Zombie Annihilation

Feel guilty white people for merely existing and embrace as much dieversity as possible or we'll call you a racist.

Henry Shivley's patriot broadcast. Remember the real heroes of 1775 who rose up as common men to oppressive tyranny!

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We need to mobilize as american nationals and nip this invasion in the bud.
Charlotte Cuthbertson (The Epoch Times) twitter


interesting and memorable scene from the movie No Country for Old Men

This is an incremental policy of white genocide in South Africa don't be fooled and its being ignored and spinned by the (((corporate media))). Mirrored from Loving Life YT channel. For more informative videos, updates, and insights into the situation for whites in South Africa click the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb7VHcbNIOYJW8Q_r1UywMA

Nothing says compassion like screwing the homeless, mentally ill, and poor in your city from accessing housing services for muh immigration.

Look at this article and ask yourself if this is a country that still values and respects individual freedom.

Another relevant border story proving the US government is complicit in aiding and embedding an invasion.
Boomers Build Wall on Private Property. Feds Show Up & Lock the Gate OPEN for Illegals to Cross!

And so it begins. Looks like we are approaching the end game for the ZOG takeover of the United States. Hopefully a substantial amount of Americans get the rude awakening desperately needed and find their backbone in the midst of this insane treachery and chutzpa before its too late. When is now a good time to take your country back to once again return it to being a republic that serves the people.

Sometimes screwing people comes at a cost when you deprive them of what they rightfully deserve.
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Distractions, distractions, and more distractions.

Knight is shining armor my ass. Just another ZOG puppet like the rest. She has got that whole "reasonable" and enlightened persona down doesn't she though? Obama ran on a platform to take us out of the ME wars too didn't he? That's why he got so much support in 2008. Most didn't realize he was an anti american communist. They are selling you a brand nothing else. Political platforms are basically the same across the board, and seem very much aligned with UN agenda 2030 goals/plans. She is clearly controlled, a duplicitous fraud, and unamerican sell out trash like the rest. She is just better at marketing herself unlike Biden who can't even hide his creepiness and psychopathy

This is utter insanity but consistent with the treason being openly waged against the American people thanks to the masonic corporate aristocracy and central bankers.

Can't even get details on how much ammo he allegedly possessed
"Putney said Terrell had "quite a bit of ammo," though he wouldn't go into specifics about it, or why investigators believe he chose the building he did."

Throw your hands in the air like you just don't care its a ZOG gun grab in the USSA.
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Extended version. Clown mode is going into full defcon mode. Will the american people finally rise up in the face of tyranny and in the prospect of complete subjugation and impoverishment?

Go big. Be bold. Take insane egomaniac greg stillson from the dead zone as your political influence to disarm the plebs.

Its incredible how this movie parallels the ZOG and masonic secret societies.

Blackwater power tripping traitor is blackwater power tripping traitor

Running Man movie scenes predicts digital fakery and simulation of events in television and media.


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