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All credit goes to Barricade Garage. Stumbled across this via Charles Giuliani's mention during tonight's Truth Hertz broadcast. I just had to mirror this.

The video footage. Patriot KKK and American Nazi Party members shot it out with communist worker's party and black panther thugs and came out the overall victor.

I have often wondered if the footage of the Communists shooting at the Klan first has been either permanently vaulted or deliberately destroyed?

One jury member stated that, "The folks at home didn't get to see all of the evidence that we saw. The shooting didn't start until after a (COMMUNIST) put a gun to a Klansman's throat."

In addition to that, the Communists apparently fired 6 shots before the Klan got their guns and fired back (an aspect to the story I would not doubt for a second).
Before the man sitting out of the truck in front raises his gun in the air, you can hear gunshots. His gun is in the air for just a split second but he never fires his gun, you don't hear a gunshot when he raises his gun.

The Reds lie their asses off in every interview about the Greensboro Shootout.

They instigated the entire situation going back to July 8th of the same year in China Grove where they attacked the Klan at a peaceful Klan function.

The Communists didn't think that the Klan would show up because they were having their DEATH TO THE KLAN parade in a crime ridden mostly Black area of Greensboro.

They wanted a fight with the Klan, they instigated the entire situation going back to roughly 4 months after they disrupted the Klan's GENUINE peaceful function at the China Grove community center on July 8th. Then they dared the Klan to show up. Then after it was all over, they didn't believe that they did anything wrong to provoke what ended up happening.

To top it all off, the Communists refused to testify at the trials because they knew that they would be forced to admit that it was they and they alone that was responsible for what happened that day.
Had they not attacked the Klan cars and fired upon the Klan caravan before they even stopped, chances are the Greensboro Shootout never would have happened.

They the Reds have been lying about every aspect of what happened for over 40 years now.

Roland Wayne Wood speaks at a rally. Don't know where this was filmed but according to the tape it took place on May 25, 1991; I've mirrored it from a jewtuber named Eric The Mind Control Guy. As detailed in the description, he was 1 of 39 KKK and American Nazi Party members that Battled the Communists on American soil in Greensboro N.C. November 3rd 1979.

Antti Martikainen's masterpiece. All credit goes to him. Perfect music to rally to troops and rouster the spirit.

James P Wickstrom's last speech before his mysterious death. Quite surprised that a couple of my reuploads of his speeches suddenly shot to the top of my most viewed and show no signs of slowing down.

I believe this is a vid by Mukundadasa108.

A bit of a short video, I admit but short and sweet is all that's needed sometimes. Yes, it turns out this is another (((psy-op))). Stay vigilant, aware, and watch your guns.

From Horst Muller take a look at the 6:45 mark.

I will not bend the knee....

Figured, oh what the hell, put the rest of their stuff up, even if Kaleidoscope Dreams and Spectral Ecstasy are already uploaded as separate videos. This is all the rest of their albums, all singles, eps, etc.

1. Symbols of Great Power
2. The Fire (Burns Forever)
3. In the Circle
4. Gospel
5. Dark Lord
6. Shall Prevail
7. Panzerwitch
8. The Owls of Winter
9. Talisman
10. Hidden in Plain Sight
11. Black Magick Army
12. Wisdom Tree
13. War of the Sorcerer
14. The Black Abyss
15. Step Into the Night
16. Crystal Eyes
17. Kaleidoscope Dreams
18. Crusader
19. Tåget
20. The Power
21. Follow You
22. Eclipse
23. Black Hand
24. Spectral Ecstasy
25. My Love
26. Fallen Tale
27. The Oath
28. Hymn of Pride

1 - 4 Symbols of Great Power cassette (2012)
5 - 7 Panzerwitch cassette (2013)
8 - 9 Owls of Winter / Talisman lathe cut 7" (2015)
10 - 13 Hidden in Plain Sight 12" (2016)
14 - 16 from the Black Abyss compilation CD (2015)
17 - 22 Kaleidoscope Dreams 12"/LP (2017)
23 - 28 Spectral Ecstasy CD (2018)

Decided to reupload this. His most powerful speech, despite recent reports he has reverted to an anti-white stance.

Interesting Pagan Ritual/Cosmic Acoustic music.....

01 Caller Of Spirits [00:00]
02 Wind Eye [13:10]
03 Rise & Shine [18:18]
04 Sundrojan [31:54]
05 Two Ravens At The Tree Line [39:24]
06 Soil Magicians [49:51]
07 Disgust & The Horrible Realization Of Apathy [01:02:54]


Deep respect to CMW. He also gives a good lecture to us whites on our seeming willingness to bend the knee so to speak to their demands

I just ordered one of these. This is a mirror/reupload of a vid from jewtuber Vancouver Island Bushcraft. All credit goes to him.


