here is twin gatz solo album since anyboner feela did his ryda ep

some latino juggalo rap
01 rewind
02 jesus
03 u wanna b a thug
04 open doors
05 momma told me
06 like this
07 bobble heads
08 give a shit
09 feel my pain
10 criminal minded
11 tried so hard
12 over here
13 back on my grind
14 get down
15 i know
16 so cold
17 don't hate us

shaggy and the creep twitch

2001 shit
01 origin of creation
02 drifter
03 bad day
04 illusion
05 torcha chamba
06 pissed
07 decayed thoughts
08 im crazy
09 run and hide
10 kill somebody
11 morbid lullabies
12 awaiting exeqtion
bonus tracks :
13 sick shit
14 unmasked
15 eternal bliss
16 herion
decayed thoughts 1998 :
17 voices '97
18 bad-day '97
19 graveraidas unfinished '97
20 murder kill '97
21 q-strange-rejection '97
22 lyrical autopsy
23 voices
24 verbal mutilation
25 stalk radio

kegan and shaggs answering "would you rather" questions and ends up having a 17-20 minute long topic about the soggy biscuit game and packing peanut butter in someones butthole

detroit hell

shaggy and the creep twitch

gotta give credits to jeff for this video because i have never laughed this hard in my life

today shaggy & creep are eating travis scott meal

the bizaar album by icp included a retarded board game, so i decided to program the game and play it for myself..penicillin pills represents the players, i also didn't bother attacking the other penicillins.

the sequel to bmh got released 10 years later.

shaggy and the creep twitch

here's a video of a insane person


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