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This is a video Hillary's super PAC made to compare Trump to Hitler, they took it down because it was having the opposite effect from what they intended, an ironic backfire to be sure.
They've inadvertently made Trump look like a fucking badass by putting him side by side with the greatest public orator in human history.

They broke the cardinal rule of trying to make someone look evil by comparing them to the Fuhrer. You _never_ do subtitling on Hitler's speeches. Once you show the sheep what Hitler was actually saying the intricate narrative of lies just start unraveling. You break the vague "evil man" facade so carefully constructed and show him as the loving patriot of Germany he was.

Song is by Right Wing Death Squad Entertainment who got shoah'd real quick on youtube when (((they))) realized the talents of this guy and didn't want him making more songs to awaken our people.
Song name: Blink 1488 - Hey There Europa
All his music, along with other shoah'd creators can be found here:!ko4SjQDS!37RRX8QkT_uUB76L8Oi7NA

Full credit for these videos go towards the autist who made them, Murdoch Murdoch. I suggest downloading these videos in case they are destroyed again.
Music: "Now We Are Free" by Lisa Gerrard

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Do your part to make our people great again!
Also, notice how there is no hate here and the original was shoah'd only because it was a positive message towards white people.

Reuploaded it because the first one I uploaded was an inferior version and white people deserve the very best! to watch on youtube since BitChute seems to have some problem with 720p for now.





I didn't make this, it's a reupload of 2dadsTV's video which was taken down on (((YouTube))). Also, fix your descriptions getting fucked BitChute!

I'll post their original video description here:

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