow G and please don't take it personal but This video is to make things clear and help you understand that me and you both are in the same boat when it comes to This YouTube Livestreaming and I'm great friend to you.

I give My #commentary on YouTuber truthfully #Trisha and the turtle situation.

This video is under fair use and is intended for commentary purposes only.

Byron commentary about cops being called on Youtuber Truthfully Trisha while she was Livestreaming about her ex husband Sean.

Please note Kail R This is the only clip I could find about This video so I used your video under fair use for commentary purposes only.

Rnb Singer R-kelly aka Robert Kelly Indicted on Charges with Minors and Byron commentary about it.

I'm doing a 15 minute music video premiere including 4 songs and features Chris Brown on the track later on tonight on my second channel chillin With Byron.

Stacey & Byron almost 1 year #Friendship Anniversary Livestream I love My #bestie #Stacey The Sparkling Star forever.

My day was ugh and sometimes things seem to go wrong smh. Byron Livestream

Picking up dinner at little casaer Pizza 🍕 and Byron Tuesday Live Chat.

My Bestie Stacey Canada Day For Her and we our going to celebrated on panel #livestream with Byron.

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#Stacey The Sparkling Star

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It's a nice day to walk to the store and Byron Live Chat Sunday evening!

I'm going live tonight for only a 1 hour or less because I have multi Song Premieres later on tonight.

I went downstairs to check the mail and I saw blonde woman in the tree in the back of my apartments little odd.

Please note this was supposed to be animated 3D video but the video washout I'm sorry 😐 and have a great weekend and summer Truthfully Trisha and everyone else. I will do the same.

I'm having a Chinese food mukbang with Byron. And chit-chat livestream

I'm going to try to have a chill live stream tonight and then im going to bed.

Just My Luck I won on the lottery tickets to two days in a row and I'm the very lucky man out there lol 😂 let's have fun tonight you guys!

I went to the store to get lottery tickets and something to eat at the Mexican restaurant and also hamburger and fries Mukbang Video With Byron.

Is just YouTube I'm just trying to live my life and do my YouTube thing for my people whether if you want to be apart it or not. Stacey the sparkling star aka Rainbow G I love you 😘💕❤️ even if you don't won't be my friend or not.

I'm doing my laundry in the laundry room and cooking chicken 🍗 for dinner later on with Byron.

I'm having #dinner at a #Chinese #Restaurant today with #Byron.


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