Anti-Lockdown Protest Being Unleashed All Over Italy as the Italians say NO to New Covid19 Laws!!

CCP Demands 11 million get a Covid19 Swab Test Qingdao City!!

The Flu is Disappearing & the Covid19 Vaccine could give you HIV!!

Mossad Bought the Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine to be Studies in Israel!!

China’s pushed New Sanctions against American defense companies!! THIS IS WAR!!

Incredible Footage of Armenia shots down an unmanned AN-2 Drone from Azerbaijan!

UFO's have been Spotted All Over California!!

Massive Pro-Abortion Protest in Poland!!

A Fleet of UFO's Seen in Hawaii by Thousands of Witnesses!!

Belarusian police in Minsk Belarus open fire towards crowd of peaceful protesters!!

Chinese craftsmen built Soviet ball-shaped Tank!!

New Safe Space Bubbles Mask!!

Brutal arrests of civilians in Berlin Germany during Anti-Lockdown protest!!

BLM Occupies Seattle Trader Joe’s Demanding 15 Percent to Black Communities!!

Massive Locust Infestation in Ethiopia!!

China Rolling Out Propaganda as Reality is rolling out Famine, Fires & Destruction!!

Chinese cryptocurrency trading platform recently collapsed a DAY after it Launched!!

World War 3 Looms as Russia, Iran & America pick sides in the Azerbaijan & Armenia War!!

Thousands of Italians in Naples Italy Rise Up against the New Lockdown Orders!!

Pfizer COVID19 Vaccine trial ongoing at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center!!

‘Murder Hornets’ Nest In America Found By Using Tiny Trackers in Dental Floss!

Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions in new documentary film!!

A Shadow Phenomenon Over the Mount Sundoro Volcano in Indonesia!!

Terrifying Creature in Underground Tunnel!!

Pentagon Spends $98.5B on a New Nuclear Missiles!!


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