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After work I went shopping at Ross dress for Less clothing store brought some shirts, jeans and shoes. #iamacreator community.
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A short video response on my good friend Captain Knapton & the video would be longer but the video stop during record it.

I'm having fried toast & fried chicken and drinking some Grape Kool-Aid with Byron

How I Seasoning My Chicken Meat with Byron & I'm going Live After Dinner is done cooking.

For the very first Time Byron having slim chicken livestream Mukbang.

I'm having fried chicken for Dinner tonight happy Friday & Great New Year wishes to all.

I'm meeting up with Jessie to pick up my Xmas / late birthday gift from him a glass piece for my vape

Birthday dinner Porkchops, Mac & Cheese and Strawberry cake with Byron.

Byron received his Christmas card from Stephanie D. In The Mail yesterday. She is amazing friend of mines. So I will read it.

I'm having a open discussion Wednesday livestream. Talk about what you want to talk about with Byron.

Byron & Jessie livestream streetcar riding

I'm walking to family dollar store to return my around neck Bluetooth Headset Happy Friday.

I delivered Dominos for dinner tonight with Byron. Mukbang Saturday.

Sylvia AKA Silk Sexisilverman will be on Young Byron Panel Live We going be doing a open panel Q&A Livestream.

I hope everyone is doing well on this black Friday afternoon or evening and let's talk about anything my friends.

I'm eating beef flavor ramen noodles with Dr pepper drink for dinner tonight with Byron.

This Channel Upinthehouserecords TV got a community tab finally.

I'm blessed TGIF with Byron live conversion on YouTube. Work has been good to me so far.

Byron waving to the camera at work.

I just got off of work I was stuck in traffic and im blessed I made it on from work.

I'm going to bed in few hours im just coming on this to talk with you guys. For a little bit.

I'm cooking hotdogs and eggs for late Dinner with Byron. Let's talk in the live Chat.

I'm boiling eggs for tuna salad with Byron and let chit-chat everyone.

My November Livestream 2018 With Byron let's talk about what we want.

Byron Is Cooking French toast and smoked Sausage for dinner.


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Young Byron Is A Vlogger, Content Creator who talks politics, News, music, entertainment and etc. Rapper, Founder Of Small Record Label Up In The House Records which promotes, distributes and manages his musicians Ablums, Singles, Ablum Videos and more.