Zombie Annihilation

Post for actors in shooting and "terrorist" roleplay has been removed on the site.
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obvious zionist plant is obvious

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Japan dismisses U.S. claim that Iran attacked tankers

Continue being a infringement abiding subject so you can have more of your fargin rights violated.

Clip from the documentary Soyalism.

The political shitter is full of corruption maybe its time we should get serious about emptying it once and for all.

these damn teens are out of control

“This must be some terrorist stuff” These people are relentless in terrorizing the american people.
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Local resident on site says storefront never existed
For further reading.
Jew Fatigue: US Police Forced to Undergo 'Holocaust Training,' Trips to Israel, Funded by Uncle Sam

Sometimes you can't always keep a man down.

Credit to Zyntrax for the clip

This helicopter would literally take you to the danger zone if it ever got airborne.

Clip from the movie Winter Kills
The impeachment bread and circus in a nutshell

More phony productions so that they can continue to pillage and plunder while trying to render us defenseless

French MP lays waste to the the communist takeover occurring in France and Europe.

Reupload needed to fix the audio


Israel isn't just not an ally but an enemy to the american people if not the world.

Video Credit: Paulstal Service



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