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What do we really hold solitude prayer for on this day every year? A world that is growing increasingly destitute and chaotic.

Yes, let's remember (((the greatest generation))) and how wonderful of a place their sacrifice made our present day world. SMFH...………….

Here's another hidden tidbit of info we hardly know about. All credit goes to Asaheim Wulfguard, the original uploader.

I'd prefer to be one of the odd men out every "Remembrence Day and focus on the real victims of WW2. here's a little warm up vid for the one I plan on filming tmrw…..

Here's a reupload of a vid I shot on the go of a Hindu parade I stumbled across last year coming back from Chapters. I decided to elaborate a little bit on the immigration issue further, given the opportunity presented before me. Now again, I greatly admire and respect Hindu culture and spirituality, as it is worthy of such, and these are among the non-white immigrants whose presence I have the least problem with; but again, limited amounts. This is not what we've been getting since the beginning of the 90s, when to me is when it really accelerated.

Basically the same subject, just focusing on the Hindus/East Indians. These people are the ones I have the LEAST problem with and in fact I greatly appreciate Hindu culture and spirituality. I just would prefer to see less of them than are here.

Pretty self explanatory; just me offering my opinions on the overwhelming influx of nonwhite immigration flooding Canada seemingly nonstop since the beginning of the 90s. Here's part 1, talking about mainly the Chinese.

Following in the footsteps of Cultured Thug, Muh Fashy Bookshelf, Hard Right Turn, and others, I thought I'd do a similar video on the current contents of my own bookcases. I admit I do stumble on my words mid sentence a couple of times lol. I'm still trying to get the hang of public articulation after years of hermit behaviour.

A little tidbit of info for Bible dupes about their beloved sacred text from a personal guru of mine, Charles Giuliani. Catch him every Monday night on

As you may have already guessed, I am no lover or follower of the Christian faith. I believe there are other forms of more natural based spirituality that people should adapt for their path to the creator. This is a rare and hilarious underground documentary from Zontar Magazine editor Jan Johnson released in 1991. I first became aware of its existence via the review in The Psychotronic Video Guide, which read as follows:

:Zontar magazine editor Jan Johnson slaved over countless hours of cable and local TV religious broadcasting to compile this brilliant, two-hour compilation video. It's the ultimate mondo movie. See the worst of self-serving preachers, like Pat Robertson, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, and Dr. Jack Van Impe! Hear about how Communism, 666, and heavy-metal music will result in Armageddon! Any day now! See Captain Hook, "the Christian pirate" (with singing puppets and a ventriloquist's dummy who raps), make sinning children walk the plank! And if you think that's bad there's a segment on New Age shows and commercials that will leave you speechless.

Soviet Duck, a self described communist came on board one of Culture Thug's podcasts to debate political theory and got a round and sound education. He seems like a rather reasonable fellow: I've come to realize that a good many young people who identify with communism do so purely out of ignorance, ie a lack of proper knowledge of the subject's doctrines as well as history. A lot of them are just misguided, naïve college kids looking to create a better world out of good intentions, they just need to align themselves with the proper ideology. Ones like Soviet Duck here, I'm willing to converse with. They are in fact the young blood of the future fascist movement that we all know will inevitably manifest. They just don't know it yet.

The new episode released today!!!

All credit goes to Asaheim. Here he discusses the blatant underlying jewish themes of 2 of John Carpenter's classics. I never really spotted them before I was redpilled and his video here laid it out much more clearly.

Reupload of one of Raging Humanist newest vids. Right on the mark, in my view.

This is a reupload of a debate that took place in early 2018, featuring ThuleProductions, Wolf, Alfred Shaefer, Pastor Dan, and GeorgianPatriot.

Feeling a bit of a black pill right now, I admit. But in the end, it didn't really matter who got elected. All the main candidates were globalist pawns. Scheer destroyed any chance the Conservatives had once he was announced and both the ndp and greens are cultural marxist in their platform through and through.

I admit this is a bit slanted to the leftist perspective but the message behind it is universal..."He who is willing to defend his life and liberty through potential violence has earned the right to a retired death of nonviolence and He who insists on doing so solely through nonviolence deserves to endure a death of pure violence." - New Chinese Proverb

Much as I respect James David Manning, I feel I should point out that a return to Christian values and "Jesus" is not the answer to the problems plaguing the black community, as it is an Abrahamic faith and we all know who gave us those and how much pain, suffering, violence, corruption, genocide and mind control they have caused throughout the centuries. The idea is to return to forms of spirituality based around connection to nature and natural laws and centred around personal relationships with the creator, like Norse Paganism, Krishna Consciousness, Buddhism, etc. And whomever the Africans worshipped in the beginning and this time do something constructive with them.

That said it's awesome to hear him tear down the myth of "'We Wuz Kangz".

This is a reupload mirror of one of DukeOfDurham's vids, who was recently purged from youtube in the latest round. I have recently fully immersed myself in Green Man ideology, interested in studying as much as I can as it's to me an essential component of modern man refollowing paganism.

Charles Giuliani (the only good part remaining of Renegade Broadcasting, until kyle and sinead eventually turn on him too) gives us all a little insight into our lovely (((tribal friends))))

Part 2 of the same lecture.

Part one of political hopeful Paul Fromm giving a lecture on immigration issues. Took place at a rather swanky motel conference room in North Van, (I forget the name of the Hotel)

Shot this recently. Got inspired by my recent interest in Green Man mythology to take notice of this. Very relevant, especially in hindsight of DukeOfDurham's excellent analogy of the phenomena..


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