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Hey guys thanks for watching. This was a edgy video sorry but it just needed to be said.!

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hey guys thanks for watching. this topic brought me back a few years in time. lmao

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hey guys thanks for watching. be sure to check out my bitchute , and my website.

Hey guys thanks for watching. Be sure to check out my website and my bitchute.

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Hey guys thanks for watching. Im useing a new mic / its not as good as mt old one , however this one is a headset and allows me be more flexible in my recording vs using my blue snowball. Regardless let me know feedback. Also be sure to leave what you think in the comments if you disagree im open to political discourse.


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Hey whats up im Medicinal Trolls and welcome to my channel. We are a somewhat old channel from youtube and as the youtube censorship started I decided to leave and come to Bit-Chute. My old Content can still be found on my old channel as a tribute to my legacy fans.However Im moving forward into Bit-Chute.

I am a Commentator on a various amount of subjects such as news/politics , Internet culture/gaming. Also I do Trolling and gaming and often mix the two with political or other forms of commentary. We also do a various amount of other wacky and crazy shit so its worth getting on board and going for the ride.


-Do not try to replicate anything you see on this channel at home- (Recomended-18Yo) >Use common sense<

Also This channel may also sometimes use vulgur language or sexual themes , racism or just very bad or fucked up shit and should often be taken as a joke unless I make it clear its fact not fiction.