Zombie Annihilation

Zombie Annihilation

When you try and reinforce your psy op narrative and fail miserably.

One of the alleged survivors of the fifth third bank center in cincinnati alleged mass shooting drill shares her story and I give an analysis of the fake news clip.

What the hell is going on in this country? When are we going to draw the line to these brutish and degrading criminal policies and tactics.

guns for me but not for thee

A brief review of some footage and details from the thosand oaks borderline bar incident.

What a sham on the American People. At least there appears to be some hope through these trying times with many people starting to ask the right questions.

Bring it all down!!

The more things change the more they stay the same. The rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer. Civil liberties remains a constant target. Politicians only care about obeying their true masters the cabal of corporate heads and the central banking families.

This video details some of the questionable practices and strange proceedings that have become a disconcerting mainstay for those once familiar and former users of the 153news site. The censorship of the users, for simply speaking freely, has been another reoccurring issue claimed by many now likely exiles of the site. I can fight back too though however small and insignificant. And unlike boss my punches land. Two can play at this game krispy kreme. Make sure not to lose your script in your gnarly beard for subsequent videos.

mirrored from #Anti GDL youtube channel. Handsome truth is not only a complete douche but a paid shill and the aspiring actor jon minadeo. It doesn't get much more obvious than this.

Retro movie clips from the movies Hack-O-Latern and Halloween III. Enjoy.

Ole Dammegard got hit hard by some sophisticated, clearly misguided, hackers hellbent on mincemeating his operation. boom boom. If the movie explosion clips don't convince you nothing will. Clearly he is a imminent threat to the bottom levels of the social hierarchy.

Does another one bite the dust? Or is there more going on here than meets the eye.

mumbo jumbo mumbo jumbo
so there is a war on women but a non existent war on men. Seems fair and not misandrous. God forbid you point out the hypocrisy, innumerable shortcomings, and blatant one sidedness of such an argument as a man. It just might be too offensive.

A brief excerpt from the documentary "Spin" about the 1992 presidential campaign media censoring and prejudiced treatment of candidate Larry Agran who as part of his political plan of action wanted to cut military spending 50 percent in order to help rebuild united states' infrastructure.

Scenes featuring pedo symbology in the sci fi movie Dark City (1998)

A short poem narration with clips taken from the road trip and coming of age movie Fandango (1985).

this world is mad

Ole Dammegard does his damnedest to offer non existent abstract solutions and spurious new age spirituality platitudes for current and ongoing societal issues.

A paulstal service mirror. Be bold, be courageous and make sure to remember what was rehearsed.


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