The one where I start DTOTW back up again because holy shlamoly is Twitter getting crazier and crazier by the minute.

Expect a new video every Saturday, or every-other Saturday.

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Popular Twitch streamer MrChanChan was just banned. He was partnered with Twitch, and as of now no reason has been given. This comes as Twitch is rolling our their new categories, including "Hot Tub."

If you don't know who MrChanChan is, he's one of the most gracious, humble, wholesome streamers Twitch had to offer.

MrChanChan YouTube Channel:

A small video talking about what I'm doing, like anyone cares.

The one where lefty jackasses make the argument FOR the electoral college without realizing it.

ABC4 Utah has doxxed a paramedic after hackers leaked Kyle Rittenhouse's defense donor list. They dropped his name, his town, and his paramedic unit in a web story AND LIVE ON THE 10 O'CLOCK NEWS.

It's the CNN Trump meme story all over again.

Article with video:

It is now illegal for vaping companies to ship their product to you, even though you had to show ID for the delivery person to hand them to you.

Now, you have to go to the store for them. "In a pandemic." Clown world.

The one where stupid people talk stupidly about guns, again.

The one where a lot of people hoped, nay, PRAYED, that the Capitol Rammer was a white guy.

You could hear the "WOMP, WOMP" from space.


AP reacts to Dark Ninja on Cog's stream

The one where if you don't just allow cities to become states, you're a racist.

The one where white supremacists totally marry black chicks because....

I dunno, these people are so friggen stupid I think a blood vessel in my brain just popped.

"The Big Lie" is the title given to the assertion by former US President Donald Trump that there was widespread election fraud in the 2020 elections, and that the Pres personally called Georgia election officials to pressure them into finding fraud. The phone call did take place, but the mainstream media completely MADE UP quotes and attributed them to Pres Trump.

They issued a correction MONTHS later, and here we are.

*I thought this video uploaded correctly. I WATCHED IT YESTERDAY. But now, it doesn't work. BITCHUTE FIX YOUR SHIT. This is unacceptable.

The one where Tim Pool talks out of his ass, and his fans seriously talk about forcing female soldiers to take birth control.

The Scottish parliament passed an extraordinarily draconian piece of legislation today, basically gutting the freedom of speech for the entire country.

Well... not the ENTIRE country. See, if you're a "protected class," you're... protected! See? Free speech hath been protected! Oh, but not you males, and especially not you straight males. Yuck. Ew, and you straight white males? Into jail with you for up to 7 years. Go on. Go. Jail. You posted a mean tweet and a woman complained. Jail for 7 years.

Exactly what the title says.

People on social media are losing their minds over a Burger King UK tweet. Lets have a look, shall we?

The one where a beloved children's author is cancelled, and a fat millionaire thinks he can tell an entire state what to do.

The one where an Asian reporter is called a "white supremacist who isn't white."

Following Tiger Woods' horrific car accident that might have ended his professional golf career, Roseanna Arquette lamented the fact that the mainstream media were paying TOO much attention to his crash and not enough attention to goings-on in the Senate. I'm not kidding.

The thread:

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Someone's mad they never got invited onto Joe Rogan's podcast.

As you are probably aware, the US Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump today.

The salt immediately started to flow. Here are a few snippets for you to laugh at.

A cancel culture-denier gets cancelled, says he believed in cancel culture this whole time PLUS a bonus runner-up!

Follow me on all the socials you know, the thing.

"I'm not here to talk about my transition, I'm here to kick some FUCKING ASS"

*I'm sorry everyone, I thought this video uploaded and published correctly. I was wrong. For some reason, I have to upload videos about 4 or 5 times to BitChute to get them to publish. It just 404'd on me my previous attempt, so this is attempt #5.

Nothing to see here, just people daydreaming about genociding an entire, huge group of people they don't like. It's perfectly fine, you can't be racist toward them, anyway. Fantasizing about putting them all on a super-barge and floating the barge off into the sea is perfectly normal, completely sane and rational thinking.

Oh wait, no, you're a monstrous, racist piece of shit.

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