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Warriors of the Light are coming together.

You will know us by our fruit.

The amazing and strongly determined patriots of The Flame USA - Anna and Nicole, revealing the Truth of what is going on in the world through a physical and virtual newspaper.

We are joined by one of the most powerful freedom fighters on the planet - "Ohio" Brett Bohl.

Together we stand for justice, transparency, accountability, and a FULL restoration of our Constitutional Republic!

A stark look at the dark goings on in our nation's hospitals. Dr. Gosselin and I review a terrifying video caught by a film crew of a woman dumped in a parking lot at the hospital and abandoned by hospital staff.

Dr. Gosselin is joined by Scott Schara, whose daughter Grace was murdered by the evil medical mafia when she was hospitalized for Covid.

Scott's fight for justice and accountability is inspirational, and the loss of his beloved daughter is tragic and utterly reprehensible.

Scott's website is

God help us all in this dark, dark time.

Dr. Gosselin talks about Covid, our corrupt governor, a brave patriot whose daughter was MURDERED by a hospital, Dr. Anthony Fauci, poison jabs, and everything else the Ministry of Propaganda does not want to hear.

Dr. Paul live streams every Monday and Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time here:

Dr. Paul Gosselin here in Maine providing his own live stream morning podcast on behalf of his practice, the Gabriel's Health Ministry.

Angry Citizen joined by Clyde Cleveland of "Common Sense Revisited" and "Ohio" Brett Bohl of The Christian Revolution AND . . . a special unexpected guest.

Join us for a discussion of WHY there seem to be so many more women than men fighting for freedom and justice and Truth and our Constitutional Republic.

There may be some small amount of swearing. Put on your big boy pants.

In this my second interview with the SAG/AFTRA members bravely speaking out against the injustice of "mandates" on actors/performers, we are joined by Heather Berman, a career actress/dancer/performer also decrying the mandates. These brave warriors speak the Truth and risk the repercussions of doing so.

Two very brave and outspoken industry professionals speak out about the utter failure of the Screen Actors Guild to protect the interests of its members by endorsing and supporting VAX mandates.

There are significant people in the movie/TV/entertainment industry who are VERY unhappy about mandates and lies, and are willing to risk repercussions by speaking out.

The TRUTH is coming out folks, about ALL THINGS.

The effects of vaccines and the harm and danger and toxicity are no longer shamed subjects. All who suffered ill effects and have seen their children suffer ill effects have been vilified and castigated and mocked for DECADES.

This woman fuels the soul of the Health Choice Maine group that fights against injustice and tyranny in the form of mandates, threats, coercion, intimidation, and pressures of the medical mafia trying to push toxic injections on We the People of Maine.

I stand shoulder to shoulder with her against ALL tyranny!

I am a FREE MAN, and as a Mainer I stand with ALL of We the People of Maine against unconstitutional acts.

Join us for a critical discussion and a HARD dose of Truth, because . . .

The TRUTH is the Sword of GOD.

This woman did NOTHING wrong and is being attacked PURELY because she opposes the misinformation and tyranny and lies and demonic agenda being foisted upon We the People of Maine AND of America.

SHE DID NOTHING WRONG, for the LOVE of GOD can we not see this???



My friend Zach of Warfighter Bravo has a message that needs to be heard by everyone in America.

Our schools are NOT SAFE. Good wishes and little signs that "do not allow weapons" on the school grounds DO NOT WORK. What works? A good man with weapons and training and holy purpose.

I will do WHATEVER is required to protect my/our children, (even yours).

Notice the local sheriff wants this man to "leave it to the professionals", just like those who bravely guarded the innocent lives in Uvalde.

Notice there ARE NO "professionals" there when the footage was filmed. How are they supposed to protect the children if they aren't even THERE???

I am every bit as angry as Zach.

Please everyone throw in support for this man in every way. Let him be inundated with our voices of support and let our elected servants know we are sick of their SHIT and they damn well WILL be held accountable and held to task.

#ConstitutionalAmericansUnite #ConstitutionalVeteransUnite #ConstitutionalSheriffsUnite

Zach's Facebook:

[email protected]

This woman fought a brave battle against our vile, corrupt government here in Maine when they tried to persecute her for home schooling her children.

Her story is amazing and powerful.

Brief update on my status, and a thanks to all who support me.

God bless us all in this darkest of times.

Dr. Carrie Madej speaks at the Fall Light Retreat here in Maine on September 17th.

The introduction is by Tiffany Kreck, one of the founders of Health Choice Maine and one of the hardest working patriots I know.

Health Choice Maine is a grass roots organization fighting against they tyranny of "mandates" and poisonous injections by providing TRUTH and real science. Dr. Madej flew here to attend this humble event, despite having suffered serious injury in a small plane crash not too long ago. We were all deeply moved and inspired by her kindness, compassion, strength, and courage. She has suffered greatly as a result of speaking Truth in the face of the lies of evil drug companies intent on extorting profit at the expense of our health.

She speaks of many things here, including trans-humanism and health care and the Truth about the "vaxseens".

Those wishing to know more of her can visit her website at

Warriors of the Light are uniting, and the Truth is the Sword of God.

