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This short video speaks to the leap in human consciousness needed now if we are to obtain freedom from psychopathic rulers. The culling of humankind going on now is making that obvious. The paradigm shift for the new millennium.

This video offers an audio-visual presentation of my blogpost of the same name. It speaks to the importance of Christ's message for these days.
Sound effect: Freesound Gevaroy Bells
Thumbnail "St George ..Dragon Slayer" by rubyblossom. is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

An audio-visual presentation based on my blogpost of the same name. This video speaks to the paradigm shift humanity must make if our species is to successfully deal with the psychopaths among us.
Sound- "bomb-hit-planet.ogg produced by jorgerosa

This video is based on a blogpost of the same name
It is about the psychopaths among us.

This short video provides justification for the Rastafarians' claim of divinity for Haile Selassie. It fulfills the Rasta's belief that they were given a special form of Revelation.
Paradigm shift for End Times.

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Song= New World Order Pt. 1

Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski, in his book Political Ponerology, implores humanity to unite around a core of conscience. This video explores that idea.
Music clip- Free Music Archive, Redemption by Audiobinger

FYI- Amazing Polly ( Bitchute) offers additional examination of Dr. Lobaczewski's ideas

This video is a visual interpretation of my blogpost entitled
IT IS GOING TO BE BIBLICAL - Read along if you wish at See my other posts there as well.
This is the bird's eye view. For all the gory details visit channels like AMAZING POLLY, LAURA LYNN TYLER-THOMPSON, MCALLISTERTV and many others

This audio-visual presentation is based on my blogpost of the same name at
It is about the psychopaths running the show.


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