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Taken from the National Reformation party

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Taken from the National Reformation Party

This is a very old silent film from 1921, based on Knut Hamsun's novel "Growth of the Soil". The film depicts rural life in Norway in the early 20th century. We follow the story of a solitary man who decides to settle down in the wilderness and build his homestead from scratch. “Growth of the Soil” expresses back-to-nature, old-school philosophies, and peasant life.

It was directed by Gunnar Sommerfeldt who also wrote the script and played the role of Lensmand Geissler. The film is 117 minutes long and costed about 240,000 kroner to make, a very considerable sum of money at the time. It was filmed at Rana, Norway. The film cast stars Amund Rydland as Isak, Karen Poulsen as Inger, Ragna Wettergreen as Oline (Inger's relative), and Gunnar Sommerfeldt as Geissler. The chief photographer was George Schnéevoigt.

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Keith Ward vs Daniel Dennet

Note I do not agree with his stance on Darwin & Nietzsche.

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