I think there are many who were surprised by the sudden occurrence. Straight to the point, the situation is that the old router has died due to electricity cuts. I am in a state of confusion and don't really know what to do, but for now, I'd like you all and the butterflies not to worry about me and keep enjoying the Virtual YouTubers' contents! If I return, at that time I hope for your support once again. To everyone who met me since 2013, to the butterflies who got involved with me and the Virtual YouTubers: Thank you so much. It was really fun until the day you and I met again. See you soon until now.

This is the second video of YunokiRoom to feature its new intro and outro, after Sucks Part 43 which was the first one who used only the outro.
Hi there! It's me Yunoki! I made Corona a VTuber because she really wants to promote my channel and get me popular! That video's thumbnail is actually an picture made for Valentine's Day, so that's why I decided to make that thumbnail in order to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Plus, who will be my Valentine? Nobody. Anyways, Corona will be appearing on her own channel and mine's.

YunokiRoom is an story about two main characters, Yunoki and Chiruno who went on a long journey through the drawn lands that people lived together because of its perfect atmosphere. There were many citizens in the island and those who came through had to return to the era of agriculture and gathering. The protagonist is Chiruno who runs through the towns and cities of Rainbow Island, vast fields and forests of the island. Who am I, where I from and where am I going? Found out next time in the end!
Information on the story will be updated on my blogs.
Music: (by Atelier Ladybird)

The return of El Sucks, but this time in an april fools video! Plus, Setsubun is ruined.

This is the second episode of Chaotic Carnival New Year Edition, this time focusing on an anime-styled video featuring two characters including an seraph, and a human. That puts an end to the message when I send an link relating to the game that appeared on Discord since the events of Els Sucks Part 34.

The triumphant return of El Sword Sucks!

平成27年08月20日 - 7歳~8歳
令和2年01月15日 - 12歳~13歳

Hey everyone! Today is the official gameplay video of Eden Eternal, and see as I try to level my character to level 16 by fighting monsters ingame!
(Recorded with

We have two new special guests today for this episode, and here they are...
Kaede-chan!'s Twitter:
Kaede-chan!'s Niconico:
And... Chaos Loki!
Chaos Loki's channel:
Chaos Loki's Twitter:
Since the two first appeared around October last year, I decided to put them in an new episode of YunokiRoom Web Anime.

So to all of those who thought that 11-year-old Flash-made MMO Ameba Pigg is gone, but it is still alive as an mobile browser MMO. Please share this video to anyone who don't know Ameba Pigg is still alive.

I'm very stressed right now... I have important things to say,Itosugi Shrine will start from January 1st, 2020 to January 31st, 2020 (Yaplog's end), and that's all. I am too stressed now, and when will I stop being stressed? Well...

Haru went to Maple Kingdom without being invited by the princess/knight Maple.

Hey everyone. It's the BitChute version of a notable video on YouTube. After 2 months of hiatus on this series, for this time, Part 39 is now merged with Part 40, so this makes it as the first episode of Season 5. If you want to watch this video on YouTube, then go to this link here


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Hello! It's YunokiRoom from YouTube. I mainly focus on videos featuring a daily life of my own Virtual YouTuber and Gamer, Yunoki and her friends on an crazy, weird and unusual situations. It is also the place where I recommend best MMORPGs and parody videos out of MMORPG games could be found of. Whether you're experienced or new in MMOs, I have advices in one place for you. I and you can make a maple tree so it could hold memories of you meeting me.