The Angry Citizen is HUMBLED by this amazing woman.

Here in Maine our schools are subtly introducing HIGHLY inappropriate content to our young children in their schools.

Our children are now receiving the lowest level of education in the history of our nation. Many cannot read or write even when graduating high school. Our focus should logically be on improving the quality of our education to increase the skills our young men and women have upon graduation.

I am NOT homophobic or transphobic, and the objections Shawn raises are reasonable, appropriate, and logical. Children should NOT be taught sexually explicit things because they are TOO YOUNG! It doesn't matter who authors the material, and it is not "divisive" or "hateful" for We the People to OBJECT to the practice of exposing children to sexual issues at a young age. Furthermore, We the People did not consent to have our "public" aka "government" schools teach sex to our kids, especially when they cannot even teach the basic skills of reading, writing, math, science, grammar, spelling, etc.

As a father I am sickened and DEEPLY disturbed to see these things being forced on our children. Let them be children and let them enjoy their innocence! Furthermore, the fact that school boards being confronted with the rightful and appropriate concerns of parents choose a belligerent, hostile, adversarial stance as if they are above reproach and beyond accountability, as well as deliberately lacking in transparency.

This presentation was at John Linnehan's Constitution Hall in Ellsworth on July 5th 2022.

Part Two is here:

In this powerful and moving speech, another true law enforcement professional speaks the hard, cold Truth. This man is a TRUE patriot and true man of God!

From the Blaze:

A sheriff's deputy in Davidson County, North Carolina, delivered a powerful speech in defense of the Second Amendment Tuesday, before the county's Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to declare the county a Second Amendment sanctuary as the country watches Virginia's Democrat-controlled legislature's plans to impose a series of gun control measures.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported that 20 people spoke before commissioners and a "standing-room-only crowd of more than 150." Each person who made a statement was in favor of the proposed resolution to make Davidson County a Second Amendment sanctuary.

According to the newspaper, "perhaps the biggest cheers of the night came for Davidson County Sheriff's Deputy Tripp Kester, who spoke while wearing his sheriff's office uniform."

Dr Steven B. Katsis, M.D. offers sworn testimony on the third and final day of Dr. Gosselin's hearing regarding his license suspension by the Maine medical board.

The testimony is painful as soon as asst attny general Andrew Black starts. That is about 16:15 and involves exhaustive interrogation about bariatric surgery, as if that is relevant.

AG Black also makes it well known that Dr. Katsis is not in any way, shape, or form associated with the State of Maine. Apparently we have unique issues here that he wouldn't know anything about, though none were cited.

This testimony preceded that of Dr. Carrie Madej, which can be seen here:

The last of the 3 days of "testimony" in the "hearing" of Dr. Paul Gosselin where he is questioned by assistant attorney general Andrew Black.

I edited out several sections where exhibits were not available to some and lengthy pauses. I represent this as accurate and not edited in any way intended to favor my friend Dr. Gosselin.

The attacks on him have been, and are, relentless.

I stand with him ALL DAMN DAY!


This is powerful stuff.

THIS is the man behind whom I FIRMLY stand. His rights are mine, and mine are his.

This testimony is from the third and final "day" of hearings, (spanning months), wherein attorney Ron Jenkins allows Paul to speak freely regarding his past, himself, and other critical information.

Everyone should see this.

NOTE: There were many troll interruptions while Dr. Gosselin was speaking. There was a lot of discussion also about that, and a lot of interruptions due to equipment problems, etc. I edited all of that out, but other than that the footage is completely authentic.

Attorney Ron Jenkins speaks about this during his initial questioning.

Next video will be the "Attorney General" 's interrogation of Dr. Gosselin that followed this testimony.

This is the ultimate conclusion of the 3 day long "hearing" for Dr. Paul Gosselin here in Maine.

This deliberation phase was preceded by the "court officer" instructing the board members as to the specific requirements and conditions of conducting this discussion and assigning "sanctions" to be levied against Dr. Gosselin as his punishment for writing letters supporting the desires of the good Men and Women of Maine seeking "exemptions" from the "vaccine requirements" issued to them by their employers threatening them with harsh punishment for refusing the "covid vaccines" including TERMINATION.

The preceding aforementioned "instructions" can be viewed here:

After three days of hearings consisting of many hours of time consuming, tedious, painful "testimony" by many people, (more videos available soon), (check out the amazing and awesome testimony of Dr. Carrie Madej) here:

this was the discussion and decision of the "Maine medical board", (a body to which I surrender NO authority, and which I do not recognize as legitimate), regarding the sanctions, or punishments to be honest, for his offense.

WHAT you ask was his offense?

Excellent question.

We are at a crossroads, America. Choose a side.

I stand with Paul Gosselin all day, all night, and all day the next day.

At one point here, these folks start to become human, and some of them clearly want to do the right thing. This is critical.

I edited this footage very sparingly. I left in all the silences. They are important.

I edited out a tech error freezing one of the board members for a few seconds, and two troll intrusions, one of which I must reluctantly say was pretty damn funny. Other than that, this is raw and unedited.


