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Mirrored from Hall of Fame Truther Russianvids.

Mirrored from Hall of Fame Truther Russianvids.

The Voice of Reason talks to his awake kids about the Jacksonville hoax. This was definitely a 'Father of The Year' moment. You can check out some great videos on Voice Of Reason channel at

Freemasonry discussion with WWE Star Chris Jericho. Original upload by Russianvids -

One of truth community's best, ODD TV YouTube Channel, has put out a great piece on Alex Jones and how the biggest truth movement figure is nothing more than controlled opposition. Please support ODD and his amazing work @

Nathan Oakley and his FE panel @ Flat Earth Debate with Mick West discussing his curvature calculator. Mick West could not provide scientific proof and agreed that his curvature calculator is based on assumptions with regards to earth's radius value.

Please support Nathan and his awesome FE debates -
Also, check Out some of The Top Flat Earth Footage @Taboo Conspiracy -

Original upload by Hall of Fame Truther Russianvids -

Church Of Satan High Priest Admits The US Military & Police Infiltrated By Satanists. Original upload by Russianvids -

Truth in movies and lies in the news. Original upload by Russianvids -

Not all the Astro-Nots received the memo regarding viewing stars in 'Space'. So, they came up with an answer on their own.

RV provides proof that all major sports are rigged including MLB, NBA and NFL.

Another expensive bottle rocket went up and then came back down into the ocean by the Russian space agency. Original upload by Russianvids -

Shane Dawson's brother dishes out some good info for those wondering why people question the heliocentric globe model.

RV brings to light another 33 Freemasonry coded celebrity death (retirement) hoax. Simply, just shock value from the psychopaths that create our reality and dish it out to the celebrity addicted masses. Important to note that these psychopaths control all aspects of our lives including news, education, finance, military and entertainment.

RV dishes out a little too much truth while debating Red's Rhetoric and the other shills.
Original upload by Russianvids -

Final part of Russianvids series on our scripted reality. Original upload by Russianvids -

RV breaks down the 9/11 false flag event, and other signs and symbols behind our scripted reality.
Original upload by Russianvids -

RV breaks down recent events, the sign and symbols behind our scripted reality.
Original upload by Russianvids -

Our good friend, Russianvids analyses the Santa Fe shooting hoax and exposes the freemasonic clues hidden in plain sight.


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Russianvids, Peekay Truth and MAG Bitter Truth YouTube Archive. All of their works bringing truth was wiped out due to YouTube censorship.