Zombie Annihilation

Zombie Annihilation

Ole Dammegard got hit hard by some sophisticated, clearly misguided, hackers hellbent on mincemeating his operation. boom boom. If the movie explosion clips don't convince you nothing will. Clearly he is a imminent threat to bottom levels of the social hierarchy.

Does another one bite the dust? Or is there more going on here than meets the eye.

mumbo jumbo mumbo jumbo
so there is a war on women but a non existent war on men. Seems fair and not misandrous. God forbid you point out the hypocrisy, innumerable shortcomings, and blatant one sidedness of such an argument as a man. It just might be too offensive.

A brief excerpt from the documentary "Spin" about the 1992 presidential campaign media censoring and prejudiced treatment of candidate Larry Agran who as part of his political plan of action wanted to cut military spending 50 percent in order to help rebuild united states' infrastructure.

Scenes featuring pedo symbology in the sci fi movie Dark City (1998)

A short poem narration with clips taken from the road trip and coming of age movie Fandango (1985).

this world is mad

Ole Dammegard does his damnedest to offer non existent abstract solutions and spurious new age spirituality platitudes for current and ongoing societal issues.

A paulstal service mirror. Be bold, be courageous and make sure to remember what was rehearsed.

One of my favorite scenes from Network (1976). Beale has simply run out of a certain character trait essential to his profession.

Does this video help to prove Alex Jones was a turn agent from the very start concerning the Sandy Hook story?

The Cincinnati fifth third bank alleged incident and a miraculous recovery from the vice president Whitney Austin. She sure seems happy now and has now found a calling advocating for more gun restrictions. How deeply touching.

A short video about the Irgun isreali terrorist group and its founding leader menachum beigin.

A introspective scene from researcher Tyler in the thought provoking and emotive wilderness drama classic Never Cry Wolf.

Jeff C gives analysis and commentary revolving around Philip Defranco's take on supporting the censorship decision of alex jones and the overall psy op show of it all. The worst alex jones impression will also be included.

Jeff Censored! mirror covering the recent developments after the alleged Toronto Danforth mass shooting and the ever nearing approach to open tyranny both in Canada and the US.

Reading the short poem "A Dream Within a Dream" by poe with scenic nature pictures. A profound poem that questions the fundamental nature of our reality and our individual relationship to it. Enjoy.
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The hypocrisy of Hogg and co never ceases to surprise ordinary americans with some semblance of sanity and critical reasoning left. Maybe he met up with Bloomberg and other gun grab figureheads to reassess strategies on how they plan on taking away guns from the goys.


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