it's just a bot voice review of the GGK Jason Knight Kukri

it's a bit of work to assemble it, but the overall build is solid enough.
Started off as a pair of "x-members" that can be installed unto a few cans of your choosing.
It's a twig stove no doubt, but can burn a few "half/quarter batons" for longer sustained burns.
It's underrated for quick easy cooking and light warmth.


Kind of been eyeing this kukri for a few months or so. Once the opportunity opened it's self up, had to get it while it was around for pickup.
after all nothing like missing out on something you can no longer get regardless of technological advances.

It's a small kukri. Easy to carry on the belt more so than other ones in the collection. But the overall build quality is desirable.
Sharp enough to do much tasks, but the chakmak and karda will have to be secured somehow to avoid loss in the field/bush.

It's still early to say much about it, maybe a followup video or cameo can come half a year later.


There isn't much else to do.
Until then.

The Next Year

Rainy seasons.
Poncho alone is fine, but what about the walking and more involved aspects?
A rain suit will be a good investment if rain is going to be around for a rather long time.
as you can see, due to it's uniformity the suit resembles a but of a military uniform.
Kelly Kettle are good, about over an year in and still working well. the welded seems does prevent leakage.

I don't think new gear is going to be reviewed nor publicized anytime soon.
It's just a routine trip to the spots and not much changed fundamentally.
Still climbing up, and looking around for any signs of changes or opportunities.
Just been weeks or a month since visiting the hills.
Just learn to use or get hold of whatever you can get.
doesn't always have to be new or overtly technical.

a long all day hike, had to really push it to get around on time.

Two Hatchets/Choppers
-Hultafors Hultån Hatchet

the thing about these Swedish axes is that they tend to have somewhat polarizing views.
weather over praising to just seeing them "Gucci" of axes if that is even a thing.
They have their merits as lightweight outdoors hatchets. But it's something one would not recommend to say beginners or even someone who is "rough" with their tools.
They can be belt mounted to an extent, but the outdoors axe will be the lightest.
despite being categorized as "1lb/500gm" per head, they have a degree of asymmetry to their specs.
The length to even the thickness/girth of the hickory handle is not the same, though the grain orientation is acceptable and should hold up to several years or decade or so of use given one applies oil of their choice ever so often and develop a patina over time.
Although a number of woodsmen do have some bias against paracord augmentation in the form of over collars to even thongs to the holes at the end of the handles. They can be somewhat utilitarian if the length is just optimal for grip and hanging.
it's all a manner of personal choice.


something that can be useful if you have the strength and endurance to have it with you on the hikes and outings.
Pretty good, Tank Tough build and can be a good investment.

Just testing out some hatchets and knives.
nothing too crazy.

'Went on a day hike. Able to get to an 'vantage point. Very good view. But still close to the cities.
Much ground to cover still.

nothing much, just getting familiarized with the equipment and techniques.

Yep, a pile of dry twigs that is the area of a few city blocks.
The whole floor isn't dirt but a layer of twigs and pinecones.
Can smell the wood heating up from the sun's rays alone.

Lots of raptors in the area getting good kills.

Tora used to have a video about it, But seems to be not around anymore.

-Kukri or any convexed blades.
-Wet Sandpaper from 400-2000 grit
-Eva foam in a thicker slab
-water and spray
-gloves is optional but cleaner
-chamois wipes

-wet the sandpaper with water spray until even coating
-drag or strop the blades from spine to blade, the eva foam will form to the convex grind if the pressure and angle is correct
-apex, all about the apex
-8-12 strokes each side is adequate, anymore and it's simply grinding too much
-water down and wipes away each grit
-for final touches a leather strop and compound does wonders to very hone the blade.
-once again, it's all about the apex

if in doubt, there are other youtube demos out there than can do a better job of showing how to sharpen blades. But in terms of big blades, the wide and easy to use wet sandpaper with eva foam will do the trick for me.

well, after what is essentially an year.
The spot I used to frequent at times is still around surprisingly.
little to no-one has bothered to screw around in it. even the chairs and pit is intact.
Not Bad.

yep, nothing suspicious over here folks, just me having some recreating times.
Kukri and Tomahawk, a good pairing.

Nothing too crazy this time, just me and a small spot next to running water, all about light carry and mobility here.


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