There is some evidence the programs that will create the monster rat nightmare are already in place right now, one of the key areas of research appears to be combining human, pig, and rat DNA. Are they secretly creating Chimeras?

Please consider I had a heck of a time making this video, it took me one week to collect all the information, and two weeks to pile it together, the first video was 120 minutes, but the website wouldn't accept that, so i decided to upload in two parts but that was even worse because no one wants the hassle of a two part video. So I was forced to cut 20 minutes from the final video, that took me a whole day just to select which clips were the least valuable. BUT NOW, WE CAN ALL ENJOY THE COMPLETED VIDEO!

The awakening of Psychokinesis is the real reason they want to fill our bodies with nanotechnology! Don't let these vampires inject you with demonic Luciferase!

Why are they putting GRAPHENE IN EVERYTHING NOWADAYS, i heard the stuff costs twice as much per gram as gold, obviously that's a total ruse, it appears they can make this stuff on industrial scale. Now they are adding this stuff to gasoline, diesel, and other forms of fuel. They are actually adding pure graphene carbon to fuel, this goes against their obviously fake goal of cutting carbon emissions, it appears they are actually increasing the carbon content.

The Omega Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast 666


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