Zombie Annihilation

more proof of the ridiculous double standard that exist in this country thanks to commie subversives like buchanan.
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How and why are we allowing this bullshit to happen on U.S. soil? How will Americans in commifornia ever be safe when the state has an open borders policy and doesn't enforce the proper justice that such violent acts call for? Guess its up to american people to restore law and and order as usual.

Take a drink every time you hear the words white supremacist. The ADL is working vigilantly to protect everybody from all those evil white people in the U.S.. Of course the ADL is no way responsible for manufacturing fear and hysteria around white people or trying to make them designated a main domestic terrorist threat. For those about to honk we salute you!

Such a scary rifle should never be available for civilian use, or at least that's what some unamerican Kuntz are saying.

Remember facts are anti semitic.

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Chapter 7 the Key

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"States should work toward the introduction of appropriate national legislation, administrative regulations and licensing requirements that define conditions under which firearms can be acquired, used and traded by private persons. In particular, they should consider the prohibition of unrestricted trade and private ownership of small arms and light weapons." -- The United Nations' Report of the Group of Governmental Experts on Small Arms, August 19, 1999

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I think we have all heard this line of bs before. There is also I'm a supporter of 2A but (insert justification for infringement here) line as well.

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Bolshevik Broadcasting dropping the ball

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In the midst of what is likely another gun grab production I give you Mike Cronk from LV Route 91 festival.

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