Arrivals at Brisbane International Airport March 22, 2020.
Before hotel quarantine.
Before PCR.

Daniel Andrews is exactly what Max Igan calls him in this clip.

Mount Etna of Sicily has been putting on a spectacle throughout February, 2021. Photography by Giuseppe Torre. Music by Giuseppe Verdi.

Know your common law rights.

Mason is the star of the Bar. Posta Bar. Italy,

Audrey Hepburn in 1990 describing the greatest gift of all. Freedom.

Desenzano Lake Garda. Italy February 2021


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I am an Australian truth seeker with an interest in classic motion pictures and visual drama which is a unique language.

I support Reignite Democracy Australia
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I reject the mainstream narrative and believe in natural health, and immunity. I look forward to the downfall of the politicians and oligarchs who are controlling the majority of the world’s population and are guilty of genoocide, theft, crimes against humanity, treason and must be removed by the critical thinking human beings they refer to as slaves.

It’s not all doom and gloom. I love history and nature. The world is a beautiful place.