Zarathustra's Serpent

The chronicle of becoming a monster

Yet another video deemed too racy for YouTube. Originally uploaded on September 2017.

Continuing our trip. In this episode we go through the Wonderland of cinema.

There's a new Tarantino movie out! Time to rewatch this video I made about his work.

Yet another Antisemitism debunking video that was removed by YouTube. I sense a pattern.

Originally uploaded on November 9th, 2017.

The current state of the culture war

Part 2 of the series discussing the history of psychedelia and the sixties counter-culture.

Uploading my YouTube series on psychedelia here, since YouTube is becoming a tougher place

Blocked on YouTube on bullshit copyright claims

Originally Published on Jun 17, 2018, and recently removed by YouTube for some inexplicable reason. I've removed the parts I think might be the offending parts, and re-uploaded because I see this as an important video. We explore how the Ctrl-Left and the Alt-Right help each other.

Magazine - Shot By Both Sides
Sly & the Family Stone - Everyday People
Army of Lovers - Israelism

Mainstream media attacks Sargon of Akkad and accuses him of promoting Antisemitism. Let's try to figure out why.

My video on the gateway lies to Antisemitism:

Originally uploaded to YouTube on 31/12/2018. YouTube has now decided to remove it, which I have to admit is a funnier joke than anything in the video. Touche, YouTube!


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