I saw a tweet the other day, it mentioned the 10 stages of Genocide. I conclude we are at least 7 steps in, with a strong leaning towards the denial phase too.
I don't go all heavy on the Genocide aspect but consider a discussion with a friend who isn't from the UK. A lot of what we see going on is an infiltration of appealing to the middle ground merchants who can never detect the many subtle changes going on. When challenged, if conditions became dire in the UK, they would leave and head back home. This isn't a xenophobic or racist post, the complete opposite. Indeed it is about recognising how the system takes advantage through the act of subversion.

Hi there, a very short technology/money based video. I put them up occasionally to impress upon us how important it is to understand sound money. I realise a lot of people hate cryptocurrencies, AI, Big Data, but as a technologist - I am certain a key part of empowering people is to also build our own technology solutions.
In case you are wondering about the white bits on the jacket - I am on the last day of a cold and it is tissue - so much for facemasks. :D

Hello, I am not an anti-vaxxer (but you are allowed to be) but what I have come upon appears to support what Michael Yeadon and other non-mainstream scientists and theorists have been putting out on the Vaccine rollout. This videos is 38 minutes long, I realise it may not be the most well presented, dynamic etc, but you must watch it. You can fast-forward to 25 minutes if you want to skip my overview on the pandemic and my lines of enquiry.

To summarise;
- Vaccine Deaths and/or side-effects are much higher than are being put out.
- Vaccine Deaths/injury is the same for each shot taken. Just because you endured two jabs doesn't mean you will endure the third.
- Vaccine deaths - I propose, are not age-independent. This is counter to the coroanvirus infection data which clearly has Age as a predictor of morbidity and severe covid (ICU admissions).
- Once you consider the substantial misreporting on Covid numbers, the numbers I am proposing - based off of real numbers, are alarming. Those claiming it is less than those dying of Covid really aren't thinking very hard.

Finally, given the time it takes to do these videos, and that I am not a presenter - I will only be doing walk and talks, or the occasional quick thought experiments. I am now in the solutions phase.

If you think you want to work with me on this in the future, please let me know.

What is the mood on the ground? What have people taken the time to think through on the pandemic? Not very much.

A pincer movement has been created, and it has been systemic. If you tell this to 95 people out of 100, they will refuse to accept it. 2 or 3 will accept it is a possibility, but quickly dismiss it because the threat is real etc and you are left with yourself and one or two others hoping this can't be real.
This pandemic or scamdemic, has been vital in ushering in these new systems and despite all the evidence - people are either refusing to accept it or haven't got the skills to understand it.
What is vital to get from this video is that you are screwed whether you choose to comply or not. Indeed, I think life expectancy is higher if you don't comply and if enough don't comply it can't work.
I have really thought hard about putting this video out, because it sounds like a dystopian nightmare, but when I run through the different scenarios, it seems highly probable where this is heading. This was predicated by a call I had yesterday with a conservative friend who said where it is heading and I laughed it off. This hasn't been a laughing matter for a long time now.

What I am connecting in this video is chilling if real and unfortunately, everything points to it.
It isn't complacency, I assumed that, whilst the plan to destroy the economy and build back better was there, the infrastructure wasn't in place for it. Mostly, so far, we have seen smoke and mirrors by government and media in terms of incorrect data and misinformation on the severity of Covid. Enough people have been placated by government handouts and they have been able to run up massive balance sheet deficits. The voracity at which this restructuring of society is taking place.

This video is a whistlestop review of the many ways in which misinformation in the mainstream media has duped people into believing the lies and telling themselves the lies. It is not enough to claim there was uncertainty, how could we know etc. Look at this video to be more of a summary on examples of different media formats duping you.

You can view part one, here.

My introduction to it is here

Remember Hart Island in New York?
Remember those dropping dead in the streets in China?
Remember the double counting on Covid numbers by PHE?

So, I am winding down doing these videos. Not because I don't care about what has been going on through media and government misinformation. Instead, I think I have pretty much evolved my thinking on the subject matter and now need to move onto solutions. So videos will be appearing on here, but they won't be as planned.

This is the first video of two on why people have managed to convince themselves and be convinced on how severe the scamdemic is.

The introduction is here.

I plan to do a more targeted video covering specific examples on how the information being presented through the mainstream is false. Indeed, even a modicum of critical thought is all that is needed to ensure Covid is treated with the correct amount of signficance.

This is not denigrate from those who may have lost people from Covid but understanding the true nature of it is vital.

The biggest hurdle to solving the pandemic is people themselves. This is an introduction to two upcoming videos on the technical reasons why people lies to themselves and then specific examples on how people have been subjected to propaganda, and often chosen to simply believe it.

As an aside, I am stopping doing these videos soon. Any videos after this series will either be walk and talks, or new topics altogether relating to technology. It takes too much time. The goal was never about becoming famous - ewwww, but to put out ideas which may help offer a different way of looking at things. More importantly, I try to offer solutions rather than just problems.

The next video covers why we are easily fooled and can lie to ourselves. The final video covers clear examples of the types of information, which given a small amount of critical thinking, can help you untangle the misinformation.

Absolutely not. Change must happen. This picture, for those who knows London - is Picadilly Circus. Police stationed all over, whilst zombies shuffle around in masks bumping into each other. London is done.

