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Cultural Alchemy Special: Berlin Sin City of The 1920's documentary

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1 Gundam The Origin / Gundam 0079
2 Legend of The Galactic Heros
3 Code Geass
4 Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
5 Saga of Tanya The Evil

Diego Fusaro is the speaker

The life and story of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell by James Mason. This tale is about the one man who stood up for his people and sought to unite the White Masses through Conservative peddling but through preaching in his heart what he felt to be the Truth. George Lincoln Rockwell led his American Nazi Party across the country to stand up against the Jews and there Civil Rights Revolution. The White Masses were angry at the sight of this subversion of there country and the enemy was able to attack them without any interference from the Federal Government. Rockwell used the best political means possible to garner attention and spread the message about the Jews roles behind Communism & Race mixing committing treason against our nation. There violation of our constitutional law has been largely ignored by our government because they owned the Politicians so Rockwell and his men were abused.

The American Nazi Party in 1965


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