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Byron Is Cooking French toast and smoked Sausage for dinner.

I'm eating ramen noodles for dinner tonight with Byron and let's chat about anything.

I'm eating little Caesar's pizza for a late night dinner with Byron.

This is going to a short Livestream With Byron.

I'm at the Dollar General Store in Oklahoma City shopping for Halloween Candy Popkin And Starburst.

My Upcoming Livestream I'm going to be cooking hamburger helper For Dinner Live at 5:00pm Oklahoma central time http://www.

I brought food and drinks at Dollar General Store today and I'm putting up my DG Groceries and talking to you guys.

Denny's Bacon Goud Burger and tots for lunch with Byron

Church's chicken 6 piece meal for dinner with Byron.

Baking in the oven Tony's Pizza Made it Mozzarella Cheese with Byron.

Door Dash Delivery Little Caesar Pizza with a 2 liter Pepsi eat with Byron.

#Livestream with #Byron with #YouTube channel #Upinthehouserecords TV all nighters chat.

Young Byron YouTube Channel Upinthehouserecords TV Has Reached 2.3k Supporters On YouTube as of September 16, 2018 #Iamacreator family thank you so much I appreciate all my real YouTube friends.

Sonic Footlong Chilli Cheese Coney Mukbang Livestream with Byron

Upinthehouserecords TV Test Live

Hello everyone I'm Byron with YouTube Channel #Upinthehouserecords TV Going Live on Stacey'z Rainbow Sparkling Heart Panel Maybe.
#Iamacreator forever.

#DURecorder #live
my commentary about Former Actor Geoffrey Owens From the Cosby show now works at Trader Joe's my thoughts about it.

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This a yesterday video from Monday. Please enjoy your Tuesday.

I'm Livestream at Buy For Less Oklahoma City local Grocery Store
My Phone is shutoff until Tuesday
So I'm using their public Wi-Fi.

Please note I live in a Hispanic area so you will hear Mexican music im sorry YouTube family.

Upinthehouserecords TV YouTube Channel 7 Years On YouTube.
First videos until Now Videos.
Thanks for being apart of it.

I made a new video on my New Phone LG Phoenix 3 please tell me how it is quality wise? Below the comments.

Byron with YouTube Channel Upinthehouserecords TV
Upcoming vlogs and Halloween videos
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Fuzzys Taco Shop For Lunch and chatting with Staceyz rainbow sparkling Heart.

My Channel Intro Video In 2018 by Byron
Channel Years 2011-2018
Channel Purpose
Music Content, Record Label Updates, Vlogs, New Commentary Videos And much more.

Superstar Carl's Jr burger and fries for lunch with Byron.

Byron Arby's Mukbang Livestream the nicest store location ever


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Young Byron Is A Vlogger, Content Creator who talks politics, News, music, entertainment and etc. Rapper, Founder Of Small Record Label Up In The House Records which promotes, distributes and manages his musicians Ablums, Singles, Ablum Videos and more.