At the end of it all, a good man was harshly punished for doing NOTHING WRONG.

God bless those of this group who were willing to defy their dark overlords to do the right thing.

NEXT section is here:

THIS video PRECEDES that one - On the third and final day (spanning several months) of "hearings" regarding the license suspension issued to Dr. Paul Gosselin, the "board" is instructed by the court officer on the specifics of requirements for them to impose "sanctions" against the doctor for the infractions of which they have supposedly found him guilty.

Sorry this is "out of order" but 3 days of all day testimony is hard to wade through, and the NEXT one is going to be perhaps the most important one - the "board" deliberating and discussing. I included this one only in the interests of thoroughness, and only editing has been a removal of some of the long silences.

Up until this dreaded moment, ALL of us - all allies of Dr. Gosselin - all TRUE Men and Women of God, were certain he would have his license permanently stolen from him. We were sure they would carry out the will of their dark masters to punish a good man who did nothing wrong and was standing up for what is TRUTH, because that is what servants of the dark overlords do.

We were wrong. Watch the next one and you'll be amazed.

As Dr. Madej told her friend Dr. Christiane Northrup, at the end of this, SOME OF THEM BECAME HUMAN!!

Next video is: Dr Paul Gosselin License Hearing - "Board" deliberations regarding "sanctions" HERE:

This woman is incredible, and her testimony is something that should be shared with everyone in America, and worldwide.

Every claim she makes is backed up 100% by REAL science, facts, data, and evidence.

This video is flagrantly stolen from You Tube, but is so incredibly important and poignant and relevant and powerful and amazing that I had to steal it.

Sincere apologies to original poster with full credit here:

God help us all in this darkest of times.

America, once we unite, we take back our Republic. Let's stop fighting about stupid shit and unite. I am a Constitutional American. Are you?? YES or NO.

These brave sheriffs stood up and spoke Truth despite the fallout.

I speak Truth despite the fallout.

Now is the time for all Men of God and Constitutional Americans to unite. Join us.

2:53 and the California Constitution . . .
3:20 "We're standing up for the people"
4:28 "We serve the People"
6:30 We are right now in a fight for our survival . . . our children and GRANDCHILDREN".
Angry fathers. Angry mothers. Angry Constitutional Americans.
10:30 Sheriff Dean Wilson, Del Norte County, California.
11:40 " I had spent a good portion of my life enforcing the penal code, but not understanding my oath".
POWERFUL ADMISSION. HUGE credit to this man!! He deserves the full support of We the People!
11:55 "since that time I have looked at not only what I do as a sheriff, but what our department does and I have learned that the assault that's being committed against the people of our community by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT . . . "
15:40 "Our founding fathers saw this, understood it, WARNED US about it, but they also gave us the tools to repair, and to fix our country".
16:00 "But . . . we can TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. Even if it's COUNTY BY COUNTY" !!!!!
17:00 Sheriff Bruce Haney of Trinity County, California.
19:05 ". . . they forgot that, have you ever heard the term "Federally Owned" ????
"Don't WE own it?? Aren't WE the People????
32:55 "And another thing, when you talk about when you talk about the monument, when you talk about the damn, when you talk about seizing water, you talk about any seizing of resources, . . . and I've told a lot of these federal and state agencies, you know a lot of the stuff you do, you know it's NOT constitutional and it's NOT lawful and YOU'RE NOT EVEN COORDINATING WITH US . . . "
33:35 sheriff Greg Hagwood, of Plumas County, CA.
"These are tough acts to follow . . . "
God I love this guy already.
34:55 "I think there is something they didn't count on. And it's this".
36:44 "Well, that interview kinda went viral on the internet, and my comments started off with, uh, I think my comments started off with something like "I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to enforce the 'Travel Management Plan' and CRIMINALIZE the good folks of my county". YES!!!!
40:00 Larry Hagwood "But, you know, that oath that we took . . . WE MEAN IT!!"

The Warriors of the Light are uniting, folks.

My new friend Zach and I have a very blunt conversation about the current state of our nation and world, the illusions and lies of the devil, transparency and accountability, and the cold, hard Truth of many issues.

Join is if you are not feint of heart.

Zach can be found at

He is a man of God and a veteran and a fierce patriot. If I had a thousand allies like him, we would take the dark overlords down in about 3 days flat.


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I am the Angry Citizen.

It is time for every American citizen to unite and make our voices heard as one. We must DEMAND accountability and justice from our elected officials. We must take back our country from the greedy corporations. We must NEVER tolerate criminal behavior, especially from politicians. Too long has our government run roughshod over us, betraying our trust and violating their sacred oath to uphold and defend our Constitution.

Join your voice to mine, and together we will make positive changes and leave to our children and grandchildren a better world.

Some will tell me I am wasting my time. Some will tell me it won't do any good. Some will tell me our government won't listen. They are dead wrong. If we all speak together, they WILL listen!

All that is necessary is for us all to make our voices heard. Listen to my initiatives, take action with me, and TOGETHER we will solve every problem and tackle every obstacle in the way of true freedom and prosperity for everyone!

Join us.