Dad Teaches, and Words to my Son

A look at Women's march and feminism, BLM and Antifa - Should you support these groups?

And I know - I typo'd the banner in this.

Dad is irritated today

A brief talk on 3 areas to focus resilience.

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and a framework to think critically

In short - Don't Quit

Stop thinking with what you're told to think, and start paying attention

Starting this channel - I'd like to record some topics that I talk to with my son, and I hope they are useful for others that their dad's can't be there everyday to talk to about stuff.


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This are topics that I talk to my son about almost daily. I realize that many boys out there might not have a dad at home every day, and I imagine that these topics would be discussed at home if those boys did.

This channel can also be for the girls without dad at home, though knowing how boys see things differently than girls do when they're younger, I talk as if I'm talking to my son.

Having a son and 2 daughters, I can talk from a dad's perspective to young women also.