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Let's help the world in accepting Moshiach/Messiah!

Moshiach is definitely Much closer now! Thanks for all the support!!!

To my my dear friends - Humanity - created by hashem/g-d: thanks!!! keep up the good work! & lets be united with Moshiach now!!! and always remember Bringing Moshiach is what really counts!

The Channel name is: "Zog Yechi Hamelech" which means: "Say Long Live the King!" - The real King Moshiach - The Rebbe.

The Rebbe tells us that when we say "Yechi Hamelech! we give power to the king Moshiach! This is such an important message that in 770 - Beis Moshiach, it is displayed on the wall on a big Poster and is proclaimed after prayers and other important gatherings.

when Moshiach comes ALL our problems will be solved, psychically as well as spiritually, may we see this right now!