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Do you ever find yourself with free time? Of course you do...
That hour lunch break. Waiting for your ride after school. That seemingly never-ending car ride to your vacation destination. All those hours you're sitting around the house. The daily train or bus ride. The long drive to go see family and relatives. Whatever your scenario is, we've all been there, and now there's a channel dedicated to you: this channel.

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Monster Hunter World is my first commentary series and from now on all recordings will be uploaded with and without commentary.

My channel has been a "needle in a haystack" since my first upload because I don't stream and I can't afford marketing. You'd be surprised how hard it is to get traffic when you're a "needle in a haystack" without sexual images for thumbnails. It's depressing, but I wont sacrifice the vision and goals of my channel for quicker popularity. Every video I make is stored on a hard drive for content security and recording without streaming allows me to store and upload very high quality videos and export them with and without commentary.

My channel is a journey, not a bunch of random videos and highlight reels...
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