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From Roman:

"It all starts in foster care. Growing up in foster care and abusive homes built the foundation for my mantra “Your Hustle has to be Bigger than your Struggle”. It taught me life can be hard and may not play out quite how you like but there’s beauty in the process (see my appreciation for process started from the very beginning)

To see the world I join the United States Army and for almost 8 years I served as an interrogator. You read that right...I was an interrogator (and no it’s not all like what you see in the movies). I got to deployed multiple times and trained all over the world, I even got to work with some of the most elite special operations teams in the world.

That’s what taught me to value communication, negotiation, and procedures...and unknown to me at the time I was learning to operate as an Agile Practitioner, Quality Management expert, Project Manager, and so much more.

After my time in the Army and working with the military I traded in my military uniform for business casual, I kept the beard, my desire to help other, and found my true passion, helping businesses.

I quickly realized every interrogation, military operation, policy creation, training, and even skills such as land navigation, tactical shooting, and so much more provide value that could be utilized to make any business more profitable.

That’s when I started diving deep into business and learning everything I could so I would be able to help any business, and that’s when make small businesses great became more than a job, it became a passion. It became my way of continuing my mission of helping others, it allowed me to make anyone’s hustle bigger than their struggle. (yeah I get to live my mantra every day)

If you’re looking for some practical tips or just general advice on on improving your business check out my thoughts at #qualitytiptuesday or #realtalkwithroman.

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss how I can use my passion to increase your profits, how you can use interrogation techniques to improve all aspects of your organization, how to make your hustle bigger than your struggle, or even how I manage to keep my beard so full and fluffy, please do so…I’d love to chat."

Earl Gibson III is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a patriotic, conservative supporter of America and our president, and most importantly, he is a passionate man of God and disciple of Christ.
Earl shares his insights on where America is today, current events, online censorship with LinkedIn, and how God is MUST be the focus of our lives or we are literally headed for hell.

Mr. Scott V. Black is CEO of Like It Matters, LLC and Radio host and coach for Like It Matters Radio. He strives to help organizations, and individuals, maximize the potentials they were created with. He is the ultimate life coach, motivator, and change agent. Mr. Black is certified as a Human Behavioral Specialist, and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), specializing in Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Multiple Intelligences. Mr. Black has conducted Transformational Leadership training for over 23 plus years, spanning across three countries. There are literally tens of thousands of clients whose lives have been enriched, educated, and informed by Mr. Black’s teachings.

In 1994, Mr. Black was CEO and founder of Empower U, Inc. In April of 2012, Mr. Black transformed his company into Like It Matters, LLC. Mr. Black continues to hold his famous, transitional Leadership Training classes all across the nation, as well as providing executive and life coaching.

The Leadership Awakening course Mr. Black developed is nationally known as the most powerful leadership training available today. Mr. Black has delivered Transformational Leadership training to large corporations such as Coca Cola Enterprises, Miller-Coors, Kraft-Nabisco, as well as NFL football players, housewives, pastors, and thousands of other individuals who have a desire to maximize the potential they were created with.

Mr. Black is a man of many talents. He has been a featured guest on numerous radio and TV shows, and a sought after key-note speaker. Mr. Black is also the “Radio Host and Coach” for Like It Matters Radio! LIM Radio airs Monday through Friday 9am-10am on KDIZ AM 1570 in Minneapolis, MN. Mr. Black is also credited as writer and producer of the musical CDs; Awakening, Think About That… and Steppin’ Over the Line. He has also written numerous articles and is the author/co-author of four books.

Mr. Black’s first book, Want it. Create it. Live it…3 Steps to Becoming Your Dreams, was released in October ‘02. In 2008 he co-authored, Discover Your Inner Strength with Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy, & Stephen Covey. In 2010 Mr. Black co-authored the book Yes, You Can! with Warren Bennis and the late Jim Rohn. His Fourth book, 180 Ways to Live Your Life Like it Matters, is a road map for living a life full of purpose and passion; like it matters! His latest book, How Many Ways Smart Am I? Introducing, and maximizing, your INNATE INTELLECTS, transforms the understanding of our innate intellects that we are born with, and how to grow and develop these intellects using our natural foundations.

Mr. Black and his wife, Valerie, live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area with their 4 Children: Faith, Christian, Major, and Benaiah Black.

Mr. Black is available for keynote addresses, custom training, conflict resolution, as well as executive and life coaching. Mr. Black is looking forward to hearing from you, so why wait? He can be reached at: [email protected] or call him at 817-502-1554 to get started on maximizing your potential!

Today we are speaking with Dr. Joseph Oyeleye. Dr. Oyeleye is a Baptist minister, entrepreneur, and author of the new book “The Real Enemy of the African Americans: The Systematical and Deliberate Enslavement of the African American Soul through Dependency Programs and Policies” available on Amazon

Dr. Oyeleye shares with us his expertise, knowledge, and razor keen insight on issues that America faces across racial boundaries and political parties. He also provides his views on issues within the clergy that are plaguing modern day Christians.


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“Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.”
-1 Peter 2:16 ESV

There is a new revival on the rise.

Americans are turning back to God in droves and embracing traditional values. We have seen what rejecting the Lord can do to a country- we have been morally, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and even financially bankrupt for the past 60 years.

God is no longer welcome in our schools, our businesses, our government, or on the Internet. People sometimes ask “Why did God let THIS happen or THAT happen?”

The ONLY path forward for America is through CHRIST ALONE!!

This channel is dedicated to discussion about how the existence and continued survival of our country is 100% dependent upon turning our lives over to Jesus. Transforming our hearts and minds and loving each other through encouragement, support, prayer, praise, and worship.

Lift up Christ because He has lifted YOU up! Amen!