A rough mix I made showcasing what a 3 minute long Heroes and Villains might sound like if it used Bicycle Rider as its chorus and fade. Is it historically accurate? I have no idea, but it does at least only use sections that existed in some form (albeit missing overdubs or with a different backing track entirely in the case of Children Were Raised) as far back as January 3. It's also only 3 minutes long, which makes it short enough to realistically be a single. In my opinion, the most questionable thing here is the transition from Mission Pak to DYLW Part 4; I think it may be too awkward a connection to be plausible.

Of course, this mix sort of assumes that Bicycle Rider takes the role of a chorus, appearing after both verse sections. It's possible that in an early January H&V, Bicycle Rider would have only occurred once. Sections recorded around this time but not used in this mix include:

- Do a Lot
- Part 1 Tag
- the early "chimes" version of what became the H&V Intro that is often used with but not actually a part of Fire; this version was slated as part 3, which seems to imply that it was used in the middle rather the start of the song at this point
- Bag of Tricks (possibly an experimental session; possibly intended to be used as a sound collage with various layers of overdubs fading in and out; if it was the latter, perhaps pieces of it were intended as overdubs for the "chimes" part 3, hence why the later Intro seems to borrow ideas from both)

Since Cantina was called part 2 when initially recorded, and judging by the complete absence of Bicycle Rider from the well-known safety copy mix included in the Smiley Smile/Wild Honey 2fer, I suspect that Cantina was the replacement for Bicycle Rider, so it doesn't make sense to have both in the same mix.

Sources used for this mix in order of use:
1. Verse 1&2 - Alternate Smile Sessions Box Set (fan mix by sydsutcliffe) Vol. IV Disc 7 "Verse 1 & 2 ('Twofer' Mix, Mono)" (itself presumably sourced from TSS or Smiley Smile/Wild Honey 2fer)
2. Bridge to Indians - The Smile Sessions disc 2 track 18 "Heroes and Villains: Verse Edit Experiment"
3. Bicycle Rider (1st half) - The Smile Sessions disc 3 track 4 "Do You Like Worms: Part 4 (Bicycle Rider)"
4. Bicycle Rider (2nd half with vocals) - The Smile Sessions disc 1 track 4 "Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)" (taken from 2nd chorus)
5. Bicycle Rider (short fragment at the end, needed because the prior source cuts to the next section too early) - The Smile Sessions disc 1 track 4 "Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)" (taken from 1st chorus)
6. Children Were Raised & Three Score and Five - Smiley Smile/Wild Honey 2fer track 23 "Heroes And Villains (Alternate Take)" (itself presumably sourced from TSS or Smiley Smile/Wild Honey 2fer)
7. acapella bridge/verse with backing track - Alternate Smile Sessions Box Set (fan mix by sydsutcliffe) Vol. IV Disc 7 "Verse 4 - Track & Back Vox ('Twofer' Mix, Mono)" (itself presumably sourced from TSS)
8. Mission Pak - The Smile Sessions disc 2 track 9 "Heroes and Villains: Mission Pak"
9. 1st half of DYLW Part 4 - The Smile Sessions disc 3 track 4 "Do You Like Worms: Part 4 (Bicycle Rider)"
10. Bicycle Rider (2nd half with vocals) - same source as 4
11. Bicycle Rider (short fragment at the end) - same source as 5
12. Bicycle Rider (2nd half with vocals) - same source as 4

I could have used some better sources and made a lot of this mix in stereo, but I was just trying to get an idea of how the whole thing would sound.

Also, every Bicycle Rider stereo mix I've ever heard seems to be a bit off to me; the indian chants seem too quiet. Even TSS mono mix seems to make the vocals as a whole a bit too loud relative to the backing track. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to sync the various Unsurpassed Masters tracks to isolate each layer of overdubs. If I could, I could potentially make my own stereo mix of that section that balances everything out in terms of relative volume.

I edited this together using Audacity: https://www.audacityteam.org

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I'm pretty sure this mix falls under fair use. It is intended for nonprofit educational purposes, is rather transformative (there are 11 cuts and 9 different source recordings that make up this 3 minute mix), and certainly is not a substitute for any of the officially released versions of H&V. Seriously, you can listen to every official release on YouTube, so you're only listening to this one if you're a nerd curious about how the song COULD have sounded.

Will add full description later...

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The original version of the episode uploaded to YouTube on 2015-05-09. It was recorded using Fraps and edited using VSDC Free Video Editor.

This re-edit was originally published on 2019-07-29 and was edited using Kdenlive.

🎶Intro Music: "How it Begins" by Kevin MacLeod
Visit his website: https://incompetech.com/
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

🎶Meme Music: "Roundabout" by Yes
from their 1971 album Fragile
℗ 1972 Atlantic Recording Corporation
used under fair use

Sheep voice by SethBling
sourced from Bite-Size Minecraft 2 (2013)
used under fair use

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