Dropped through London earlier and caught some of the ahem.... protests.
I just wanted to put some thoughts about why protests happen, what the pain points are of people going to the protest and why simply labeling them anti-vaxers, conspiracy theorists is not only offensive - it is stupid as these people are risking themselves to stand up for your rights.

Even if you are scared of Covid, understand things aren't right.

Hi again, a few more thoughts on the technocracy -the idea that government is going to work with big tech to create this control-grid rating based system. The key thing is, people can't avoid technology because we think it is enslaving us. Instead, embrace it and build our own solutions.

Thanks guys.

Very short observation on people and why are they continuing to wear masks.

The recurring theme on Covid and the scamdemic is that the majority have handed their brains into the government media department. I find it no different when talking to people about their pensions as I do about Covid - the outcome is the same, it isn't something the majority has given much thought to at all.

This video goes through the many genuine outcomes from people continuing to be in denial over what the government and media has done to them - these problems are real.

These videos aren't about waking people up, instead they are ideas and observations the more aware can take to their own experiences. One of the common ones is people trying to pass people off as "Covid deniers" or "Anti vaxxers" or some other term given to them by the TV man to repeat without thinking. Are we really at the point where - 16 months on, we can snigger at somebody who we call a conspiracy theorist, when the reality is their children's lives have been ruined, somebody has committed suicide, or harmed by the health service being destroyed?

A very brief video going over why people cannot shake the indoctrination and fearmongering.

Today, Boris Johnson announced that it wasn't the vaccine which is stopping infections, but lockdowns. When will people wake up?

Doubling down, not admitting you were duped, were conned by government is hard for most. A classic sunk cost fallacy - being locked in our home, not seeing family for a year and a half, wearing masks. It had to be for something?
Please wake up. Stop letting pride help you admit that we should have focused on the right interventions targeting the right people who needed help. Not destroying all of society.

No disrespect to my friend I was talking to. I don't understand what makes people defend things they haven't researched and doesn't understand.

This video goes through a brief conversation I had with a friend who wears masks everywhere they go and in their workplace.


Convid probably?

Hi there, was walking home earlier, thought I would take the time to do a brief video with an example of people subjecting themselves to government and leaving their brains behind.

I don't want to demonise old people. However, everybody has to be aware how they have been manipulated during the scamdemic. It is vital we understand what has happened to society. Government and the media is running rings around people and enough is enough.

Try to take my key concepts onboard and start walking the walk and talking the talk.

Remember, don't be a hater - except towards evil politicians and lying media :)

I try to cover a bit of the history and present day situation in relation to the data, the government, the media, the government on Covid. More importantly, the perception of most individuals - people, why do they think what they do?
I finally touch upon solutions which I see vital to unwinding this mess and removing the power from government and the media legitimately.
Do I believe a mass awakening will solve it? No, it will never happen. What we can hopefully do is to wake up enough people in the right places by presenting stark realities and data on

Nobody wants to entertain going anywhere near a doctor or hospital during Covid, but children do need caring for, don't they? Don't they?

I dunno. Hopefully my son is well, but it now seems like sending your child to A&E for a possible ear infection because doctor surgeries doesn't want to make the call on what it could be is par for the course in the UK's National Health Service?

I don't like using instances like this, because it is personal, but maybe people will realise there isn't an NHS any more.

I can only imagine the horror people are being made to suffer through because of the Evil tyranny of British Parliament's attitudes towards Covid.

I was out for a walk yesterday, I wanted to try and explain the spirit of the Realists. Those who have had to confront the atrocities inflicted upon us by the government, health experts, and of course - the media.

Out on a walk - where are we. We have deniers and we have realists. Some thoughts on events as people slowly start to wake up. One such friend said today "I'm not taking two different vaccines".

Deniers are those who refuse to take new facts onboard.

I don't know if this will help anybody, but we seem to easily pleased to be told that something isn't harmful, when indeed - these are statistical tricks and not science.

I revisit Covid case numbers (now, the smart people may correctly assert that we don't have many elderly lorry drivers).
Then, I cover how it was possible to state that leukemia was not linked to electricity pylons.
Finally, I propose a model which I would build to try and understand whether it is right to claim that the vaccine doesn't present a risk to people.

I picked 3 newspapers which most of the general public will read to try and understand what is happening. Take a look at this photo and tell me if there are "a few hundred" protestors. Furthermore, why doesn't the media try to understand a single relevant complaint?
I propose there are two types of people now -
1 - Those completely unwilling and incapable of thinking and questioning, to the point of being dangerously ignorant. The latest protests against government's handling of coronavirus - are spreading covid for example...
2 - Those who, whilst fewer in numbers are becoming the super-species of thinkers.


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Hey there.

Now, is not the time for hiding. Hiding behind a collective, worrying about what our boss, friend, or family thinks is done and gone. We are facing an existential threat to our way of life.

Normally, I work in technology consultancy and build data based solutions. Am close to relaunching a property platform and hope to start using those solutions in many ways to disseminate decent information on the economy, covid and markets to help us become more successful and empowered people.

We have to start talking about the reality of 2020, how governments have over-played their Covid hand and how unless we start coming up with ways to make it clear to everybody they have been taken advantage of - everything we ever knew will be permanently changed forever.

If you want to know more about me - drop me a message. I have a blog at