01 no one can do it better
02 house of krazees (remix)
03 home on deranged
04 yaplayed yaself
05 return of the madman
06 homebound
07 fx
08 dead by dawn
09 pigskinna 2
10 comin of the pumpkin

i remember yo ass at st. andrews hall handin out your flyers come one come all come to my show

01 intro
02 weakness
03 call it wut you want
04 deadly pastymes
05 lettin' you know
06 it
07 outbreed
08 outro

most "glitches" should be gone, this is not the 2010 re-release

01 escape
02 paranoid
03 if this is love
04 march
05 slip into reality
06 no way
07 nosferatu
08 don't follow me
09 hypno
10 r.i.p
11 interlude
12 deceive
13 land of the walking dead
14 the house
15 head trauma
16 terminal illness
17 ghost
18 house up on the hill
19 reluctant strain

stop sitting on your ass

side one:
1 home sweet home
2 home bound
3 fx
4 the mask
5 outbreed
side two:
1 call it what u want
2 the house
3 nosferatu
4 weakness

candle sniffing fuck fence sotp is now on bitchute, with retro horror muzik as bonus tracks

01 channel 0
02 horror story
03 dark images
04 underground culture
05 hollow's eve
06 the mask
07 trick or treat
08 haunted house
09 potrait
10 call us what you will
11 unconcious
12 down
13 violent memmories
14 bates theory
15 season of the pumpkin
16 sounds of halloween
17 drug addict
18 terrrorfying and terrrible
19 why?
20 shouts
21 untill next time
22 horror story (og)
23 unconcious (og)
24 drug addict (og)
25 shouts (og)

reason for the lack of shaggyandcreep twitch videos is because of process & publish

so summer is done and almost october..this is the debut album by detroit's krazees..the audio quality of this tape rip put 'head trauma' reissue to shame and it's ripped by YMA, for some reason it has a 5 minute silence after the last track on side 2, which makes me speculate that maybe the tape is a bootleg or a cheap reissue from walter? nevertheless, tracklist:

home sweet home
whatz ya pleasure
locked out
evil that men do
house of krazees
pig skinnas
diary of a madman

insert profanity here

never forgetti


smoking it for months


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just as retro as infecting your mom's ass with aids

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