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a scripture reading for today, which is a sabbath. it is the 15th day of the 2nd moon (aka 2024-05-23). footnotes were already removed from my site, i just cleaned the code so that it can be loaded offline without being garbled by footnotes..

a track i made in 2019 using linux multimedia studio (LMMS)

guys, watch out for girls who dumped their ex!! them's trouble!! (if they dumped their former lover, and and looking for another, that's the adulterous woman proverbs warns about)

deu 6:5, love yahweh. do u call yrself christian? how do u love yahweh?

*WHOLE FOODS has good, non-halal lamb, NOT winco.

genesis 1, exodus 12, exodus 20...
with the lunar sabbath, the day to take a lamb is never a sabbath. but with the hillel ii, gregorian, repeating 7 day week, it may occur on a sabbath, which is problematic.

*16GB micro sd card, not 16TB.
this is an initial start-up, power-on, first impressions review.

actually my favorite fruit right now is pineapple, by far.

TOPICS (in order of discussion)

new book of scripture needed
new translation of matthew
from torah reverent perspective
new collection of books to replace 66
paul's false apostleship, etc.
the del tondo debacle

prayer in public? weird. no. pray in secret!

irony and sarcasm are weak

no voter ID
voting problems

no drugs, not even caffeine, for almost 4 years

shop small business!

how the scriptural calendar works

About (my lineage)
1500's France, French Wars of Religion, Huguenots

Yahshua is the Messiah
Greatest Commands
Love Yahweh -> Obey commands, Faithfulness
Love neighbor
genesis chronologies, LXX is better
(overall, LXX is MUCH worse!)

Church Govt Connection
real estate tax breaks
501c3 nonprofit & no talk of govt or voting
501c3 tax deductible influence

Intellectual Property Law
Against Intellectual Property, Kinsella
Von Mises Institute
Austrian Economics

Psychiatry, DSM
Robert Whitaker
Thomas Szasz

Alt Tech
mobile phone
lineage os
pinephone pro
(google's new iron curtain)

Election Integrity
Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, etc.
the usa has been overthrown by a couo d'etat
state constitutions and sucession

earth is an oblate spheroid
dark matter, dark energy, and black holes are fiction
structured atomic model
liquid sun
craters - electrical discharge
Eugene Bagashov, electrical scarring patterns
Stochastic electrodynamics
c-decay and zero point energy (questionable but i enjoy their unique views and nonconformance)
birkeland currents
inaccuracy of radio-carbon dating

(this list of topics is not a comprehensive list of everything that could be discussed in a presentation like this... but perhaps it's a start)

i forgot to say: the fiat currency should of course be voided in favor of gold and silver... but my point is that the 1st commandment needs to be heeded
Elohim means Powers
Yahweh means He Who Causes To Exist

From 2019-07. Original music! this was a test video i made and i think it's pretty funny because it epitomizes the youtube video genre without actually having real content.

UPDATE: "" has been moved to:

OBEY: Jesus' true salvation beats Paul's false salvation
"obey" graffiti
goal: obey the commands

The enslavement of driver's licenses, and life without ID
goal: change the agreement, the law

vote with your money: private, local, small business
goal: prefer, and even pay more for private businesses
so we still have choice and aren't controlled

no virgin birth: justin martyr said yahshua was born of joseph
believe in yahweh, obey the commands

the problem with credit/debit cards
goal: use other payment methods

bankruptcy and biden's righteousness?!: every 7 years

canon of scripture, the roman empire, and the early believers

Natural Flavors: beaver anus secretions and bugs

christ's salvation instruction, to obey the commands, sounds a lot different than what you may have heard. this video is intended to focus on that, to set the record straight.

whoa.. it's been a while

This video was made to address questions and concerns as to whether or not Paul was a false apostle or a false prophet. This video includes Part 1, Part 2, and an addendum @ 33:20. Original posted on March 23, 2020.

Dear BitChute audience,
This is a mirror of from the channel titled Scriptural Assessments. I did not make this video. I have uploaded this video to BitChute because of its high quality and importance. I believe in Jesus and have studied this matter for about 10 years and am very confident that Paul is a liar. Trust Jesus, and live a life of repentence and obedience to Jesus.

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