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After two years of renting this lovely house its time to move out. It's been a great house, in a great neighborhood but (unfortunately) rented from a not-so-great company called "Remax Advantage - Summerlin". Probably not the worst rental company in the world, but certainly the worst that I've used over the last decade of renting since moving to USA. Any contact with them, leaves a sour taste from their unprofessional handling of all reported problems, ignoring phone calls, voicemails and never replying to emails unless its to demand timely payment of rent.

REMAX - Only interested in collecting rent. Not interested in maintaining the property:

I gave up reporting the problems we had in the house, because none of the issues were ever addressed. The only time Remax sent a handymen to fix the various issues - the handymen arrived, fixed one problem, looked at the others, promised to return with parts and left. Never to return.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent/voicemailed/emailed/mailed a dozen times when I first moved in back in 2018.

"I’ve had no response to my three emails reporting these problems, so I am resorting to mailing this letter.

Remax has never given me a move-in inspection and although there are no major problems with the house I do have number of smaller problems I would like to report: Lots of damage spots and problems like blown bulbs and rear yard electrical problems to report.

House Issues
• Dishwasher intermittently shows an E24 error code – pump fault.
• Multiple in-roof bulbs do not work
• Microwave Lightbulbs over hob do not work
• Microwave Turntable is intermittent (motor does not always work)
• Front Guestroom Blind cord is not working
• Heavy chip on external pillar in front of garage door
• Front Door latch is faulty and sometimes sticks (leaving door unlocked)
• Carpet is very frayed on entry to downstairs main bedroom – this needs covering with something or it will spread.
• Master bathroom has holes in wall from a previous te..

It does rain in Las Vegas. quick little video upload test for BitChute.


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