Trolling blm and white liberal cucks is so much fun.....

I agree with all 4 cylinders burning on 100!!

How metaphorically appropriate...….lol...…..

You know, I've forgotten just how politically INcorrect some wrestling promos used to be. No way in hell they'd get away with this nowadays.

Mirror from a dude named Peace Frog. Don't know if this him filming or not but all credit nonetheless goes to him as it was on his (((youtube))) channel.

The new episode. Enjoy!!

Found this in my external's archives, or more like rediscovered it. According to the end credits, the original uploader was someone called Sonnen Sektion; all credit therefore goes to him. Obviously this is no longer up on youtube so consider it fortunate to be reuploaded here.

The new album released this year. Probably their most unique yet.

0:00 Endless Hallucinations
6:00 Rainbow Nights
10:55 Get Out
15:56 Kali
21:15 Mothers Lullaby
26:23 The Truth


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Our present society seems to focus not in heritage and traditions but current pop culture fads; we don't value ancestral heirlooms but temporary junk designed to break down in a few years. We've been led to believe that this capitalist system as well as our "democracy", despite it's imperfections is all we've got. We're bombarded and berated and poisoned and nullified and stupefied and mindfucked by 60 plus years of fast food, prescription meds, the drug culture, porn, MTV, and food products loaded with MSG, modified corn syrup, and NutraSweet; and lately it's marxist indoctrination in our schools and academia, as well as an entertainment industry increasingly pushing evil agendas such as anti-white/white shaming, anti-male/masculinity, anti-family, sjw feminist virtue signalling bs. We're basically tought to identify not with any type of ethnic kinship or national traditions but the entertainment and cheap junk goods we consume. People hardly read anymore. We've become apathetic bugmen. I myself was once one of these saps as I plan on explaining in current and upcoming vids. My life revolved around going to punk and metal shows, collecting and watching obscure cult, horror and exploitation movies, smoking weed as a Canucklehead, and the only books I read were related to film referencing/history or music. And of course, as a former anarcho punk firmly entrenched in the left, I believed all the liberal lies of equality and multiculturalism, "we all bleed red", yadda yadda.....

Then came the red pill...…

I despise all of the Abrahamic religions. They've done nothing but cause humanity problems. People should get back to the faiths of their cultural and ancestral roots.

Official narratives (JFK, Oklahoma City, Waco, the Civil War, WW2, Titanic, 9/11, etc.) are always BS!!!!

The moon landing was faked.

I'm neutral on the flat earth issue, I'll absorb the information and I believe it may indeed be a possibility, but it's not something I obsess over. It's too much of a division causing issue at this point....let's wait 'til after the victory to properly explore it.

Speaking of division causing issues, diet. I myself try to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle, but veganism is too much for me. Just very narrow minded, negative people. Look at kyle and sinead at Renegade.

Nationalism and recognizing racial differences are not things to shun and revile, they are natural and necessary to maintaining real balance and peace.

Hitler was the overall good guy of WW2 and the allied nations were wrong in siding with the bolsheviks over the National Socialists, the ideology of which would have greatly benefitted all of mankind if applied to the rest of the Western world; as you may have guessed from much of the video content on my channel, I view the outcome of WW2 as the main factor that paved the way for all the vile degeneracy, cultural corruption and economic/social turmoil the West and most of the rest of the world is now facing; it just took a few decades for the effects to fully manifest.

The only real holocaust was that perpetrated against the German and European peoples.

Hollywood and the porn industry need to be brought to their knees. Their stranglehold over the public consciousness needs to be broken. I speak as a former addict of much of their product, obsessed over building a shrine to the video store days, which I foolishly glowed over nostalgically like many other bugmen my age.

If voting changed anything, it would be made illegal.

I try to maintain a system of 4 Pillars of rejuvenation:

1. Read
2. Exercise
3. Chant
4. Juice

I consider myself bispiritual, a follower of both Norse Paganism and Krishna Consciousness.

Sorry, but I reject being surrounded by non-whites in my own country against my consent in increasingly unacceptable amounts. And that is my right.

There is indeed a gay agenda, and it's all the more obvious today.

Yes, I am anti-semitic. It is advisable to never be critical of a prejudice that has demonstrated itself time and time again to be 100% justifiable. The banks, media, academia, Hollywood, porn, pop culture degeneracy, middle eastern chaos, mass immigration, 9/11, wars....all them.

I believe in The Imperial Germans. And in our eventual victory

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