"The late Michael Collins Piper joins Mark Glenn and co-host Mark Dankof to discuss Israel’s possible role in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing in this 2010 broadcast."

Early Oklahoma City Bombing coverage from February of 2006, Michael Collins Piper's first month broadcasting on RBN.

Michael Collins Piper reads a 1960 essay by Willis Carto (as "E.L. Anderson") that appeared in the final issue of his newsletter RIGHT.

Carto's words ring as true today as they did then.

Michael Collins Piper reads the text of a speech given by American Black Nationalist, Dr. Robert L. Brock to an audience of German Nationalists in 1994.

Michael Collins Piper played host to his friend of some 25 years, famed American populist and nationalist author and intellectual Eustace Mullins. Mr. Mullins is, of course, the author of multiple books, ranging from MURDER BY INJECTION, a shocking account of the role of the big money controlled drug company monpolies and their infliction of dangerous drugs upon Americans that actually harm—rather than help—people, to his most famous and perhaps definitive work, THE SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, an expose of the Rothschild family-dominated international money monopoly, based in the Federal Reserve System in the United States which is anything but "federal" and which is, in fact, a privately owned money monpoly. Mullins' work on the Federal Reserve is so influential and so widely read that there are more than one million copies in circulation both here in the United States and around the globe. During the free-wheeling discussion, Mullins discussed the attempt by former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover to silence Mullins through the use of covert means. Mullins also reflected on his longtime friendship with famed poet Ezra Pound who was illegally detained in a mental institution in Washington, DC for many years on trumped-up suspicion of "treason" for having dared to criticize the war policies of Roosevelt. It was Pound who first directed Mullins into research into the Federal Reserve racket and things have never been the same since. There is hardly anything of serious consequence written on the subject of the Federal Reserve today that does not owe its debt to the original research by Mullins, acting under the advice and direction of his friend Pound. Piper and Mullins also reflected on the life and work of their late mutual friend, DeWest Hooker, an outspoken critic of Zionism, who, along with Mullins, befriended famed anti-Zionist Jewish-born businessman Benjamin Freedman. Although modern-day critics of Zionism have recently discovered Freedman, Mullins and Hooker were working closely with him in the 1950s and it was Piper's longtime employer, Willis Carto, who sponsored numerous speeches by Freedman including one particularly famous speech that Freedman delivered at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC. Piper noted that Mullins and Hooker, in the 1950s, had discovered that the so-called "anti-communist" movement was being manipulated by Trotskyite and Zionist elements that surrounded and ultimately destroyed a sincere anti-communist, Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, after McCarthy dared to give a speech in Chicago (written by Mullins) that pointed toward the role of the international banks in promoting the globalist agenda through their support for communism. Mullins noted that, eventually, during the years of the "conservative" revolution of Ronald Reagan, the Trotskyite elements emerged as the insiders and leaders of the "conservative" ---now called "neo-conservative" --- elements that took over the Reagan administration and the Republican Party.

Dr. James K. Warner of the Christian Defense league discusses his own work, and that of Eustace Mullins.

Renowned investigative journalist Michael Collins Piper joins the program to discuss his latest book ‘Confessions of an Anti-Semite’, and not just the who, what, where, when and how of the important historical question concerning ‘anti-Semitism’, but more importantly–


The Piper Report Nov 28, 2011
The Ugly Truth Podcast Dec 15, 2011

"Revisionist Historian Tyler Kent (1911-88) contributed much to the [Prof. Ray Goodwin’s] position on various important issues. Kent knew that FDR, Churchill and their Jewish “advisors” were adamant about starting a war to destroy Germany. He also knew the No. 1 beneficiary of such a war would be the USSR, which he well knew to be an empire of evil. Kent, as a good patriot, was opposed to this perfidious war plot. Here is the story of another Revisionist’s acquaintance with this forgotten hero."

Who Was Tyler Kent?

"Tyler Kent, a young (26) American code clerk at the U.S. Embassy in London, was arrested and charged in May 1940 with violating the British Official Secrets Act. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, but was released and returned to the United States after serving five.

Many Americans wondered if Kent had been jailed to keep him from talking. People wanted to know how a foreign government could secretly arrest and put on trial a U.S. citizen who held diplomatic immunity.

