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Hello everyone, I'm Yuunarii! But feel free to call me Yuu for short ^^
I'm a 21 year old girl from the Netherlands who likes Touhou, Yume Nikki, Pokemon, drawing, cartoons, animation, and bunch of other stuff.
I'm currently in my third year of college, studying IT & Media Design. Aside from that I own two pet bunnies named Bailey and Fudge.
I'm also a huge sucker for eurobeat and hyper techno music, so... You're warned...
I make animated/illustrated storytime and educational videos, with a pinch of weeb mixed in there.
I usually upload once every 1 or 2 months, mainly because my videos take quite a long time to make, plus I don't really have much spare time (thanks college). So I apologise for for the irregular video upload ^^;
Non the less, I hope you enjoy my videos :D