Who was behind 911, the World Trade Towers, and coup? Why? It's all spelled out so it's pretty clear to see, but the media kept it from us.


Who was behind the 911 Coup and why. The media simply won't tell you the truth, because they were in on it.

In this class Steven Sadleir guides you in a meditation into the world of energy, magnetism and electro-magnetic fields. How something came of nothing and order arises out of chaos. Our meditation lifts us up into higher levels of consciousness and into samadhi bless. Enjoy the ride. For more see www.EnlightenmentTV.com

In this first of eight series on God Realization, Steven Sadleir guides us to reflect upon our own faculties of perception, the witness to our perception, our consciousness and consciousness itself. Steven guides a Shaktipat meditation so you can interactively feel a shift in your calibrated level of consciousness. More on www.EnlightenmentTV.com

This is a brief introduction to the 8 episode streaming series on God-Realization by Steven S. Sadleir, it discusses the science of universal magnetism, life-force and energy and spirit. The entire series can be viewed at www.EnlightenmentTV.com

Preview to our movie about the Enlightenment. Includes interviews with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva, TKS Guru, and many other Masters as well as Sai Steven Sadleir. Learn more at www.SelfAwareness.com

This was the introduction to a zoomed class on Yoga Mastery. This class goes into the origins of yoga and explains the many paths, lineages and traditions to provide an overview.


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