Zombie Annihilation


Entitled useful idiots expose themselves for their blatant scumbag antics and hypocrisy during zoom meetings.

Every damn time.

How much insanity and societal rot can you handle?

Video Credit: The maskless ninja
his bitchute channel

Selected clips from the documentary HOBO.

Music Credit: Teri Nunn-Dancing in isolation

old school Oprah espisode. Watch how they shut him down at 3:32.

Pure anti semitism soap and lampshades

Video Credit: Ellie Grey. briefly reviewing the VAERS deaths data. Remember only about 1 percent of adverse reactions get reported to this database. This is completely criminal and evil.

The canadian government was lying about having internment camps.

Video source
A lot of discrepancies in this alleged "shooting." Let me know what you think in the comments.

Fake news compilation clips from Escape from Bullschitt Mountain and The News is Fake 4.


video by Amanda Vollmer
Her bitchute channel Doctor_Yummy

I hate tik tok videos with a passion but I couldn't resist reposting this one.

This lady knows whats up.

Featuring an awesome satire clip from FedEx me your drugs
Don't forget what they have stolen from us!

eat it ya stinking pig.

doctor lays waste to the holocough corporate media narrative and it's nefarious agendas.
mirrored from christisking on worldtruthvideos

Teacher union leader speaking on how reopening schools is somehow tied to white supremacy. Public schools have become nothing but marxist indoctrination centers.

spoof video on what was some blatant anti white propaganda directed at children.

Interview clip of Thomas Rousseau of Patriot Front



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