I have a few of these Gameboy sized "mini arcades" from Basic Fun. This is probably the best of them and is definitely worth the $20-$30 it usually goes for new. Sorry for the quality of the video, but you'll understand this thing doesn't exactly have HDMI out.

Check these out here:

You can really hear the difference in capability here between the built in 7800 sound capability and the pokey chip added to a couple 7800 carts (that's right Nintendo fans, not just Nintendo had fancy add on chips). Go listen to basically any of my other videos and compare to the sound here, and it's night and day. Sorry for having to constantly play with the select options, but the game keeps trying to start itself if you don't. Why Atari would leave some of their title screens with terrible TIA music up, and try to quickly exit one of the few good themes is beyond me.

Desert Falcon played at Expert is essentially a different game. It goes from a fairly slow, methodical walk through the desert to a proper shoot-em-up. Even though I'm no good on this difficulty, I still recommend it over the default. I'll see if I can git gud with some practice to upload some success at this level.

A pretty good 7800 game, with a too-complex special weapons mechanic. Still, it makes it pretty clear why the Sphinx has no nose, as well as why deserts are terrible places to live.

Made it to the second movie for once. That is all.

More random mazes from the best homebrew ever. Check out the eyes glitching out in the second maze where they get stuck in a loop. Really tough mazes with some LONG straightaways to get trapped in here.

Me and my 7-year old playing Crude Buster on the AtGames Legends Flashback. As you can see, you can throw your partner around (often by mistake), which is pretty annoying in the heat of battle, but also pretty funny.

A couple muscle bound heroes are tasked with saving New York City from an evil gang. Whether they're tossing cars at midgets or pec flexing a dog to death, they're going to get the job done. They're here to drink Power Cola and kick ass, and they're not even out of Power Cola.

Gameplay from Astro Fantasia on the AtGames Legends Flashback (2018). Never played this in the arcades, so I'm not sure how good the emulation is, but I really like this version anyway.

Here I am trying to figure out "Trap of Tricks" and failing pretty bad. The last death is particularly embarrassing. See if you can figure out that first puzzle quicker than I did. You probably can.

I think this is some of the best music ever made for the TIA chip. The 7800 is no more capable sound wise than the 2600 (unless you use a pokey chip, like Commando and BallBlazer), but the Tower Toppler theme is pretty catchy.

The second level of Tower Toppler, this is pretty much as far as I can get most of the time. I wish I were better at this one, but it is just so very "European home computer" and I am so very not into that.

For people who think the 7800 couldn't manage more complex graphics, there was Tower Toppler. Between the rotation of the towers, the number of flicker-free items on screen, and the paralax scrolling in the bonus levels, it's pretty clear this system can manage more than just Asteroids.

A very good port of a very good arcade game. One of my favorite 2600 games as a kid. I can still remember playing it the first time. I have no idea why, but I remember thinking it all made perfect sense that a Snork was being chased around pyramids by a snake and some kind of plaque germ from a toothpaste commercial.

Me and my 7-year old playing Double Dragon on Atari 7800. Even in two player, this one is insanely difficult, but I think he acquits himself well for 7 (he's the blue one).

I use the "back-elbow" glitch/trick for this playthrough. Without using it, this version of the game is basically impossible. As you can see, even with it, it only takes a couple screw ups for it to get pretty close. For anyone interested, the trick is that you go to the top of the screen or to an obstacle and hold up. While you hold up, the enemies won't move, unless it is to move into position around you without hitting you. You can, thus, use it for crowd control. Pair that with pressing the button to do a back-elbow while still holding up and you can position yourself in almost every screen to repeatedly back-elbow everyone to death while they won't attack, even the final boss.

Unlike the NES version of Double Dragon, this one has smaller sprites that look more like the arcade. To be fair, they also look kind of blurry and lack some of the personality. Also to be fair, unlike the NES version, this one has a two player option. You know. So you can actually Double Dragon.

I think we all know what game this is. It's a really great "not" port of the arcade game "not Q-Bert." This one is fantastic. You should buy a 7800 and then buy BonQ. If not, you're a @!$#
Buy this one on Atariage here:

Fly your silly spaceship around enemy rocket ships, decorative tea kettles, and... meteors? Don't forget to fill your fuel tank by blowing up gas tanks you aren't anywhere near. Try not to get crushed between a wall and... whatever exists in the void of a scrolling screen. Yes. The 80s made a ton of sense. This is a pretty awesome homebrew port though.
Find this one at Atariage if you want to buy it.

More Pac-Man on the Atari 7800. Between the collection, the hacks, and the homebrews, I think this system has the most PacMan family games of any system in existence. This one is the one that actually released during the 7800s lifetime, and is incredibly good.

One of two wrestling games for the Atari 7800, this one is probably the best of the two. Which isn't saying much. I play three rounds here. To answer your questions: No, there are no other wrestlers. Yes, it is as tedious to play as it seems. No, the wrestlers have no names (the manual calls one "you" and the other "the champion'). I call them Jake the Snake and Snake the Jake.

This is one of the early 7800 releases. Definitely an upgrade over the 2600 version graphically, but it plays and sounds pretty well the same. Still no arcade vector graphics for obvious reasons (i.e. TVs can't display those, nor can the 7800 output them). I play this without using the real Asteroids strategy, because I assume watching me break all the rocks except one or two, then camping UFOs for three hours would get boring for you.

This is one of my shortest gameplay videos, because I am even worse on this track than on "Seaside." I do a pretty slick move at one point, but then flub it all by crashing for no apparent reason. It's too bad I suck at this track, because I really like the background.

In this port of the Cosmi computer game, one of the modes is an "arcade" mode. In this mode, you essentially play an aerial, slower version of Battlezone. Your helicopter suffers damage to various parts. What part is hit seems to be based on luck, and some of the damage can immediately end the game, while others (I'm looking at you "speed gauge") do almost nothing to hurt your chances.

In this one, I play as team Atari Blue against team Atari Red. I'm not going to lose to a bunch of commies, so I hang in there and fight for the puck every second of one of these 2 minute matches. Keep an eye on the score in the final second. Commies can never get it done.


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