Boy howdy, were there a lot of dumb tweets about this crap. For the life of me, I don't know how you could follow even 15 minutes of this trial and still come down on the side of Amber Heard. She's a lunatic. She's a psycho. She's a drug-addled bag.

Poly Dub made a reference on the AAA

Mike Huckabee put out a Tweet calling on Elon Musk to end anonymity on Twitter barely a week after penning an article on his website blasting the Washington Post for doxxing LibsOfTikTok. Not only did he get thoroughly dragged in the replies, he received a brief lesson in US history, as many of the Founder had to write under a pseudonym for fear of reprisals from the British.

Oh, before I forget, here's an archive link to the article he wrote on his website about LibsOfTikTok's doxxing:

News broke this morning that billionaire Elon Musk sent Twitter a purchase offer, and leftists completely lost their minds. Twitter is a private company and can do what it wants, but at the same time Twitter is the public square and a single person owning it is "dangerous for our democracy."

Weird how that works, huh? Oh, and Elon Musk is the literal devil and an evil person because... he's rich. Nobody tell George Soros, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, or the heads of the World Economic Forum. You know, actual evil people who have done actual evil things.

"Thor" Benson (I still refuse to believe that's his real first name) bragged on Twitter about harassing Andy Ngo at a bar in New Orleans, causing Andy to leave.

Welp, turns out that wasn't Andy Ngo, and "Thor" accosted some random dude he thought looked like Andy. OOPS.

So my good buddy Sinatra_Says caught a "Nudity" strike on his main channel this morning... for a private year+ old stream that has no nudity in it. He can't stream on his main for three months, appeal immediately rejected.

Thanks, algorithm! You're so great.

Today we delve into the depths of psychotic political partisanship. Our subject, Mark Judson, is a 2020 North Carolina congressional primary loser who would like you to know that if you're anywhere to the right of Mao, he wants you dead. He hates you with a passion. You're worse than the Taliban.

Expect a lot of "That's not all" and "But wait, it gets crazier" in this video. This guy honestly thinks he has a shot at a Congressional seat with these tweets still up. And bear in mind, I only went back THREE DAYS to get all of these. This disgusting insanity has been a thing on Twitter since 2019.

This guy is actually running in 2022, though it's not clear to me as of uploading whether its in District 4 or District 7.

Scumbag's Twitter:

The one where I come across one of the absolute dumbest takes on the Waukesha attack that anyone could have ever made, ever. It's so dumb I feel dumber for having read these tweets.

The one where I do a part two because these galaxy brains decided to wait until after the first video was already uploaded to spew their nonsense. SAY THEIR NAMES!

The one where a bunch of people obviously have no idea about any of the facts of the Rittenhouse trial, and don't care as long as it furthers their race narrative.

The one where a lot of people either don't know or don't care about the actual facts of the Rittenhouse trial.




Falling deeper and deeper into the bubble of their own creation, CNN again denies the reality that Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe was an unlikeable schmuck and instead blamed his loss on racism. Because of course they did.

The one where my account was suspended over... sarcasm? That's really, really dumb.

Look, I'm not a fan of Biden at all. But stuff like this makes me mad. Why do you feel the need to scrunch the dude's face up like that, to make him look like some demonic imp? There are literally hundreds of things to criticize him on, this ain't it, chief.

The one where an internet "troll slayer" thinks you should die if you don't take the coof jab.

Follow me on all the socials, you know, the thing.

The one where a dumb woman thinks men in the United States don't pay child support, or something. Also, USSR policies were actually good and feminist, or something.


The "Justice for J6" rally turned out to be a huge flop.

Not surprising, since everyone and their grandmother was urging people not to attend. Still, didn't stop the MSM from turning out in HUGE numbers, and fedbois trying to "blend in" with the small number of real people who did show.

Of course, afterward, the media patted themselves on the back. Job well done, lads.

The one where Occupy Democrats think denying a person medical services because of their politics is great, and they rightly (and surprisingly) get crapped on in the comments. CONGRATULATIONS Dems, common sense is starting to re-emerge!

Australia has taken Covid measures to a dystopian and, some would argue, a Gestapo-esque level. I agree.

Don't want to get the experimental coof jab? Well, these totally not fascists think you shouldn't have any human rights. I mean, you're not even really a person until you get the jab. Nazis? Stalin? Who are they? Don't you know we're in a pandemic? You have an obligation to everyone else, didn't you know that?

The metaphorical masks continue to slip as the authoritarian leftoids keep saying the quiet part out loud. They want everyone to get the jab or they want you dead. This isn't funny anymore.

The guy who's been fired from every news outlet he's ever worked for decides it's perfectly fine to go out of your way to dox Spotify subscribers of Nick Fuentes.

This guy is a psycho who should be shunned from the public discourse.

The one where a bunch of blithering idiots, who think they're very intelligent, talk straight out of their ass about the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution.

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