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LINK TO FULL RESPONSE VID: https://rumble.com/vgurlj-attacked-by-ucd-professor-joshua-clover-a-message-to-chancellor-may.html
WATCH THE ORIGINAL ENCOUNTER: https://rumble.com/vgivqt-uc-davis-anti-cop-mob-assaults-us.html

We demand action after a UC Davis professor of English riles up a mob and attacks student and alumnus. Will the cops off campus movement live to continue terrorizing others?

Link to their horrendous lecture: https://video.ucdavis.edu/media/May%203%20Lecture/1_mc0apn42

Absolutely every single piece of information in this video is incorrect and should be regarded. Do not share this video with your friends who are planning on taking the jab

Filmed November 7, 2020 @ Phoenix, AZ
At the very least, this SHOULD prove he is not Antifa... or is this a false flag operation?
HIS FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/yellowstonewolfff
HIS BACKSTAGE (taken down): https://i.imgur.com/dY91BMK.jpg

Didn't know my first ever interview would be with a legendary figure...
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Using Kirby's work, a reflection of Joe Biden's deteriorating brain tissue over time.
Thank you to The News Junkie's Cartoons for having archived many of these clips.

Original airdate: 12/18/2020


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