What did the code clerk really know about rumored secret, illegal arrangements between President Franklin Roosevelt and British leader Winston Churchill, to start a war in which millions would die needlessly for the benefit of the banksters? And, having gotten this information, was it not his duty to “spill the beans” so that Americans and Britons could know of this evil plot?

The very fact that Kent’s diplomatic immunity was waived by the U.S. government so that British authorities could throw him into prison was itself proof that the Roosevelt administration was neutral in name only, and that FDR was guilty of impeachable offenses, far worse than “Watergate.”

Except for a few warmongers, most Americans would say this man was a hero. Tyler Kent died in 1988, at age 77."

Description adapted from the Barnes Review issue.

"Before you bash Barry too much, keep in mind that:

# Before he was targeted by the Justice Department, he was under fire on several occasions for making remarks that upset the Jews;

# He was considered a little "too independent" and apart from the Jewish Money-dominated political infrastructure in Washington, run by a handful of wealthy Jewish department store and development tycoons and their families. His power base was poor blacks.

# Barry, as mayor, once declared a "USS Liberty Memorial Day" here in Washington! (not well known). Don't think that wasn't an affront to the Jews.

# The very fact that the Zionist-dominated Justice Department went to such lengths to bring down Barry is revealing in and of itself. Despite all the legend of "corruption" surrounding Barry, he was NEVER ONCE caught with his hand in the public till---NEVER ONCE---and they had to rely on his three PERSONAL VICES: DRUGS, ALCOHOL, AND SEX --- ALL COMBINED --- to entrap him.

Just some thoughts."

Following Michael Jackson's death, Michael Collins Piper discusses his rocky relationship with the jews, as well as with a "self-help organization" that they hijacked.

Bobby Fischer on Michael Jackson and the jews:

Michael Collins Piper reads selections from the private letters of Morris Horton (who wrote as "Fred Farrell"), as well as his article "Capitalism, Communism, Blood Brothers in Crime!" which originally appeared in Common Sense, and later The Liberty Bell.

"The Jew-Capitalist and the Jew-Communist together form one the tightest teams in history. They are blood brothers, allies, accomplices. Yet the unthinking masses, beguiled by the mass media, think that Communism is a 'Revolution against Capitalism.' Nothing could be further from the truth. The belief that Communism and Capitalism are opposing forces has been believed more widely than any other deliberately-promulgated 'Big Lie' in history."

An excerpt of the abridged audio version of 'My Life as a Radical Lawyer', by Jacob Rubenstein's onetime lawyer, William Kunstler.

Text from the book:

Michael Collins Piper discusses Daniel B. Silver's 'Refuge in Hell', about the jеwish hospital that operated in the capital of National Socialist Germany, saving jеwish lives at the very same time the Nаzis were said to have been turning hundreds of millions of them into furniture and cleaning products.

Michael Collins Piper reads an article that appeared in the American Free Press, written by Franklin J. Moore, a veteran of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

"One of the leading bigots in America leading the fight against immigration into the United States—particularly Irish Catholic immigration—was a prominent Jеwish American, Lewis Charles Levin. Although history often tells us that the “Know Nothing” movement—the Native American Party—was “led by Protestants” and “aimed at Catholics and Jеws,” the truth is that Levin—a Jеw—was not only one of the party’s founders but also an editor of its national organ and one of the first Know Nothing members elected to Congress! In fact, Levin was the first Jеw elected to the U.S. Congress."

The Piper Report - May 15, 2007

"It is highly unlikely that one will see this in a government primary school textbook, but one of the major Jеwish contributions to American political history was Franklin Moses, governor of South Carolina. One of the worst of the radicals, Moses was likely one of the most corrupt politicians in American history. And that is saying quite a bit..."'sMostInfamousScalawag.html

The Piper Report - May 16, 2007

"This widely distributed Nаzi pamphlet first appeared in 1929. I am working from a 1932 copy, and have not compared it with the first version, but it does not look as if significant changes were made as it was reissued. The title, loosely translated, is “Those Damned Nаzis.” Literally, it translates as something like “those cursed swastika lads,” but that does not really work in English. At least several hundred thousand copies were printed. It is a good summary of the basic lines of Nаzi propaganda just before Hitlеr’s takeover in 1933."

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